Friday, July 12, 2013



The kids start 2 weeks of school holidays once they get home today.  16 days in the middle of winter with them home 24/7.

Do I sound enthusiastic or what?
At least there is only two of them now days.
And... I've got discipline down to a fine art.

It kinda goes like this:

"If you two fight or argue and make me mad, pissed off, or have to be a bloody referee between you ...  you will both be going to bed straight after dinner.  No exceptions.  No matter who started 'it', you BOTH go to bed straight after dinner".

It is AMAZING how well behaved they can be when there is no room for negotiating!

I just wish I'd thought of it way earlier.  

When I had 6 kids at home I don't think it would have worked, but with just two... TOTALLY WORKABLE.

Evil snigger... I'm such a mean Mum.  

But ... I'm a crabby, been there, done that Mum who just can't stand any more crap from any kid.

34 and a half years and counting... Full time motherhood with kids still at home.

I sure in hell didn't expect to still be caring for kids in my 50's.

At least now that we have a good relationship with Lacy we can get her to help a little.  I plan on letting her have a kid for a day now and then... then switch them over!  Yaa, that will ensure some quiet peaceful time in this house.  lol

OK... today?  Reading Blogs... catching up on what's been happening in cyber land... and housework.  Must. Not. Forget. The. Housework.

ALRIGHTY...  I will leave ya with this:
Next project?  Fish Bags.


Well the morning is almost over and I've achieved heaps.
Got lots of jobs done around the house, read lots of blogs... and made a list of things I want to sew too.
Ihave even got dinner ready to put in the oven later on this afternoon.  talk about on the ball!

Kelly and Rena are here for the weekend too. I expect them before dinner.

but for right's time for lunch...

Right, my head is POUNDING... I've got to stop reading blogs and take a granny nap.  Or else I'm gunna be sick.  

I had a small nap.  The kids arrived home.  LOUDLY.  End of nap.

I have just realised that a hell of a lot of blogs I used to follow are not on my 'Feedly' list.  Now I will have to slowly go through my old lists and add the ones that are not on FEEDLY.  What a pain in the butt that is going to be.

Time to put dinner in the oven.  Lamb chops cooked in mint sauce.  I won't be having any.  I had two toasted sandwiches for lunch and am still feeling like a pig.


We have a full house.  Both girls here with their kids, and of course those that live here too.
Lots of noise.  But it's family noise, so all good.  If it gets too loud I can just retreat to the garage.  *smiles*

End of Day:  signing off.  Stupid headache is sticking around... so might head off to the garage.
nite nite


  1. Yea, a firm stand beats out most other things I've found, whether raising my own or at school. That will be nice if they can take a break with mom once in a while too. Love the fish bags, who are you making them for.

  2. I'm like you, I don't mess around anymore, 27 years of parenting and counting, shame it took till the last one to get it right. I only ask once, if you backchat me retribution is immediate. I'm totally immune now to begging and pleading. Doesn't bother me in the slightest once my mind is made up. lol.

    I meant to say too that I saw the photos of Coco and I wouldn't have a clue about grooming but even to my inexperienced eyes that was a complete and utter ballsup. I'm glad that those people came through for you and good on them for doing so too cause it means that they really do care about what they do.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. Honestly, I don't know how you have managed so many children for so many years - I have one 21yo and she is more than enough for me !!!!
    Thanks for stopping by - really appreciate your comment.
    Have the best weekend and good luck for the next two weeks !

  4. OH MY GOODNESS Those bags are ADORABLE! So stinking cute!

  5. Like you I look after grandchildren but oh how I like to give them back at the end of the day :)

    About my trees, they were palms and not listed as special or over the height that we couldn't remove them etc. It was just that they looked like a jungle - now we have a blank canvas and we have to think what to replant! Scary.

  6. me I am totally unbendable mine is a look! ? But I only have 1 to contend with and even so he doesn't need watching over anymore! I do hope you have a nice school holidays some lie ins some sewing and just relaxing.

  7. I went thru' the referee stage of parenting as well. Hated it. Now my kids are teens, I don't have to referee so much but teens have other issues which are so much harder to handle. Parenting is so difficult yet it's not a job you can give up on. Just have to keep on trying.

  8. This post kinda made me laugh, I sure wouldn't argue with you about anything!

    2382 teverwy

  9. Yikes school holidays, good luck keeping everyone entertained and happy. Very cute bags. Have a nice visit with the family.

  10. You're not mean, you've just been there, done that-so you know. Those fish bags are very cute.


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