Saturday, July 20, 2013


My Mum and Ron arrived very late last night, so not too much catching up has been done yet.
Hopefully they are not too tired after their trip over. 
They spread the trip over two days so they could take their time.  Good idea.

I have no idea what their plans are for today or the time they are in the country.

I'm going to send Stew over to pick up Lacy and Keera first thing this morning so my Mum can meet Keera.
She hasn't met Dante or Keera before, so lots of photos will be taken I'm sure.

Talking of babies, I took some delightful photos of Dante yesterday:

I hadn't put him on his knees in the tin before, he thought it was so much fun!  He's such a little honey.

ABOVE: This was my favourite photo.

While I will be taking lots of photos of Keera too... I will not be posting any of her darling wee face on my blog as my photos are being stolen from my blog and posted on other social media without my permission.  As far as I know, as they are MY PHOTOS, I have the rights to them.  NOT anyone else.

ABOVE:  Steve last night, crashed out... exhausted.  Clearly the dogs didn't mind.

Now on to the day.... 


Been a busy day.  Mum and Ron woke up at 11.50 am!
Tired.... obviously.
Once I'd fed everyone lunch we popped out to the mall etc... but didn't buy a thing.

Now home again, and expecting friends for dinner... then we are babysitting their two kids while they attend a friend's 40th Birthday Party in Pukekohe.

I've got a beef curry on in the crock pot, and we shall have it with rice.

Well... it's been a mad house here this afternoon.
Visitors and family all over the place.
Kelly and Rena came up to see Great Grandma and Ron, and Lacy and Keera were here all day too.  Then our friends Jacqui and Marty arrived with their two children too...
Stew and I are babysitting for them... I think I've already said that!  Oh well... it's crazy here.

Dinner was just lovely ... everyone liked me curry 'n' rice.

End of Day: signing off early so I can relax once Sofia Grace is asleep and her Mum and Dad have left for their party in Pukekohe.
I have a feeling Mum and Ron will be only too happy to go to bed to escape the noise!
nite nite


  1. Such cute photos of Dante. We will miss seeing Keera.
    Enjoy the time with your visitors. I'm sure they will enjoy meeting the new little ones.

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    You did a GREAT job on Dante's pictures!!!
    That is TERRIBLE that someone is using your photos!!! HOW did you find out? I'd like to know~

    Enjoy your mom's visit~ Hope she falls in love with those great grandbabies~ ♥♥♥

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I had left a comment but I think it disappeared~

    Love Dante's pictures. You did a great job taking them~

    That is terrible that someone stole your pictures. How did you find out? I'd like to know~

    Hope great grandma loves those little babies! ♥♥♥

  4. What a cutie-pie Dante is!! He is a great poser for the camera!!

    Enjoy your weekend and family time. :)

  5. Love the new fireplace! I hope you have a great visit with your mum! :)

  6. I thought you had been able to stop the copying of photos? oh well can you maybe post them elsewhere for some of us to see everynow and then? Lovely Dante photos and that's one tuckered out Daddy!

  7. Chris (you don't need to post this comment)

    In the Picasa Web Albums (where blogspot photos go unless you're doing it privately?) You can do a private album by "Change album visibility" and just give the link to those who you want to view the pictures, might help solve certain people stealing the photos and still allowing others who you want to view them to still do so..

    just a thought :)

    Let me know if you have questions :)

    get me on a good day and I ain't crackers!

  8. Your life is lovely and you are well blessed with family
    Dante is a real boy now , bless him2775

  9. I will miss the Keera pics but completely understand.

  10. Oh Dante is so cute!! You should put Keera on Pepsi so we can still see her :)


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