Wednesday, July 24, 2013


He is loving his new job.  In another week or two he will begin an Adult Apprentiship... so in a few years time he will be a qualified Builder!

He can do the addition to our house!  I want a big room above the garage.  One day it will happen.

Now...what did I get at the Hospice Shop yesterday?

AND... Bex went down to our local Hospice Shop yesterday and got this lot:

About 10-12 ready made patchwork blocks and three bags of buttons.
She is slowly building up her 'stash'... *smiles*

Today:  I am taking Brylee and Griffin into Greenlane on the train to meet up with Stew's sister Khady.  Khady is having the kids for the afternoon and will return them home at the end of the day.

While she has the kids I am travelling further into the city on the train, so I can do some 'homework' on the Canon cameras.  I want to know exactly what I want, and which camera fits the bill.

Slight change of plan (it's raining).  I'm driving into Greenlane, dropping off the kids then leaving my car at Stew's workplace and taking the train into the city, where I will be checking out cameras.  Then I will be reversing my mode of travel until I get home again.

Bex and Dante are staying home.


I just received an email from Living Flame.
They DID get my payment, their office lady had not checked their account before sending me that invoice/account yesterday.
Thank the b-jesus for that!  PANIC ATTACK over and out!

Welll... I'm home again.  Took the kids into Greenlane, left them with Stew.  He took them across the road to meet their Aunty Khady.  She is bringing them home after dinnertime.

I took the train into the city.  I should have just gone home to be honest.  The guy at Camera & Camera said I should wait for the NEWEST Canon release, the EOS 70D.

So I came home and did some reading up on the soon to be released EOS 70D.  

Not yet convinced it's the camera for me yet.  I need to talk to someone who is prepared to spend some time explaining all the pro's and con's to me.  And that ain't at Camera & Camera on Queen Street!

I'm feeling rather lazy now... so dinner will be something quick and easy.  Bangers and mash me thinks.

Well... Stew's sister took Brylee and Griffin to Auckland Museum, then on to the Movies, where they saw Dispicable Me... sounds like they had a wonderful time.

Now Stew has taken Brylee over to Lacy's for an overnight visit. 
FIRST. TIME. EVER.  Lacy has had one of the kids overnight.

Hopefully Griffin will rethink his decision NOT to go and have a sleep over tomorrow night.  *sigh*

End of Day:  a nice day, a few things going on that differ from the 'norm'.  And tomorrow will be the same.  Yaaa.
nite nite


  1. Well I was nowhere close to winning! I kept checking back - yes the suspense was killing me.

    I still like Anon's guesses though!

    Good luck on the camera.

  2. Have fun! I hardly ever use my real camera anymore, my phone is just too handy!

  3. Ooh buttons! I'm jealous haha. Great to find ready made blocks too. I had a look at op shops in Palmy but walked out empty handed???? But much cheaper than Lower Hutt. And I am still wearing my 'new' clothes though a couple are now a bit bigger. im going to see if they can be taken in because I love them! Have an awesome day Chris.

  4. See? I told ya!

    Glad Bob has found his "future" calling. It's a great profession and I wish him well!

  5. Wow what neat treasure your hospice store is way better than ours!!!! although we are much smaller I bet. Hope the kids have fun and you have fun camera shopping THANK GOODNESS money is all A ok! with fireplace so pleased Steve is enjoying his job HE looks much happier that's for sure.

  6. GLAD that is all sorted out!! *whew*

    Congrats to Steve on his new job! :)

  7. Yay for Steve! As for cameras, I don't know what you want, but my sister got the samsung galaxy camera the other day and it is gorgeous! Probably cheaper than the canon though (but definitely prettier!)


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