Monday, February 19, 2018


Well what can we expect this week?

How about some shitty weather?

Not nice COLD weather, oh no!

Tropical storm weather.  Let's just make it even wetter and hotter eh?

GITA is coming.  She is going to hit tonight/tomorrow, but luckily ???  not us directly.  She's expected to make landfall further south of us.

Poor buggers down south really don't need any more rain!

ABOVE:  It looks like we will get some rain, but not the bad stuff.  Unless Gita swings upwards.
Then we might get a bit more.

These tropical cyclones almost always weaken as they get to New Zealand, which is something to be thankful for.

Gita wrecked havoc in Tonga and the South Pacific  last week, killing two people and making hundreds homeless.

Today... DENTIST.  1st part of a root canal on my back left upper tooth.  That's happening at midday.  Until then, I shall be ... in the bathroom.
Or very near it.  Cos well... that's just how I roll.

The Special Project was finished last night. So thankful as it needs to get to it's recipient asap... probably Tuesday all going well.
Working on it has kept the fear and dread about today's dental visit at bay at least!  As much as is possible anyway.  *smiles*


1 pm:  to kill some time this morning, I made a label for the special project, then went down to the local Patchwork meeting and stitched it on in company.
Then came home to await Stew.  He arrived and duly took me to the dentist.
I didn't feel the utter terror like last time, but was certainly still scared.

Firas was wonderful... and 45 minutes later it was done.  It felt like only 5 - 10 minutes for me!  IV Sedation is wonderful!

So now I'm home, sipping Diet Coke through a straw so it doesn't dribble everywhere!

I will wait a while before having something to eat... just to make sure I don't bite myself!

So weird having a numb face.  I think last time I slept off the numbness?  Maybe I will do that again.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Today's the only thing on my agenda is to stitch down the binding on the Special Project.

That is going to take me a few hours, if not all day.  But it is going to be worth it.

Here's a sneak peek of the BACK of the Special Project:

ABOVE:  Donna Ward has done an amazingly beautiful job of the quilting!  I could NEVER have done it so quickly or so perfectly.

OMG I reckon it would have taken me 6 months to do that!   So I'm so happy it's done and will be totally finished by tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon Stew and Griffin rearranged everything in the garage, to make room to play on the pool table.  It was already very cramped in there, but they did an amazing job:

In fact, the way they have condensed up the gym equipment and laundry area has actually given us MORE room that we had before, even with the pool table added into the mix!

The kids and Stew have been enjoying playing on the little pool table.  It's probably a wee bit small, but hell... it was only $50!  

I don't know what their plans are for the day... probably just mucking around the house playing pool.  Griffin has a friend coming over to play too.  

Yaaaa.  I finally found a way to get him out of his room!  It was worth $50.  *smiles*

And that's all I have for now... catch ya later.


2 pm:  and I can hardly see straight!  I've been stitching for hours and my fingers are bloody sore.  So, I'm taking a break.

Sorry, but today has been a very boring blog fodder day!  Nothing is happening.

Well.. I did get a shit text from up north that just pissed me off.  But it's from someone who I NEVER EVER reply to.  He will eventually stop I hope.  I ain't buying into other people's wars.   Don't care who they are.  

OH I dyed my roots first thing this morning.  I've now got ginger roots.  lol  Might have to try and buy some toner online.

ABOVE: Little video from this afternoon.  Just filling space here!  lol
Told you it was a quiet day.

ABOVE:  Sunset tonight.  It's been like this every night for days now.
It only lasts for probably 5 minutes, then it's gone.

Quiet evening.  Stinking hot and sticky.  Probably be the same all night long, it's a wonder anyone can get any sleep!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Oh My GOSH!!! ... I got a text from Donna late yesterday!

Donna has gone and finished quilting my 'special project'... in virtually ONE DAY!

I am so thrilled.  That means I can pick it up today, bind it today and tomorrow, and take it to it's recipient on Tuesday.

Monday is out as I am going to the bloody dentist again.  Eeeeek!  

