Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Yep, it's going to be a busy day for me.

First up... the usual, get the kids to school, make me bed, bla bla bla. 

I don't have to make the kids lunches toady, as they get off at 12.30 pm today due to Parent/Teacher interviews being held in the afternoon.

Hmmm... I get to talk to Griffin's 'new' teacher today.  THAT has got to go better than the last one, when he was in another teacher's class!

BEFORE that though, Bex and I are popping down to the local mall... we are already starting to feel stir crazy after not going 'shopping' for a few days.
I'm still watching me cents carefully... got to pay for that fireplace eh?  *smiles*

You CAN go 'shopping' and not spend copious amounts of cash ya know!

Coco has an appointment at the Groomer's at 11 am, so that will curtail our WINDOW shopping trip a bit, but that's probably not so bad.

I wouldn't dare try and groom her myself, her coat is totally different from Teddy's, and is less forgiving if I stuff up a bit.
And then there is the added hurdle of her refusing to be still for me.

I tried combing her a little bit last night and ONLY got growled at once, which surprised me. She is a naughty girl for me.

I wish she was submissive like Teddy sometimes... but then she wouldn't be our spunky girl would she?

As mentioned yesterday, my brother-in-law and his family visited yesterday, so here's a few photos I took:

I really loved seeing them again, it is a long time between visits from them.

So, that's my day - shopping trip, Coco to groomers, kids home early, Parent/Teacher interviews in the afternoon, then make dinner.

Just the sort of day I enjoy.  
Oh and we shall be getting some exercise today too... I plan on walking to the school interviews, then carry on around the 'big' block on my way home.  I might even drag the kids along with me.


Our morning in pictures:

 I thought that little bundle was $28, when in fact it was $38... Lacy slipped the shop owner a tenner when my back was turned! 

This is what the fabrics in the bundle look like:

As you can see... we had a lovely morning.  We parked my car at the Super Centre in Manukau and walked to all the different places we wanted to go to.  So, exercise was had too.  Excellent.

I'm chilling now until I have to go the school.
Won't be walking this afternoon now, it's raining.

Coco didn't go to the groomers today afterall, they are booked out.  So we are going in a couple of weeks instead.  By then she will look like a sheep.

End of Day:  I'm a bit jaded tonight.  It's been a full on day, out and about, then both babies and their mad mothers all afternoon.  
The Parent/Teacher interviews went well, thank goodness.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Photos Like A Boss, Yea Ma

  2. Love the colour of Keera's coat and her hair is looking gorgeous. Shes a credit to you Lacy.
    Dante's facial expressions crack me up Taking everything in

  3. Penny5:25 PM

    Hope the school interviews go well. Love the pictures and the fabric!

    Penny xo

  4. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Man had an absolutly Awsum DAY, always love spending time with all you Nutcases Lol, Absolutly EPIC. and thank you Marym for your lovely comment really means alot so thank you, night DCR Love Ya L&K xoxo

  5. Hope the interviews went well. Enjoy the remainder of the week.


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