Thursday, July 04, 2013


Today is going to be busy again.

At 11 am I am meeting 'Blondie' from Taupo, real name Sharon.  She is a girl I've met through the blogging world.
She's coming up North with her son to a family event, so I'm going to meet up with her for a 'coffee'... I might actually have a hot chocolate even!

After having a catch up with her and her son I will be going to do me stint at the Hospice Shop.
I missed not being there on Tuesday... it's so nice to be out and interacting with others for a few hours.

Much as I love being at home with Bex and Dante (and Lacy and Keera often), I still enjoy some other company too.

Now, the latest collage.   I took a series of photos yesterday of Lacy and Bex working on a project:

Keera really enjoyed her first art session.  *smiles*


Oh Wow, I didn't realise I had not update my blog ALL DAY!
So, I met up with Sharon and Samuel at Manukau Mall, where we spent a happy hour or so catching up and just chin wagging... then I went off to work.

It was very quiet in the shop this morning apparently, but this afternoon made up for that!
We were busy for quite a while, so made some awesome sales.

I bought a large heavy duty calico 'wardrobe'... without the metal frame for $8.  I am sure we can rig it up somewhere in the garage.  It will be really handy for some of our clothes.

I have had a steak 'n' kidney stew in the crock pot all day, and I've just added some tomatoes too.  It is making my mouth water!
We shall be having it with some fresh loaves... can't wait, I'm starving.

Lacy and Bex spent the day together, they went to Botany Town Centre and had a good time together.  They popped in to say 'Hi' to me at the Hospice shop too, it was nice to see the babies during the day.  

End of Day:  well another quite busy day, loved being at the shop today... got a few compliments about me weight loss too.  Nice of people to notice and say something positive.
I am feeling so good lately, even though I know the kilos are coming off slowly now, they are still coming off.
Losing a little at a time is better than gaining a little at a time for sure.
nite nite


  1. Penny6:54 AM

    Chris, I am just about to go to bed in Melbourne (working on that THING in my life) and suddenly thought I wonder if Chris is up and has posted yet? Ha ha, you had!

    Luckily this THING is going in on Friday. I am too old for these late-early morning stints and all-nighters for more than a day or two at a time.

    Hope you have a great day.

    Penny xo

  2. Enjoy your catch up with blondie ,luv the new art

  3. Those footprint/ hand print things are cool. Especially when they get older!

  4. Enjoy your coffee with Blondie. What great memories for the foot print/hand print.

  5. How nice you got to meet up with a fellow blogger. Keep up the good work on the weight loss, compliments are the best motivator. :)

  6. You're looking great!! Keep up the hard work!


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