So, we are heading into Hamilton this morning to do that, probably closer to lunchtime.  And we shall probably do the grocery shopping too.  Kinda have to, we are getting low on essentials.

ABOVE:  Both Dante and Keera have received Certificates from their teachers now.  Well done kids!

 ABOVE:  Yesterday's effort in the sewing room.  I moved the sewing desk away from the window, it was just too hot there.    I'm going to try using the sewing machine  'table'?  extension thingee... I've had it all this time and never used it. 

ABOVE:  I didn't change this side of the room as it's perfect as it is... I love having all my cutters and scissors hanging above my cutting table.  So handy.

I bought 'something' on Cambridge Buy, Sell and Exchange last night.  I was scrolling through my Facebook feed while talking with Steve and saw it, and immediately contacted the seller... and as I was the first person to contact him, I GOT IT!

We are heading out first thing this morning to pick it up.  I will show you when we get it home!  We are really, really chuffed to get it! 

OK... time to go.  I need to get some washing on before anything else.


So... what did I buy? ...

ABOVE:  A small pool table!  It needs a wipe down and tidy up, but on a whole it's fine!  We got it for $50, that was with two queue's and the balls and triangle!

After picking it up, we went into Hamilton and picked up the 'special project', then did the grocery shopping.

Home, had lunch and chilled out for a little while.

I've got a killer headache, so haven't done much else so far today.

I'm going to try having a nap, that might make the headache go away?  I hope so anyway.

Stew is cooked spuds for a potato salad tonight, to go with beef spareribs, cooked on the BBQ.

Well I didn't have a nap.  My headache was not gunna go anywhere ( cos of the toothache ), so I decided to sew the binding on the special project.

Now that's done and all I have to do now is hand stitch it down on the back side.  It's ONLY 340 inches, or 28.3 feet of teeny tiny stitches to do.  I can do that tonight and all day tomorrow.

Signing off for the day... another stinking hot night ahead.  Not getting much sleep, doubt anyone is!

Friday, February 16, 2018


This morning I'm off out to morning tea with two of my FBG girlfriends.

Not long to go for 'J'... her baby is due in about a month.  We are quite looking forward to that...a new baby girl to cluck over.

So last night Brylee curled my hair... and then I tried to get a nice 'selfie'.... 

 ABOVE:  I'm sure everyone knows just how hard it is to get a decent 'selfie'!  So I gave up and just took heaps, sucking me cheeks in to try and look slimmer!  Didn't work... but I don't really care... I am ... as I am!  *smiles*
I even managed a smile... which crinkled up me eyes and made me cheeks all fat.  *sigh*
See... there is a good reason NOT to smile.  And fark... no makeup either!

Next time... I will make an effort.

I'm going now... I got stuff to do before going to morning tea.


Morning tea was just lovely.

Then I came home... hung out some washing in the stinking heat, came inside and started tidying, rearranging my sewing room.
Then I  stubbed my fused toe and nearly hit the roof and it went down hill from there.

I got a shitty Private Message from someone which really pissed me off, then I fucking stubbed my toe AGAIN!  OMG CAN ANYTHING ELSE HAPPEN to fuck up my day?

I am so ANGRY right now... and I swear I've broken my bloody toe AGAIN.  

OK probably not, but it's sore as fuck.   I'm just so.... AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH.   

And there's this fly.... keeps landing on my leg... it's going to DIE...  I am going to kill it so bad.

That should feel GOOD.




Moving on... I am officially walking away from a dumb arse, idiotic person who simply cannot be helped, who throws good advice out the window and does the exact opposite of what is good for her.  
I will always 'be there' if necessary, but not to be used and abused and treated like a throw away 'friend'.  OVER IT.  

I've now got a thumping headache and think I need some lunch.  It's 1 pm.  My day really has gone to shit.


ABOVE:  Date scone anyone?   They be a bit HOT right now though.... 

30 minutes later:  YUM!  I almost burnt them... was yakking to Bex.  But luckily I saved them.   It's been a very long time since I made a date scone.  I did my cheese scone mix and added lots of dates.  So yum!

