Sunday, July 14, 2013


Photos from yesterday... lots of them sorry!

ABOVE:  for someone who LOATHES Barbies, someone sure seemed to ENJOY playing with her... 'Barbie' ... now named 'Steph'.  *smiles*

 LACY... ya got a pretty mouth!

 ABOVE: Try taking photos of three idiotic GIRLS!  Can you tell WHO was the biggest idiot???

So... clearly yesterday was a lovely day.  We just love having as much family as possible around us.  

TODAY?  Kelly and Rena go home after lunch.
That's when Lacy will leave too I suppose.
Steve, Bex and Dante will be out all day too.

So... Sunday's are starting to be just us at home!
Feels weird.
I think we will go for another walk today.  Not sure where yet.


Not walking today. It's pissing down and really cold today.
Griffin went off with Steve and Bex too... so it's just Stew, Brylee and me here today.  Very quiet.

I should do some sewing, but it's even colder in the garage, so I might just curl up with me blankie and watch the TV.

Well... I am sewing tonight after spending the majority of the day curled up with the dogs on me lap.
It's been a particularly cold miserable day here.

Steve and Bex had a successful day out.  And now they are cooking dinner.  

I am going to pass on dinner as I had some cake for afternoon tea.  And now... I'm off to sew again.

End of Day:  well I got three things done tonight that I am happy about.  More on that tomorrow.
Time to go to bed... it's 11.15 pm.
nite nite


  1. Beautiful , Dante really getting a big boy now

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a fabulous fun filled family day for Keera's birthday party :) I miss days like that - lots of people and lots of laughter and lots of fun!
    Yay to Dante sitting up now :) He is growing so fast :)
    Enjoy your Sunday :)

  3. Lovely photos of the birthday day, Keera no doubt will have hours of fun with her toys, and Barbie! Lovely photos of the girls, Dante and Grandma stunning those blue eyes! the pair of you.

  4. What an awesome day, everyone looks so happy. That photo of Bex & Dante, I swear you can see the adoration from both sides.

  5. Wonderful day, fabulous picture! Such happy times!

    Funny, eh, I LOVE to walk in the rain. Summer holidays here for the children - they finish second week of June, and don't go back to school until the first week of September. So .... all day every day is outside! Swimming, biking, riding, running, hiking, sailing. It's so hot (35c plus humidity) that it's nice to be sailing. Well, yesterday I was moving a sail, got a gust of wind, and ripped a fingernail right off! I know why that is used as torture, now..

    Bandaged up and back on the water today, though...we had a race to win!

  6. Love those happy photos! You have a beautiful (and very fun) family.

    By the time you read this I'll bet the house is very quiet without everyone. Enjoy sewing.

    xo jj

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Why don't you show photos of Keera's face anymore?

  8. Love family time! It goes too quickly! I think curling up in front of the tv is a perfect idea xoxo

  9. lucy magden5:15 AM


  10. I didn't even recognize Kelly at first, she looks so different!

    The baby is getting so big already! They sure do grow fast.


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