Sunday, July 28, 2013


I don't know if anyone else is like me... possibly... so, who finds themselves listening to Glee songs over and over again?

I have loved the show and songs forever, but when Cory died so sadly, I've been listening to their songs every chance I get.

Maybe I'm a bit sad?  Such a tragic loss of a young person's life due to evil drugs.  So sad.
I feel for everyone in his life, particularly his family and Lea Michele.  Such a waste of a hugely talented man.

One day his family will be so thankful for Glee, because they will have all his songs and appearances on Glee ... as a legacy of his life.  But for now... huge sadness.  Time will heal.

Today, well spent sleeping in one hopes.   Stew is bone tired, and keeps saying how tired he is... but he still stays up late!  Rugby games.  He is glued to the screen... *smiles*.
Not that I can talk, my eyes are invariably glued to my computer screen, or the TV too.

And the kids.  TV. PSP. Portable DVD. X Box.  you name it, they are all SCREENS.

Perhaps we need to get outside a bit more!  

Today is the last day before the kids go back to school... can  ya hear me squealing with happiness?  lol

I did something naughty last night:

I introduced Dante to Shrewsberry biscuits.  I do believe he LOVED them!  

Naughty Grandma.  

I am hoping to see Lacy and Miss Muppet in the next day or two, they have not been over for ages!

Right going now... time to do some jobs around the house... oh ya.


JULIE: Dante is 7 and a half months old.  He is a bonnie boy.  Loves his food, and is just a pure joy to have in our home.

Well... I have found something to do today.  I'm reading blogs.  And I'm wrapped in my cuddly electric blanket.  It's cold.  The fireplace is on, but the heat does not reach to the very end of the room where my computer is.

Nearly lunchtime... wonder what's for lunch... Stew?

ANON: Because.  I.  Can.   And I believe MOST THINGS in moderation will hurt no baby.  He gets SUGAR in some of his baby food, and fruit, so what's the problem?  It's not like he ate the whole thing, he slobbered and dribbled on it.  Probably 'ate' less than a teaspoon in quantity.

Get over yourself.

I have been reading and commenting on blogs for 6 hours straight!  I'm done.  So very sorry if I missed your's out... but I know that my new Reader (Feedly) has not uploaded some of the blogs I read.  So, if I have missed you, send me an email!  I will then add you to my Feedly list.

Now it's time to stretch me legs and do something different for a while.

I might even come back here later to do some more catching up!

It's been so nice reading what you have all been up to.  And it's been a bit sad too.  Cos so many of the girls whose blogs I read years ago no longer blog.  I miss them.  So many of you defected to Facebook, never to be seen again.

Shows how transient internet 'friendships' can be I suppose.

Now... what to do?  Sewing?  Reading camera reviews?
Watching some TV programmes that I have saved?
Dunno!   But it's going to involve getting off this computer for an hour or two for sure.

 ABOVE:  the fireguard installed. Stew did a good job.

 ABOVE:  the dogs are happy.  VERY happy.
And so they should be.  I put that sheepskin there for them afterall.

ABOVE: Stew made me lunch, which I had at my computer desk... so I could still type with one hand.
Bacon and eggs.  Let's call it BRUNCH.  It was lovely.  Thanks Darling 

Well I've had a lovely break from the computer.  And now I am going downstairs to do a bit of sewing.
Stew is cooking dinner:  beef rissoles, coleslaw and potato salad.  I will have mine for lunch tomorrow.

Well... I got no sewing done.  I was getting cross that I couldn't reach my containers of buttons easily ... so that necessitated a big tidy up in the craft/sewing area.  It only ... ONLY.... took me 2 hours!
I think I have a light dose of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.
Why the hell can't I just leave well alone?  *shaking me head*

End of Day:  well NOW I'm tired.  Hopefully tomorrow arrives quickly cos I'm DONE with the kids.  DONE.  They are just getting up my nose.  And it doesn't help that Stew just can't see half the shit they do to get up my nose.  Obviously his nose is just fine.
I don't want them in MY ROOM.  In MY SEWING AREA.  In MY SPACE whatsoever.
I have to share the house with them ... I'm not sharing my GARAGE/BEDROOM too.
If that makes me a horrible person... FINE.  I'm horrible.  And Crabby.
nite nite


  1. How old is Dante now? He's getting so big! I've only watched Glee a few times. Sad that so many actors/actresses die due to drugs.

  2. Naughty grandma.....but that's your job. He looks like he wishes he had his hands out so he could get hold of that biscuit.

  3. Drugs very evil and claiming far too many our favourite actor Heth Ledger was a shock.

    Dante can't figure out if the biscuit is going in or coming out look on his face!!! lol

    Tis very cold here too.

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Why would you feed that crap to a baby!

  5. OMG not these comments again didn't you get the same comments with Keera and Rena and Emily sheesh people 1 biscuit! but its ok for adults to smoke around their kids, not buckle in their kids properly in cars, heaven forbid sleep with their babies! go whinge somewhere else.

  6. leanne3:15 PM

    And the comments start again, if they don't like it why read it and even waste there time commenting :( perhaps its time they looked in there own lives before interfering in others

  7. I KNEW when I saw that picture of Dante eating the biscuit that while I was laughing & thinking "how cute" someone, probably anonymously will have something to day - FFS it was a biscuit NOT crack cocaine!!! Anons kids - if they have any will grow up to be fat binge eaters or sanctimonious little brats.

  8. Lorraine H.4:32 PM

    Isn't he a beautiful,thoughtful Man for making & bring your Brunch to you at the computer.Way to go Stew you are a Gem.

    Southgirl xx

  9. ohh those bacon and eggs look yummy....time for our lunch now...

  10. Geez Molly is looking like her mother more and more. Loving your photos.. didn't know what I was going to have for tea until I seen those eggs!!

  11. I read your post this avo, and knew the food police would have something to say about the biscuit!!

    The problem today is that too any people have too much to say that thy miss the big picture! FFS, I couldn't breast feed so fed bottles to my two boys, to date they are big healthy strong young men, who play sport, socialise and live normal lives!!!

    Must have been that biscuit I gave them way back!

  12. I know exactly what you mean about your sewing/bedroom, sometimes all us Mums want is a bit of space & time of our own.

  13. Great my blog transferred to Feedly. Like you I have lost some in the change over.

    Hope you get some peace tomorrow.


  14. Chris, what a gorgeous picture of the dogs in front of the fireplace.should frame it. It's been a gorgeous sunny weekend here, and I've been springcleaning again haha. Go Dante and the Shrewsbury. I want one too!!

    What do you have for dinner??

  15. OMGosh, Chris, do you not realize you could ruin Dante's life with that cookie???

    *snort* I see your trolls are back! I love you!! :)

  16. I agree about Glee. I love that show and feel sadness at Cory's death. It's so sad that someone could have what he had and still turn to drugs. On a different note: You are so lucky to have a husband who cooks!


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