Monday, May 15, 2017


Stew has taken today off work... so we can spend the day doing bugger all!
Yesterday was full on ... busy, so it will be nice to just relax.

Here's some more photos from yesterday:

ABOVE:  The hall all ready for the party.  My photo boards fitted across the front of the stage perfectly.  And they were very popular!

We had four big trestles set up at the far end of the hall for all the food.  Everyone brought a 'plate', and we had BBQ'd sausages and bread as well. 

 ABOVE:  I took a photo of my niece Maxine and her husband years ago.. it's pointed out on the photo board behind them.  In it, Maxine was holding her left hand up and intimating a ring on her finger would be nice.
A few years ago they DID get married.  So I had to replicate the photo!

 ABOVE: This bunch of guests came from Whitianga and one lady from Cambridge.  They were all 'boating cronies' of my Mum and Dad.
Such a lovely lot.

ABOVE:  On the left, a very dear friend of our family, Bruce.  I did NOT expect him to make it to Mum's party as he's an extremely busy business man... who's out of the country as much as he's in it.  

He came along with his brother (on the right).  I had a few tears when I hugged him, so did he.  Then tears all over again when Mum saw him... she was SHOCKED!  But just so thrilled to see  him.  They both cried.  It was rather special.

ABOVE:  My nieces, Shelley and Christina (daughters of my brother Peter), looking at photos with my cousin Janice.  There were so many happy catch ups yesterday!

 ABOVE:  My nephew Deon, he's the son of my eldest brother, Peter.  Deon came up from Palmerston North, as did our son, Mike, and his partner Joyce.

 ABOVE:  Mum with 7 of her siblings.  Sadly two of her siblings couldn't make it to the party.  

 ABOVE:  Mum with the grandchildren and great grandchildren who attended the party.  She got to talk over SKYPE with two of Russel's little children, who live in Australia, yesterday too.

Poor wee Archer was not feeling well for most of the day, so he pretty much slept in Bex's arms all day!  He is also VERY SHY, so when he was awake he didn't want to know anyone.

 ABOVE:  The yard behind the hall had an amazing playground, so all the small children spent ALL their time out there very happily.

 ABOVE:  A nice photo of Mum and Ron, just before I chopped up the cake.  

The cake was a rich fruit cake on the bottom and a red velvet cake on the top.  The red velvet cake was demolished and eaten in about 5 minutes flat !!!!  

By the time we left for home, there was half of the fruit cake left, but then Russell and Ange, and Steve and Bex took some home, so we are left with about 1/4 of a cake!  

 ABOVE:  Me with my Aunt Ethel, she lives just around the corner from where we lived in Auckland.
She is my Mum's youngest sister.

 ABOVE:  Mum, her sister Joyce and brother Charles looking at old photos of the hall and local school.

 ABOVE:  One of the photos taken in 1949... My Mum is dressed as a clown (pointed out).  She was rather pleased to find herself in that photo, considering how long ago it was.

ABOVE:  Brylee and that girl got on famously...  she's the daughter of one of my cousins.  No idea what her name is!  There's far too many cousins/2nd cousins! 

 ABOVE:  Stew gave a really lovely speech ... he got a bit emotional at the end.  He's such a softie sometimes.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Me and my Mum.  I love her to bits.
Sadly, my only living sibling wasn't able to attend the party, so it is just the two of us.

So... that's a wrap!  It was an awesome, wonderful day.

Today...  hopefully our two nieces, over from Australia, will pop in. They will be on their to Auckland, to catch their flight back to Melbourne.

Apart from that... day of rest!


It's much colder today, so Stew and I are in the family room with the heater on!  Watching 'Tipping Point' on the telly.  I never watch morning TV usually, so it's quite a novelty.

For those who haven't seen the cake on yesterday's post:

My nieces, visiting from Australia, called in at lunchtime.
We had a lovely time chatting before they had to head off to the airport.

ABOVE:  Of course, I couldn't help but take the opportunity to get a photo!   Stew said I should label it 'The 4 Cows'!   As if!
I love those girls, it was so special to see them after such a long time apart. 

Now...  I'm watching Coronation Street, which I missed on Friday and Saturday night... and Stew is in the lounge watching cricket!  Talk about bliss, peace and quiet!

Well... Stew and I have had the most lazy day ever!  Seriously, we did nothing all day.  
I went to Weight Watchers, and will tell you how I went... tomorrow.
Cos I can.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous day and all your hard work paid off. There are some lovely pictures of you and your family. Your outfit looks fabulous.

  2. Maria9:16 AM

    So nice to see all your hard work paid off. Your Mum looks so happy and I'm sure everyone had a great time.

