Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A large truckload of donations arrived at the Hospice Shop yesterday, and it was fun unwrapping masses of kitchen ware and other stuff.
We also got quite a few items of furniture.
I was 'Johnny on the spot' and was fortunate enough to buy a rather funky two door cabinet.  It is going at the top of our stairs.

 ABOVE: it doesn't look much eh?  I plastered it with furniture polish as the wood was really, really thirsty...

 ABOVE:  what I love about it is it's going to be so handy to store stuff.  I'm not quite sure what 'STUFF' yet, but I'm bound to sort it out by end of day.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  two gorgeous doilies.  Both so pretty.

 ABOVE: another funky jelly mould!  I've got two that are similar now.  I love old glass stuff.

Now this next thing... no one knew what it was for, so it sat on display for a few weeks, then two weeks ago one of our customers said it was used to cook 'stuff' in,  over an open fire. Steamed I think she said.

I couldn't resist it... now all I need is an open fire!  lol

ABOVE:  how special is that?  I didn't think Stew would even like it, but the first thing he said when he saw it was "That's neat".  

So relieved cos I didn't want him thinking I was just buying any old junk I could lay me hands on!

I'm not sure what it's made of, maybe brass?  It's quite heavy.  Whatever, I love it.

Now, today.
The kids, Bex and I are going out.  Bex feels the NEED to go to the Hospice shop!  CAN'T. THINK.  WHY ?  Ha ha ha!

Then we will head to the mall as Bex wants to get a few things from the supermarket.


TOUGH LOVE... and  Dante.

Dante has been waking every 2 hours during the night for a few weeks now, and Bex is exhausted.

So, after I and a friend of her's suggested 'Tough Love' she tried it last night.

He woke and screamed, and she stayed in bed.  
And while he woke a few times, and screamed a few times, she stuck to her guns and didn't get up to him.
He survived the night!
And slept in till 8.30 this morning.

So, now she knows he can last the night, and didn't come to any harm.  And I've assured her that he will wake less and less overnight if she keeps it up, and in only a few more nights he should be asleep all night.  Yaaaa!

Brylee and Griffin are still in bed too... Dante kept them awake with his crying.  I will let them sleep in... for now.

We still want to go out and about this morning.

BLONDIE:  he is LOVING his new job, been thrown in the deep end and coping just fine.

WOMBAT:  A steam boat?  A BOAT?  Hee hee... gotta love it then, even if it don't look like a boat!

LINDA H:  I love BLUE glass!

I have found what to put in me new cabinet... photo later.

Well... it's much later!
Today went like this:
We went to the Hospice Shop.  Debs was ill, so I said I would come back after lunch and give her a hand.
We went to the mall, bought a few things, had lunch... then I dropped Bex and the kids back home before heading back to the Hospice Shop.

I worked NON STOP all afternoon unpacking clothes and getting them all on hangers, ready for pricing.

4 hours SOLID.  Felt so good to be that busy though.  There is nothing worse than being idle there.

I did grab a few more treasures, but they are put aside till next week when I can afford them!
I've bought quite a bit this week already!

AND SHIT... I'm working there tomorrow afternoon too.  

It's nice to be home ... Bex has cooked dinner, though I have no idea what it is.  Steve beat me home tonight, which is nice cos the last two days he's been home quite late.

Sitting in the lounge tonight, when we all heard a big BOOM!!!  I immediately thought it was a car/bus accident because it was the same noise as when the bus crashed into the tree behind out home!  Scary.  
We ran outside but could see nothing, nor hear anything else.
So we came inside, thinking we would read about whatever it was tomorrow.

Just read on the internet that it was an explosion at a steel recycling plant over in Wiri... (Manukau). It's a long way from our house so can only imagine how loud and scary it was for people who live near the site!

End of Day:  a lovely busy day.  I'm hoping tomorrow is just as busy too.
nite nite


  1. I like the cabinet, the jelly mold looks like an ashtray for cigars though.

    620 totame

  2. Cool stuff mum. I'm going to my local hospice shop today let's see what I can find.

  3. I love going to garage sales and the Salvation Army here and finding treasures like those. Some glass pieces are truly lovely. I love coloured glass - green especially.

    Good finds there!

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    That's a steam boat for steaming meat, vegies, fish in. WOMBAT

  5. nice cabinet and that brass steamer very cool. It is always hard listening to a crying baby but when you are in a full house I used to get Samuel up for fear of others waking then mum said just let him cry and after a few nights a full nights sleep again, they know if they cry someone will come, of course if he is sick that's different but just crying cause he knows mumma will come that's a clever kid! cry mum cuddles cry mum cuddles, that's fine during day but at night would test anyones resolve, HOW Steve doing at his new job?

  6. OO, love the cabinet!

    Poor Dante. He does need to learn to be on his own eventually, poor fella.

  7. Keep us posted on Dante's sleeping. I am curious to see how long it actually takes! And if he wakes less and less and so on. interesting!

  8. you are of course right about Dante - if we get up to babies straight away when they cry, we are basically training them to wake!! If there is no "payback or reward" to them waking ie, no cuddles or attention, they learn to self sooth back to sleep.

    I see so many babies who "train" their parents - luckily my daughter knows this and gets a pretty good nights sleep now. I suppose it is hard also because Dante is in the same bedroom as them - harder to switch off and leave him. Well done to Bex and Steve, it might be hard for a couple of nights but it will get better.

  9. Our wee man has been waking every 45 mins all night long! I'm so shattered so have complete empathy for Bex.

    We are going to have to tough love it as we'll! As nothing else is working :(
    How long did Dante cry? Ollie cried for an hour this morning and was still awake (we kept checking him!!). So goodness knows what tonight might bring :(

  10. It seems that a thrift store is just as dangerous a place to work as a fabric shop.....

  11. Poor Bex, that leaving baby to cry is gut wrenching but it is SO worth it, both for baby & for parents. It is important that bubs learns to go back to sleep by himself & the younger the better, and generally more successful it is. Hang in there Bex:-).

    Love seeing your Hospice treasures.

  12. Good time to be trying the tough love with master Dante he is trying his boundaries and his parents patients too I'm guessing lol. But school holidays coule of sleepless nights will get him out of the habit. And the older kids won't object to a sleep in I'm sure.

    Anthony was still playing that "keep mum awake till she is so tired she will give into anything" game until moved n our own flat. 18 mth old so nowis good time to get master Dante out of it

  13. Yum! Steam boat! And I love that cabinet - how handy!


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