Thursday, July 18, 2013


I can't believe what a 'shop-a-holic' I am.
But I just can't resist a bargin... or a cute something or other!

Yesterday I got:

ABOVE: this utterly gorgeous little picture...

ABOVE: this cute little retro casserole dish, suitable or one or two... but no more.  *smiles*

And that was all.

I finally took a photo or two of the new cupboard, and what I've put in it:

ABOVE: I'm really happy with it.  Now I have all my serving dishes in the one place.   And a few cute little things too.  There's dishes in the two drawers too... I have a lot of dishes!

Today?  I plan on having a quiet morning, because I know it will be busy at the shop today too... we have so much stock to unpack its crazy!


DANTE:  woke at 12, 2 and 5am, and Bex did not get up to him.  He didn't cry for quite as long as the previous night, so here's hoping he gets the message soon!

My Mum and Ron are due here tomorrow night at around midnight.  Their bedroom is right next to Bex and Steve's.  Fingers crossed Dante doesn't cry for too long on Friday night! 

I bought some quite thick, warm tights from K & K last week, the sales lady talked me into buying size 14.  Sure ... they fit, but they are RATHER tight!

So yesterday I bought a size 16.  They are a bit loose on the legs, but I don't mind.  They were half price, so I can pass them on to a friend next winter. 

I had vowed to never buy from 'BIG GIRL' shops again, but when K & K have a half price sale on EVERYTHING, it's a bit hard to resist!

Just so I'm honest, I had a craving for chocolate last night, so I made Stew go out and buy chocolate ice cream and chocolate topping.
I am a bad girl.  Hands up.

But ... back on plan today... I so want to lose 3 kgs over the next 30 days!

My biggest problem right now is getting over this self sabotaging behaviour.  I am an impulsive person,  and that has to stop.  Must learn to count to 30, and question WHY I do this shit to myself!

Hospice Shop... was SO QUIET TODAY!   I did some shelf tidying, found a few more treasures, which I LEFT THERE until next week!  I've spent me budget on Hospice Treasure this week!

BUT ... I have brought something home to show you... and ask a question about.  I will start with that on tomorrow's post!

It's a "WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS DO?" type question.

As it's my turn to cook, I better go and do it eh?

End of Day:  well I just did the unforgivable!  I woke the baby.  I just touched him, as ya do when they look like sleeping angels, ya know, I just kinda stroked his cheek.  And it woke him up.  WHOOPS!  Sorry Bex.
NOW baby is Steve's 'problem'... cos Bex has gone to bed.
And I am heading off to bed too... tired as.
nite nite


  1. That little girl in the top picture is spooky! I think it's from a haunted house!

    11 ecvicul

  2. I love the blue display you have on the cupboard, looks stunning !!

  3. I think she is kinda kitch, but I love the blue glass serving ware display. How did Dante sleep or not sleep?

  4. I like the painting. I have one in my living room that is huge of a little girl and the eyes follow us I swear!

    The blue pieces on the cupboard looks beautiful.

    I hope Dante (I like his name!) sleeps tonight.

    I am also an impulsive personality.

  5. The blue dishes look very pretty on the definitely have an eye for what will work.
    I hope Dante wakes less each night...I bet he will be sleeping all night soon.

  6. I need to stop sabotaging myself also! I know I can get the weight back off but just don't seem to get that message through to my brain!!
    You have done an amazing job so far! I am envious :)

  7. That picture I think is part of a whole series done in probably the 70's. I have one I had as a wee girl on my bedroom wall. Same style but different picture.

  8. Whoopsie lol.

    Tell Stew to not get you chocolate when you ask lol. That's one good thing about Scott and I both watching what we eat. Usually if one of us is trying to cave the other one will refuse to go get it lol.


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