Friday, July 05, 2013


Yesterday morning I was pondering a few things... while looking at me fabric stash.

And it came to me like a light bulb moment...  I used to 'self medicate' all  my troubles with FOOD.

And now that I have taken food out of the equation... I now 'self medicate' with... FABRIC!

I think I know which one is better for me somehow.  *smiles.

While we were at the lighting shop the other day, I thought this lampshade was lovely... and wondered how it would look on me head.
Lacy took the photo!  
I never stop to think what other people will think of me anymore... I have fun, anywhere, any how.
It's just how I roll!  

Who wants to act all 'grown up' all the time?  Not me.

 I often moan about how quickly dust settles on the tv cabinet... I can see it so clearly from my lazy boy chair.

So, Bex dusted it yesterday... and made a point of showing me.

I said to her "Come here"... and the poor girl shuffled towards me, worried that I was about to give her a WHACK !
I gave her a hug instead... like I'd whack her for doing me dusting!

She of little faith!  I'm not that crazy to tell her off for dusting!

Last photo for now... my son.  So proud of him. He may keep moving back home like a yo-yo... but he's a good kid... I mean 'MAN'.   

Your 'kids' always stay your kids, no matter how old they get!  It's weird that is.

Maybe that's why when my Mum visits I feel like I'm 15 again, and about to be told off!
Anyone else feel like that?

Right, I'm going now... Bex and I want to have a medium distance walk this morning, before I settle down to do some blog reading.


Well... Bex was really tired this morning, Dante was up and down during the night.  So, she didn't want to go walking.

But I did, so she fed the baby and I took him for a walk on my own.  It was a perfect day for walking, overcast, not too hot.  Dante slept the entire time, which was excellent.

I did the 'Hill Road/Charles Prevost' LOOP walk today.  It is 3.88 kms long, so a decent walk.  It took me 45 minutes.  

I'm quite puffy in the face this morning.  Fluid retention is a right pain in the butt.  

As I'm typing, I can hear Dante has woken up... he's parked in the garage in his pram... I better go and get him up.

After lunch I tried to do some sewing, but I just kept getting hot flush after hot flush, and I'm now feeling rather ill.
Bloody diabetes.  Don't think I will be up for much tonight... unless the ikkk feeling passes soon.

End of Day:  well we had fish 'n' chips for dinner... which was so-so.  Just not enjoying that sort of dinner anymore.
Onward For Life seems to be working then!
nite nite


  1. It is well known that when we give up one thing (food) we take up another. For many this is shopping. Apparently people who have a gastric band often then develop other problems like drinking etc. Not sure what my new thing is, probably one reason why I blog every day though. I think also I cook way more now so instead of making rubbish food, I now take the time to cook proper meals.

    Enjoy the walk :)

  2. Of course you're always going to call them your kids, what else are you going to call them, your adults? Although Offspring sounds pretty good. And "fruit of your loins" Call them that and see what they say.

    240 vernitr
    2001 itheacy
    chemplay 59 (third try, maybe I'm not supposed to leave this comment)

  3. LOL... sorry got to laugh at Mark's comment above. I've often thought about typing out the words that I get wrong!

    What a great idea to take Dante for a walk on your own - nice for Bex to have the break and more exercise for you because you really notice the difference when pushing a pushchair!

  4. Good on you for still going for your walk. It would have been so easy to flag it when Bex didn't go.

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Chris so proud of you Hun u r really getting your teeth into this life program u go girl

    It's actually got a "real" name it's called addiction transferral and it's a real thing yup I say u got it easy buying fabric. Mine was ver expensive clothes sadly now i can't afford them so it went to other things for a while not sure what it is at moment lol perhaps fainting that seems to be the most common thing I'm doing these days gggrrr

    Keep up the great work girl u r gonna be looking so hot soon.

    Felicity xxx

  6. You're doing really well Chris.

  7. Penny5:37 PM

    MarkD60 had me wondering if he got drunk (joking) or had a secret code with you or one of your commenters - now I know the mystery!

    Yes, Steve is cute, and yes, I feel more like a kid when my mum and dad are around. It's not even anything they do,, although Mum tells me to brush my hair before we go out in public (I really need to get in the habit of looking in the mirror before I leave the house. Sometimes I get somewhere and see myself and think... mmmmm.

    Love the man in the background in the light shop, he seemed to get a kick out of watching you have fun. Life is too short to think too much about what people think.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Penny xo

  8. Lol! My girlfriend & I went 'home' for a school reunion last year and totally reverted to being teenagers while staying at Mum's house ;)

  9. Yeap Steve sure is a cutie ;)
    Hope you had a good day and are feeling better now... good on you for going for a walk with Dante so Bex could have a rest!

  10. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Ewwwww Steve is yuk lol supper yuk, Like A Boss xo

  11. Good for you going it alone. Hope you have a nice weekend.


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