We've had an excellent evening so far!
I had a conversation with Steve for over an hour and a half... well he talked with Stew and Griffin too...  then I got to talk to Dante, Keera and Archer as well.

While on the phone, I managed to buy something on Cambridge Buy, Sell and Exchange too!
I will show you what tomorrow, once we have picked it up.  We are thrilled to bits with my find.

It's now time to chill out, and wait for Coronation Street to come on.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Right, I've been asked a few times now for my Pulled Pork Pie recipe.

It ain't even worth me taking credit for, it's that easy!

Get a nice big piece of roast pork:

 It doesn't really matter what cut it is.

Chuck it in one of these:

(ignore all the veges in the picture!)

Then pour two of these over the meat:

Then put the lid on and turn the slow cooker (crock pot) on high, and leave it to cook for at least 10 hours.

Then pull out the bones, shred the meat up with a couple of forks, then thicken it with some cornflour which has been mixed with water.

Line a baking dish with pastry, OR NOT, up to you, then put mashed potato on the top.  

***I find it is even tastier if you put the meat mixture in the fridge for a couple of days then make your pie.

Hope some of you give it a go, it is delicious.

Stew came home last night with fresh fruit, as he does 2-3 times a week.
Only, I was like, what the hell ?

Deformed nectarines and peaches?

ABOVE:  Apparently NOT!  They are called 'FLATTOS', and are grown in Central Otago deliberately like that.

I'm like... they look like REJECTS!  Funky.  I suppose they taste the same as 'normal' shaped ones!

Today?  I've got a couple of jobs to do in town, then I am visiting a friend after lunch.  She is interested in getting some of my mug rugs, (fabric coasters), so I'm taking some samples out to show her.

Then I will come home and deal to the windowsills.  *sigh*


11.43 am:  and it's been a fairly quiet morning.  I've done some washing and cleaning.  Coco vomited in the hallway in FOUR places... so had to clean the carpet...waiting for it to dry.

I've made a pie for my ill girlfriend, taking that out to her later.

Stinkin' hot day again.

There's some dick in a very big truck backing down my road.... cos he can't turn around at the end.  It clearly states at the beginning of our road, ya can't turn around at the end if you are driving a big truck.  What a dick.  edit: OK OK, I'm being mean.  He can't exactly deliver the huge amount of shit he's got on his truck any other way I guess!  So, let's hope he's really good at backing up.

I've found some 2nd hand uniform we need for Brylee on Facebook... so will be picking those items up this afternoon/evening.  Saving about $60.  SCORE.

Uniform items bought... and I saved $70 at the end of the day.  Having spent almost $300 at the start of the year on (new):  1 shirt and skirt for Brylee, and 2 shirts and shorts for Griffin... I'm rather pleased I could get the other two items for more than half price!

Thank god this is the last year I EVER EVER EVER have to buy bloody school uniforms!  Can you believe I have had to buy uniforms for over 30 years now!   I hate to think how much we have spent on JUST uniforms.  *shudder*

9.50 pm:  And that's a wrap for the day.  Coronation Street is on.... gotta concentrate on that.  lol

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Bloody hell... I totally forgot it was Valentines day today.
Oh well... just as well Stew and I don't NEED a 'special day' to say we love each other!

We say it/show it to each other every day.

Valentines Day is just another commercial enterprise, designed by 'mostly' retailers out to get your dollar.  Not into it at all.

So... it doesn't matter that I forgot!

Do you 'celebrate' Valentines Day?   

Today I shall be working on the special project again.  And ringing around to find a quilter.  That's a biggie.

There will be some housework thrown into the mix too. 

FLIES:  we have automatic flyspray dispensers dotted around the house, they kill mozzies and flies.
So... there's lots of ikkky dead flies on windowsills.  They are doing my head in!  I hope to get around all the windowsills today and brush them all up.  Shitty job, but someone's got to do it.

I try to do one job a day that isn't a 'usual' job like washing, vacuming and so on.  Do you?

ABOVE:  Ha ha!  That's Hayley doing a dumb face at the Good George Pub last night.  It's a lovely pub, with really good service and ambience.  It was bloody hot up near the rafters though!  Hayley organised the FBG Quizz Night... and she's my neighbour too.  I shall be going to Quizz Night again in a fortnight.

