Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's so neat knowing that I can still go and do my Hospice Shop hours during the school holidays.
Having Bex here has quite a few benefits eh?

I'm hoping it's not too cold today as the shop is quite large, so gets very cold.
Usually I get so cold I'm miserable.
I bought some warm gloves the other day, and plan on wearing them... and thick tights and warm clothes.

It's really awful getting chilled to the bone.  I get... CRABBY!

What else?  Hmmm... I've finally paid for the fireplace repair so can relax and do some 'shopping' if I want.  I might just 'want' today!  lol

The expense of getting the fireplace repaired has been weighing me down, so now that's it's paid I can relax a little!

Until I get the next 'thing' fixed anyway.  The central vac up the hallway is blocked ... I remember sucking up a huge wad of fluff from out of the dryer and from then on it did not work.  Blocked.  Dammit. 
I might just wait a few months before getting that one sorted. 

 I just found another 'set' of photos I took on Saturday... last ones I promise... *smiles* :

No ADULT was hurt in the making of these photos!... WELL, Lacy lost a bit of hair getting the tape off... pity that.  *evil snigger*

Pity we can't do that to argumentative pre-teens eh?  But sadly... NO. 

Right, I'm off to find something to do this morning...


MARYH:  Yep, tried that.  Didn't work.  Also tried feeding a hose up to try and unblock it.  Didn't work. 
I think we need to look at the house plans and see where/how the tubing is run through the house... maybe then we can get into the roof? to find the blockage.  If the tubing runs under the floor we have a bigger problem... cos the floor is a solid concrete slab.

Dinner is on... Beef/Bacon/Tomato casserole, in the crock pot.  Shit I love that crock pot!  SO handy.

Bex has taken the kids for a walk to the park again... so it's incredibly QUIET here.  Just me and the dogs... talking of dogs:

They would have loved to go walkies too... but Coco would have frozen!  Her coat is SO SHORT, I hope in a few weeks she will have some decent covering again.

Plus it would have been a big ask for Bex to manage baby, kids AND dogs. 

I'm almost ready to leave house too... got me gloves!  Fingers crossed it isn't too cold in the shop today.

*SQUEALS*  I got some amazing treasure at the shop today!   I can't show ya now cos I'm late home and dinner must be sorted out.
I will show ya tomorrow.  K?

End of Day:  dinner was nice... and so was the evening, just chilli in me lazy boy chair.  Sore foot again, after thinking it was almost all better.  Oh well, shit happens.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Can you not plug in a vacuum cleaner or whatever and blow the blockage out?
    Mary H

  2. Beautiful dogs! Love how they are snuggling on the couch watching the world go by outside. That's the life!

  3. My aunty had a vaccum you can make suck or blow and she blew marbles through her blockage!!! of her built in house vaccy thing, although who knows what gets sucked up at times eh! can't wait to see tomorrows photos.

  4. Oh I can't wait to see what treasures you got from the shop today!!! Can't check your blog during the day at my new job so I hang out to check it when I get home!
    Love how the dogs sit beside each other and watch the neighbourhood! So cute!
    LOL @ Lacey being taped up for talking to much! LOL

  5. I guess that might be a cheap lip wax too!! lol! Can't wait to see your "treasure"!

  6. I demand to see your new treasures! :)


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