Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I wish I'd switched to this new photo editor sooner!
I'm having a ball playing will collages!

Latest one:

ABOVE: I'm still working on size of photos for the collages, but I'm getting there!

TODAY ... well I won't be going to hospice

today, I am aching all over and also, I have Keera here today.

So today I am having fun at home... babies to play with... might even get to read a few blogs... but no promises!  

No walk today, my left foot packed it in once I got home from our big walk yesterday.  It was getting to a point where the pain was finally bearable... and that walk probably put it's healing back a bit.

Oh well... it was an awesome walk and I'm damn proud we did it.

We are going to try and do three walks a week, the BIG one and two smaller ones.  Totally do-able.

If you thought I was posting too many photos before I found this new photo editing site, you ain't seen nothing yet!   The possibilities are endless... and I'm going to really enjoy trying out different stuff.

ABOVE: pretty borders, and different fonts.  ♥♥ LOVE IT ♥♥


ABOVE:  I have resurrected our playpen.  Keera is into everything!  Peace of mind.... she will be in it when I can't be watching her.  And Dante one day too.

The morning is going well... I've cared for Miss Muppet, done the washing, titivated around the house, and now?

I am going to actually do my hair, and put some face on!

I don't need to do 'ABOVE' with my photos anymore! The captions can be put on the photo... I'm loving this.  

What do you think??

Most unexpectedly we got visitors early in the afternoon.  
My brother-in-law Richard, Sister-in-law Olla and their two children popped in on their way home.
They live in Sumatra, Indonesia.  It was just so lovely to see them, even if it was only for a short time.

The twins have grown so much!  I can still remember seeing them when they were just a few days old (9 years ago)... such tiny wee babies they were.  

Sadly, Stew was not home to see them, but he did get to chat to Richard on the phone.

I took some photos (OF COURSE!), and will show them tomorrow, after I've done my thing with them.

Bex has already said my blog is going to be VERY colourful now that I've found a way to play with my photos.  She's not wrong.  *smiles*

It was nice for Lacy, Keera, Bex and Dante to see them too.

Introducing two of our newest family members to my brother was neat.   I know he's not technically my brother, but I feel as close to him as I did to my own two brothers... who are both gone now. 
HOW AMAZING is that!!!   I have added about 8? different borders/special effects.   I am impressed.

End of Day: today has gone in the blink of an eye.  Some days drag.  Today?  Nope.  Seemed to get next to nothing done in a flash!
It's time to go down to me room and reacquaint myself with the sewing area... I've had no time at all for sewing the past few days.
nite nite


  1. You are very clever....I love the collages. I keep saying I am going to learn to do them, but so far I'm clueless.

  2. What is the photo editor you are using? I'd love to do more "stuff" with my photos.

  3. How clever that Sandie is to put you onto photo block and edit now to unleaseth the photo monster hahahahahaha.... See you on THURS!! yay

  4. Thanks Chris! I figured it out, now to play with some photos :)

  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Awesome they look cool.

  6. Blogs looking great Chris!


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