And that's all I have for now... better get a move on... slowly... cos moving too fast just makes sweat pour out everywhere!  It's disgusting how humid it is.


Feeling blessed with so many wonderful, kind friends.

I rang Donna Ward this morning, she's a professional quilter in Hamilton.  She also ran patchwork classes I attended last year.
I asked her if there was any chance she could do a rush job on my special project, and she said YES... bring it in right now!

So, she will be working on it over the next few days and it will be ready for pick up on Monday! Then I will take a day or two to bind it,  then it can go to it's recipient! 

AND she's doing it at cost, less a good discount too! I am blown away at her generosity.  This is A SPECIAL PROJECT though, and she appreciated that.

This project has had me in tears for days...  and today is no exception.  When other people get behind you and help you out... it really is wonderful and so appreciated.

So I've had a quick trip into Hamilton to drop off the project, and am now home again.  I am feeling really drained and ill right now... partly due to the rush/rush involved with the special project, and partly due to me damn toothache.  So, I'm going to chill out for a couple of hours before getting the housework done.

There's those bloody dead flies awaiting...

Pfffft... sit and relax for a couple of hours?  Yeah right.  I just washed the garage floor.  Next? ... go around and close the windows, cos it's bloody raining... let's just ramp up the humidity some more shall we?

I had a nap between 2 and 3.30... feel almost human again!
The flies, the flies!  Are still there.  Dammit.
Just don't feel motivated to move them... cos it means washing every windowsill too.
Might get a kid to sweep them up and I can wash them tomorrow?

Procrastination... is alive!

Pulled Pork Pie recipe will be on tomorrow's post.
Time to sign off for the day. Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


12.24 am:  I've just finished sewing for the night.
Time for bed!

I do believe I will be sleeping in,  in the morning!  Cos well... I'm tired.  It's so hot and humid I am bound to toss and turn for an hour before getting to sleep.

Then imagine a hot flush waking me up in about 2 hours, then again in another two hours ... yeah, I don't get much sleep.  Certainly not in this weather.

So... it's a very early start to the blog today ... even though I haven't actually been to bed yet.  *smiles*

I'm very happy with how much sewing I got done tonight (Monday night)!  I never thought I'd get to the stage I did with my special project!

There is a very good chance I might get it done and off to a professional quilter in about a week!  Maybe less.  

This project is getting professionally quilted as it needs to be done asap... no more will be said on that.

Once I'm up, probably around 8, I shall be doing housework then back to my sewing project. 
A pretty boring blog day sorry!  

Tonight the Fat Bottomed Girls are being represented at a pub quizz night, I'm going!  It should be fun.  I've never been to a quizz night before... do ya drink?  Cos dammit, even if I wanted to, I can't.  Cos I'm on anitbiotics and pain meds for the bloody tooth eh?  Grrrrr.

Ya can't drink eh?  I dunno.

Oh well... enough yabber, I gotta get to bed!


12.30 pm:   Sorry there's not been an update this morning, I really am frantically trying to get this special project done and off to a quilter.
It will be clear once I can tell you why.

So, I've been sewing since 9 am... time to take a break and have some lunch and me pills.  The tooth isn't so bad today.

We had a massive and very impressive thunder and lightening storm at 2 am this morning!  I got to watch it all as I was still awake.  
I think I got to sleep around 3 am.

So there might be a nana nap happening between 2-3 today!

No nap happened.  I was hell bent and determined to get the surprise to a certain point, and I did it!  Man have I done well.  You have no idea.  I can't wait to show you.

Tomorrow I should get to another 'certain' point, then I have to find a professional quilter in a hurry!  This project need to be finished asap.

I'm now waiting for the pulled pork pies to be finished, then I can pull them out of the oven, feed the family then run out the door to the pub quizz!

I will have to eat my dinner when I get home.

ABOVE:  Dinner pies ... super YUM!  Will be having the 2nd one tomorrow night.