  3. Glad the party all went well. And a well deserved rest day

  4. Did you get any pictures of the cake? It looks like it came out beautifully. So glad your mum had a lovely party. Every birthday she has now is cause for celebration! <3

    1. Never mind! Just saw yesterday's post. Silly me! It certainly did come out lovely didn't it!!

  5. I am so glad the party went well, you did a fantastic job getting it (and everyone) all organised and I am sure you Mum was extremely grateful. You looked lovely, your outfit was on point :-)

  6. Wonderful photo's, beautiful memories for your mum.
    So happy all went well for you after all your hard work organising it.

  7. Wow your nieces are certainly like you Chris. You did a wonderful job planning the party.

  8. Congratulations on pulling off a smashing party for your Mum! The cake looked wonderful & all you hard work paid off. So glad you all had a fabulous day; your mum looked so happy (you did too) X

  9. Anonymous3:21 PM

    What's with your heavy eye makeup and frosted lipstick? Get yourself to a Mac makeup counter asap.Your dated makeup ages you so much.

    1. From looking around at other women's makeup, mine is actually no worse, and in some cases, much less. How about you take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you care so much about what I look like? Saying unkind things about someone like this, just makes YOU sound like a bitch.

    2. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Exactly troll....take a hike x Jail Bird

    3. Anonymous5:08 PM

      It's constructive criticism.You look like you are trans with the heavy eye makeup,the 1980s frosted lipstick and the over tanned skin.

    4. Jesus someone is obviously jealous of my mother's natural beauty. I don't know whether your just an ugly troll who can't get a man, or someone who gets off on trying to drag nice people down, but either way you need to take a good hard look in the mirror.

      I also think you need to get yourself checked out at a psychiatric department or an optometrist, because your either bat shit crazy or blind as a bat. Why you see the need to have a go at her about her makeup is also beyond me, is your life really that pathetic that your only source of comfort is trying to hurt others? Because if it is then you really do need help, but in all honesty I think the only thing that can help you is a lobotomy.

      My mother is a beautiful woman, but I don't really need to say that because she already knows. So do us all a favor and fuck off, those of us that try to live normal happy lives don't need negative wankers like you trying to drag us down into your pit of self-loathing and despair.

    5. Amen! Couldn't have said it better.

    6. If it was in any way "constructive" criticism then you could have worded it a lot nicer or better still sent her a private message. Personally I think Chris looked lovely and more importantly she looks happy and is surrounded by family & friends who love her the way she is .

    7. Anon is just an arsehole! Well said Steve, Chris, I think you look gorgeous!
      Such a happy family gathering!
      Sharnee Melbourne.

    8. Anonymous9:46 PM

      Anon is probably someone that Chris knows who is extremely jealous of what a wonderful beautiful loving caring person she is. Steve said it beautifully. So anon I guess you should take your nastiness and keep it to yourself or have the courage to put your name to the comments. Hey Jail Bird(said in jest) how are you. You crack me up.

    9. Thanks girls *smiles*

    10. Oh Sorry, and boy!

    11. Anonymous2:01 PM

      Hay Kim Australia :) jail bird here, I am doing OK, thank you for asking xx

  10. You look gorgeous! It looks like a great day was had by all and I love your outfit :-) Michelle from Oz

  11. My mum always said if you can't say anything nice then say nothing at all. I know it's a public blog but Jesus what gives people the right to criticise others. Play the ball not the person !!! You're a beautiful person who radiates from within . Chin up chick x

    1. My chin is up mate, thanks!

  12. Anonymous8:43 PM


    Looks like a fun day, great pics the cake is fantastic. Your mother looks younger than 80. Thank you for the kind thoughts for my mother, she was still sprightly at 80 and even 92 like your mother.


  13. What a wonderful day and once again well done to you and everyone for making it special. To anon I have met Chris personally she is stunning with or without makeup AND I CAN see why Stew fell for her all those years ago if you are lucky to be hugged by her she embraces you affectionately and a genuine hug, her skin is soft, her blue eyes ya could get lost in, her smile is warm HER PERSONALITY. Is unique and entirely her to a T kind caring warm loving very welcoming giver a worrier a friend mother and someone's (namely Stew) squeeze. Her fashion sense impeccable she always has made us feel welcome in her home and comfortable. Gee I sound love struck or a stalker (lol).

    1. Awwww thanks Sharon, very kind words.

  14. Wow! It looks like quite a fun party!

  15. Well that looks like it was a nice party! All your hard work paid off :)

  16. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Your mum is very lucky to have a daughter like you. I'll bet this will be a day she'll remember always. Nice job, give yourself a pat on the back :)


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