Saturday, July 27, 2013


Bring on Monday is all I can say!
While the kids have been good on a whole, Bex and I are over the noise they generate.
Yesterday there was a moment when Stew and Griffin went out, Lacy had Brylee and it was just us again.
SO QUIET!  Dante was asleep too.  It was WEIRD... the house was silent.  Peaceful.
I want some more of that thanks.

Next:  a little video of Dante's latest 'trick'... he shakes his head until he's dizzy!

It's so cute... well... WE think it's cute.
To you it's probably dead boring!  
That's OK... I understand!  One's own grandbabies are the most entertaining of course!

COCO:   seriously, if Stew is home, she just HAS to be on his lap... it doesn't matter what he's doing, if she can push her way in and end up on his lap, she will...

 ABOVE:  Stew trying to work on the computer... 

ABOVE:  and trying to fix the doorguard... I busted it after I had sewn new fabric on it.
Coco took a while to get on his lap... but she did it.  She's such a TART.

ABOVE:  Stitching calico on the old door guard, it had mesh on it before, but it got wrecked over summer.  It was a right BITCH to stitch it with my machine, Bex had to hold the frame so I could sew... and I ended up having to hand stitch one of the long sides by hand cos my machine packed a shit.

Today .. well there's a shitload of washing to hang outside, hopefully it's not gunna rain.
Then I hope to do some sewing.  Seriously, I seem to find so much to do BESIDES sew lately. Same with reading blogs, I'm hopeless.

Oh well... life is for living, and that's what I'm doing eh?


Steve and Bex are off to the mall, and I am babysitting Dante.  That makes me smile.

Once everyone had lunch, Stew and I popped down to Bunnings to get a couple of things to hold the fire guard down.  And I got a cute little step stool for the linen cupboard for only $5!  SCORE.  I really dislike being short (5ft 4").  *sigh*  The number of times I have to reach for a stool to stand on... grrrrr.

End of Day:  well another lovely family day together.  Stew is in his element tonight watching rugby on TV.  He will never change, and I am just so happy about that!  I have spent the evening watching videos on You Tube.  Fun.
nite nite


  1. Hope the kids enjoy their last weekend. Cool baby tricks! I've heard they like to do that for the same reason people like to drink alcohol, the buzz.

    troxces 3

  2. There are two things I could watch all day - babies being silly and animals being silly. Dante is super cute!

  3. Yes animals they will sneak in anywhere and the moment you sit down they pounce onto an empty lap! Dante is so cute very intent on the carpet patterning too!

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    isnt Dante just so darn, with his bright blue eyes, making himself dizzy so cute.

  5. ohh, love that second picture...looks like coco is sending you a message with "that look" LOL. I just love dogs too. xx debbie

  6. I am 5'2". I really have a hard time reaching!!! We have step stools every where!!!
    Dante is so adorable. Sure do miss seeing sweet Keera on your blog but understand why.

  7. Cute! With the shaking of the head I'm guessing he will love music and dancing!

  8. Chris, did you see the ponies on my blog? Did you see the PRICES??? Do they have My Little Pony conventions there? You could make a HUGE KILLING making those things. You have such a lovely machine. ((hugs))


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