Monday, July 22, 2013


Today I am taking my Mum and Ron over to Ron's daughter's home on the North Shore... Brown's Bay to be precise.

Once there I'm sure they will enjoy a couple of days with Lesley and her husband before moving on to their next destination.
I hope they have a lovely time and will look forward to seeing them at the end of their trip.... in time to take them back to the airport for their flight home again.

I had thought of visiting a lovely fabric shop in Devonport while I was over that way, but as I am broke today... it will have to wait.  *bugger*... lol.

Nevermind, Bex and I are already planning our next trip to Onehunga, where there is a shop that has AMAZING fabric 'scraps'... perfect for applique sewing.

Today I have a few photos that my Mum took of their area and home garden:

 ABOVE: a gorgeous beach north of Coffs Harbour, where Mum and Ron live.

 ABOVE: one would hope this little lizard moved before the car was driven again.

 ABOVE: X'S 4:  Mum and Ron's home/garden.  It's an amazing plot of land.

 ABOVE:  Dante didn't take long to like his GREAT-Grandma!

ABOVE:  4 Generations of Mother's and Daughters.  

Pretty awesome if ya ask me.  I must get a photo of Steve and Dante with me and my Mum too before she leaves again.
Though... she is going to come back towards the end of September for a slightly longer visit.

Right, that's all for now... I'll get moving cos I have to get these olds over to the North Shore!


Home.  Took the olds over to Brown's Bay.  Stopped for a chat with Lesley (kinda my step-sister) and then came home.

Now I'm going to search around for a fire guard for the lounge fireplace.  Can't have these littlies of ours getting burnt!


  1. Wow, more lovely pics!! The beach one is incredible. Dante sure loves his great-grandma!!

  2. Fabulous family photos to always treasure! Love the way your mum is looking at you in the 4 generation photo!
    Looks like they have a fabulous home back in Aussie!
    Hope you have a great day :)

  3. Wow what lovely photos and what a beautiful garden after being in Auckland it is not easy just popping over anywhere not when you drive from Pukekohe!!! lol

  4. Looks like you had a nice visit! Mom's place is beautiful!


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