The pub quizz was fun.  Lovely to see some FBG girls that I'd not seen for weeks.  We didn't win, but then, it wasn't about winning.  It was about having fun.

Utterly exhausted, off to bed now.  No sewing tonight.

Monday, February 12, 2018


I shall be popping into Hamilton this morning to get some fabric from Spotlight.  Just backing fabric for some blocks I've made for the 'special project'.  Oh and I shall need lots of thread too... this project requires lots and lots of stitching.  Last thing I want is to run outta thread half way through.

I anticipate this project taking me at least 2-3 weeks, so there won't be too much coming out of the sewing room to show you for a while.

Then again... I might be able to sneak a rabbit or two in there somewhere!

So, apart from that ... I don't really have too much on today.  There is always housework of course, but meh.... it can wait.  Who gives a shit if the floor isn't vacumed and washed?  No one in this house besides ME really.

 ABOVE:  Last night, like EVERY SINGLE NIGHT... Stew gets the stare down from Coco.  She sits in front of him and just stares at  him...not moving a muscle... just staring.
It's her saying 'Come on Dad, feed me dinner'!

She knows she has to wait until we have finished our dinner before she gets her's.  If Stew doesn't move fast enough, she tosses her head in the air!  Like 'COME ON DAD!'

Such a hussy.  Just so ya know, that bark collar DOES NOT WORK... but having it on is a huge deterrent to her barking.  She doesn't know it's not working!

 ABOVE:  The little girls yesterday... running like mad things on the back lawn.  Marley runs behind Denim and tires to bite her tail!  EVERY TIME.  Poor Denim.

ABOVE:  Thirsty work being a pup.

My tooth is sort of settling down a bit I think?  It is still a dull ache, much like it was before I went to the dentist.  So, I'm going to wait and see over the next few days... maybe it will settle down completely?  I live in hope.
Last thing I want is to have to get another root canal!

Annoyingly, I do have to go back ... the sore tooth has a large rough patch which is very horrid.  So... *sigh*, I will have to ring about that soon too.

Right.... I might put a load of washing on, then head into Hamilton around 9.


TOOTH IS HURTING BAD.  So I emailed the dentist and said I was really upset that it was looking like it needed a root canal after all.  I felt like we had paid for a filling and wasted the money.  He said on Friday it MOST LIKELY did need a root canal, but when I said we couldn't afford another one right then, he said OK, lets just try doing the filling.

So, he rang me just now.  Said he was sorry the filling hadn't fixed the tooth.  So now I have to go back next Monday for the 1st part of a root canal... and again in a month for the 2nd part of the root canal.  He is prescribing antibiotics and pain relief today, so I'm not in such pain.

Thank god.  OH ... he's also allowing us to pay off the root canal, and we don't have to start paying for that for 5 weeks!  What a lovely man.  Paying for Friday's treatment tapped me out already!

So, I'm now heading into the clinic to pick up the prescription... bring on some pain relief that works!
HURRY UP AND WORK.  I am 1000% over toothache.

COLLEEN:  I have found the pulled pork is best if cooked, then left in the fridge for a day or two, then made into a cottage pie or similar.  It tastes so much better then!  In fact it's amazing!

32 degrees inside, 100% humidity... you can't MOVE at all without breaking out in a sweat.
I'm doing some sewing this evening.  In a sweat box of a room.  Had a tickle-ish feeling on the back of my legs.. it was SWEAT running down to my ankles!  Not nice.

Quiet today... but I loves ya anyway.  *smiles*

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Ha ha... not so little piggy really!

I am ready... I think I have everything I need.  I'm taking some warm clothes just in case I get cold!

While it's been a stinkin' hot summer, today is wet and it might be cold just standing/sitting in the same place for the next 6 hours!

Stew is going to take me and my stuff down to my site, help me set up then go home again.
Later on he will bring Brylee down to give me a hand... I will be able to go on a toilet break if necessary then.

Can't have me standing there doing a little jig with me legs crossed, busting for a pee eh?  lol

I kinda hope I sell SOMETHING, even one little thing!  Otherwise I will probably feel a bit stink.  Though, this will be a 'get my product out there' exercise more than anything else really.

