Monday, July 01, 2013


It is seven days until my next weigh in.
I'm feeling excited.
I am about to reach my first NON-Goal.  I say NON-Goal because I am trying not to set myself "GOALS", because that can lead to disappointment and feeling like a failure.
All things I am avoiding.

But, on the 7th of July I hope to be a very happy girl.  The scales are not my friend or foe.  They are a way of being accountable to myself... and no one else.

And the NUMBERS are not the BIGGEST motivation for me.

The way I feel is.  And I am already feeling so much better.  So  much happier in myself.

Things outside my immediate self can go belly up and cause problems, and I acknowledge that and accept it.  

But those things cannot change how I feel in relation to my ONWARD FOR LIFE PLAN.  I am in control of that.  I am in control of how I react to outside distractions.

And I choose to be kind to myself, and I choose not to self-medicate with FOOD.

God I'm feeling so good today!
It's the best feeling ever.

NO chocolate or pizza can do that for me!

Today?  I'm going to do housework, then blog reading, then housework... and so on.  I had planned to do that last Friday, but shit got in the way.

One must be flexible when ya have a largish family.  I am VERY used to being flexible!


I decided we should go for a walk... to Manurewa and back!  We did it too!  It was a killer of a walk, massive hill right at the end!  The total distance was 7.52 kms !!!  It took us about 2 hours with stops all along the way.
I took photos, and will upload them shortly.
I've got to cool down now... I'm BEETROOT red in the face!

 ABOVE: part way on the home stretch we had to stop to feed Dante, he was having a hissy fit.

ABOVE: Standing on the overbridge, crossing over the Southern Motorway on Alfriston Road.  We walked the entire length of Alfriston Road!

 ABOVE:  Still standing on the Alfriston Road overbridge, looking North at the Overbridge on Hill Road, which we crossed over on our way DOWN to Manurewa!

 ABOVE:  Still on Alfriston Road, the arrow shows where the start of the 'BIG HILL' is.

ABOVE:  I really hadn't planned on walking up Stratford Road hill!  But I said Bex could decide if we caught a bus for the final hill leg of our walk, or if we walked up the bloody hill.
She said we could walk it... and it wasn't THAT bad!
It only took us about 10 minutes (give or take) to get up it.

I was so impressed that we did it!

Even if it made my face beetroot red !... which it still is.
ABOVE:  see?  Very RED.  Me face is burning.

It is lunch time shortly, so time to just rest for a while I think.

OMG OMG ! ! !  I finally found out how to do a collage!   I'm so damn thrilled.  But WHAT A MISSION!!!

ABOVE:  LOOK.   AT.   THAT.      I DID IT!  WHOOP DEE DOOOO..... now steal that you fucker.
Oh sorry that just slipped out!

Now I'm going to investigate doing watermarks, but if it proves too hard for me, I'll just keep to what I am already doing... with the little Copyright thingee on the bottom.

ANOTHER ONE!  And the watermark thing is super easy.

End of Day:  well I made the family nacho mince pies for dinner, they went down a treat.
Then I made a couple of pies for Bex and I with Apple, pineapple, sultanas, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.  Super yummy.
Now it's time to settle down for the night, watch some mindless TV and chill out.  Feet up, blankie on.  BLISS.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Thank you Chris for inspiring me! I've lost 5 pounds so far by renewing my thinking around food and knowing it's not a race to skinny but a long walk through a happy life!

    You look fantastic!
    Hugs and love

  2. Wow Awesome walk - well done you two. My face looks like that too after any form of exercise.

  3. Awesome walk!!!! Well done to you.

  4. Well done Chris and Bex ... that sounds like a very impressive walk! I'm so unfit right now, I doubt I could walk a km without looking like a beetroot! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. Well done you three for walking That's along way I used to drive along Alfriston Rd lol bugger walking it!

  6. Lorraine H1:23 PM

    Well done Chris.You are a trooper for doing the round trip.

    Southgirl x

  7. well done on the walk!!!

  8. Good job!! So proud of you going out walking!!

  9. wow love the collage...going to try that myself...when I figure out how :-)

  10. I AM IMPRESSED!!!!
    Chris you rock - that hill looks horrible!
    Always thought to try it but never have!

  11. Anonymous7:02 PM

    EPIC absolutly Epic, love the collage's, 'safe family photos'

  12. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Best part about a hill is the trip back Well done you
    Mary h

  13. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Night Ma and Pa, night Keera Mummy Loves You

  14. I am trying really hard to remember that the scales only show a number at a point in time - they don't define who I am the other 23 hours, 59 mins and 55 secs the rest of the day !
    Well done on the walk - great stuff !
    Have a good day !


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