Saturday, July 06, 2013


Well... today is Steve's last day at Southern Traders.  I wonder how he's feeling about that?
AND I wonder how he's feeling about MONDAY... totally new job!

It's going to mean a bit of a shake up for him... he will have to leave home at least 2 hours earlier every day!  Big changes.

I doubt I will be getting up to make his lunch any more!

Today... I expect we will have to do the grocery shopping... we are down to two rolls of loo paper!  NOT a good feeling, with 6 of us in the house.  AND BRYLEE.  She uses a roll a day on her own!

Lacy is coming over after lunch ... so she can curl me hair.  I feel like a change from the 'bun' on top.
Maybe by now my fringe (bangs) has grown out enough to not be annoying?

Right, I'm off to get the washing out... on the drying racks today as we are supposed to have a really wet weekend ahead.  Wonderful.  This house generates washing like we have two dozen people living here... I just despair of ever being on top of it all. 

Below... a couple of quotes I am liking right now:

That last one is rather applicable to me!  I take a lot of 'shots'.


I stayed in bed this morning until almost 10!  Bliss.  Bex has taken the kids for a walk, so right now it's just me and Stew home.  That's a novelty.  
While it's a nice sunny morning, I think Stew is going to mow the lawns...

Right, I'm off to shower, wash hair bla bla bla.  

I just found out I can put a Border around the whole thing, not just the picture.  Awesome!  ha ha ha... I wish there was some way to 'bling' them too!  *smiles*

Bex keeps sending more photos!  They must be at the park still... cos I only got this photo a few minutes ago.

I just had me hair curled by Lacy, and then I did hers too.  Photo tomorrow.

Stew has been WONDER MAN today!  He's been doing jobs all day!  Think I know why.  I got crabby with him last night.  NOW I feel guilty.

Roast pork ... being served up right now... I'm already drooling!

End of Day:  and it's been a different day!  Stew worked like a mad man, and I thought WOW!  He did most of the jobs I would usually do on a Monday!  Now I just have to think of other jobs for me to do on Monday.
The dinner.... was... OMG delicous.  I think it is only fair to say I had a wee bit more than I should have!
But.... remember my weight loss/get healthy plan is SLOW AND STEADY and I will get there.  Make wise choices, know when it's OK to have a wee bit more... and know that there will be a loss on weigh in day.  And that is tomorrow!
nite nite


  1. Have a great day, Chris! GL to Steve on that new job. I think you should be so proud of your progress, and self-medicating with fabric can't be a bad thing right?

  2. Steve will be great. Southern Traders was good for him, they gave him a chance & he has proven to be a good worker.

  3. Hair looks lovely!


  4. Yummy we are having roast pork tomorrow night :)
    Love the curly hair Chris :)


  5. Your hair looks lovely Chris. :) Wish I'd been more organised with dinner - your roast pork sounds awesome.

  6. Love the curls! You look fabulous and I think you look quite a bit younger :)
    Yum Yum! Roast Pork! One of the big things that I am missing while on my program - no pork allowed! Stew is so good at cooking dinner :)
    Good luck for Steve and his new job - am sure he will be just fine :)

  7. Cute photos of the kids at the park. Wow, you're looking so much younger and love the curl in your hair. You're doing so well with your plan, gre stuff!

  8. Wow, I *lvoe* your hair all curled like that!! PS: do I recognise that blue necklace? xxx

  9. Ohhh now I've heard it all, a woman complaining about another woman using too much toilet paper. Oh yes, I'm sure it's all Brylees fault....!

    See my video, how to wipe yer butt with only one square. On my blog.

  10. I like the curly 'do, very cute!

  11. Roast pork sounds delish! Deffo on the menu for another day! Hair looks great Chris - really suits you, Only one more day of Wimbledon -sniff- spent a great day there on Tuesday!! Heat wave here In the UK- need to get acclimatised!!! x


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