Wednesday, July 10, 2013


WELL... after yesterday's healthy debate about Steve making his own lunch vs. Bex making it.... Bex is feeling quite good about herself:

 So, there ya go!  He made his lunch last night, all ready for today.  Wonders will never cease.

A really cute one of Granddad and Dante.

And now.... I have a little video to show you... it's so cute...

I took it last night when Steve and Bex were out taking Lacy and Keera home, and doing a little baby food shopping.  

The video quality is absolute shite... but I think I've managed to get me camera on the right settings now.  Will test it out later on this morning.

Right, that's me for now... I've no plans for the day... hell I might even finally do some sewing... I've not done any in days.


The dogs checked them out, and NO... nothing for them.  *sigh*  
Mum is due over in 8 days, can't wait to see her.  

The weird things you dream about!
I didn't get much sleep last night thanks to the cold, but I do remember dreaming about names for our next litter of puppies.

Trees.  Yep, trees.  Native New Zealand trees.

Rimu.  Rata.  Kowhai.  Nikau.  Pohutukawa.  Tawa.  Kauri.  Matai.

Plenty to choose from.  Those above are just a small selection of the lovely trees we have in NZ.

So.. opinions on my thoughts for names?
I had been dallying with car names too...

I have to admit... I'm still in my pj's!  I don't think I will even bother getting dressed today.  That will be a first for probably 7-8 years!  Last time I stayed in me pj's all day I was recovering from surgery.
I am still sneezing and snotty, so bla. 

Well, it's almost 4pm and I'm finally feeling like getting out of my pj's!  And I put me face on too.  

Drama?  NONE!  Since we swore off any drama of any sort our lives have been so much better.  I'm not miserable all the time, worrying about situations that will probably never be rectified.
It is LIBERATING to say the least.

I feel in control of my emotions now, which is a damn good thing.
NO ONE is ever going to make me torn in two again.  I will embrace those who love me and Stew and treat us with love and RESPECT.  

I am just so happy now.  It was hard letting go, but it was made easier by total silence when I reached out one last time.

As the saying goes.... ONWARD!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day... cos I am, cold 'n' all.

End of Day:  well... Bex has just made Steve's lunch for tomorrow.  I do believe they will 'share' that job somehow.  lol
Time for me to hit the sack, I'm so damn tired tonight.  Actually, I've been tired all day after having a bad night last night.  Couldn't sleep much thanks to congestion and niggly cough.
Fingers crossed tonight is better.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Oh I want my prezzy lol NOW lol. Thanks Granny from Lacy and Keera xoxoxox

  2. Ha it worked then well done Steve, Oh that video is gorgeous of Dante and Griffin, the photo of granddad and Dante darling...Parcels ohhh wonder what's inside.

  3. Ditto to what Blondie says

  4. I like the new range of puppy names. If you do cars can you do older ones like cortina, zephyr, morris (minor) etc

  5. What you have written reminds me of the Serenity Prayer:

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Some things we can't change and life goes on - it is good that you are happier now.

  6. Lol - I wondered how long it would be before Bex had Steve making his lunches :) I loved the wee video clip of Griffin and Dante - that was so cute. Good luck with the dog names!

  7. Chris, there are so many things in this post it's hard to comment on them all! BUT I love reading. Congrats on the puppies. I hope you feel better soon.

    lol Don't tell me drama doesn't affect you, but I know what you mean, you're putting up a bit of a boundary there and that's a very healthy thing. :)

  8. hey there Chris :) I think the trees theme is cool. as you probably know (because you read my blog, at least sometimes,) I am a foster mum for guide dogs for the blind.
    they name all pups of that one litter starting with the same letter. My current pup is a "J" name and her litter includes Jonti, Joyce, Jinka, Jonty, Jaxon, and Julie. In the past, I have had a "P", a "B", and a "P". I feel so lucky every single day to share my time with such cool pups. xx debbie


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