Fingers crossed it goes well... I might be able to update during the morning while I'm down there.... if I do it probably means I'm bored shitless!

OK... catch ya later.


I'M NOT BORED!  I'm having fun.

It's not raining.
I've made a couple of sales.
I've seen quite a few friends and neighbours.

It's fun!

ABOVE:  My stall ... it went well!
I don't think I'm going to make millions, but I certainly made more than I ever expected to!
It was so much fun... I saw lots of friends and neighbours.  My face is sore from smiling so much.

I even got lunch delivered to me by Robyn P, one of the Fat Bottomed Girls!  That was just lovely.

Stew popped in to check on me a couple of times too... so on a whole it was an enjoyable morning.  *smiles*

I'm gunna do it again for sure.

The rain held off till I got home too... so that was lucky.  I'm now having a late lunch, then at some point I will unpack the car.

The car is unpacked... and everything is ready to go for next month.  I just need to make more rabbits!  And I might even make some ducks!

I had a well earned nap this afternoon, I am NOT used to getting up and moving that early in the morning!

Stew made us a lovely dinner of beef rissoles and potato wedges for dinner.

Since then I've been in my sewing room, making a start on an important project.  Can't show and tell... for now.

Saturday, February 10, 2018



Yep, today I will be spending a lot of time feeling so relieved that yesterday is behind me.

AND also, if I need more work on one of the troublesome teeth, I now know I CAN DO IT.

I don't think I will ever be that scared ever again. The dentist said I might still need a root canal on the top left tooth, time will tell. And if so, I refuse to freak out!

Sure, I will be anxious, but never that bad again I reckon!

I feel so much ... lighter today!  lol

Stew went to a meeting yesterday afternoon to speak (on behalf of the company he works for) and they gave him this:

ABOVE:  It's not that often companies give him a 'Thank You' gift, so when they do it's really appreciated.  That's some sort of alcoholic liqueur in the bottle, wonder if we will ever try it?  The beeswax candle will certainly find a place in the house.

I did a little bit of sewing on the donkey wall hanging yesterday, on and off...

ABOVE: All going well he should be ready for tomorrow's market. Flowers instead of hearts on this one.

Expecting rain today. I don't mind AT ALL... it is keeping the heat away. BRING ON WINTER THANK YOU. I'm over summer.

Right, I'm going to start my day. Washing (to be hung in garage), then sewing. Then go through my list and make sure I have everything sorted for Sunday's Market.


That feeling of relief?  TOTALLY GONE.

My left tooth is throbbing ...  and OMG don't get anything hot or cold on it, or even bite on it!
It's fucked.

First thing Monday I will have to ring and book a root canal for it.  I can't live like this!
This so painful!

I'm not too upset really, the dentist did warn us this might happen as the cavity was VERY deep, and he might end up having to do a root canal on it.  But I wish it hadn't happened.

If I had gone to a dentist MONTHS AGO this could possibly have been avoided.  My fault entirely.

Upside of today... everything is now ready for market tomorrow.  The donkey wall hanging is finished, and he's gorgeous!

ABOVE:  Just as nice as the first one.

5.05 pm:  we ended up going into Hamilton mid afternoon. I wanted to get a lightweight tarp to cover my stand in the event it's pissing down when I'm trying to set up.  My stuff should stay dry once it's under the shop's front roof, but getting it in and out of my car is another story.

So I've sorted that out.

Stew got some new shorts.  Brylee got more nail polish... like that girl needs any more!

Then we went over to Countdown (supermarket)...

 ABOVE:   I got some more pork and Whitlock's Pulled Pork sauce.  I shall put it in the slow cooker tomorrow morning.

Now, quiet time before dinner, which will be pork and apple sauce sausages, mashed potato, peas, broccoli and cauliflower ... all smothered in gravy no doubt.  lol

Dinner was lovely, but the sausages were way too dry.  Stew got them at the local Farmer's Market this morning.  Disappointed. He's going to get some different flavour next time.

I'm watching Coronation Street... then I'm off to bed.  Don't want to sleep in tomorrow!