Tuesday, April 04, 2017


After yesterday's efforts, moving furniture around AGAIN.. I am knackered!
I really shouldn't have done it, my back was already sore. 
Oh well... I get something in my head, and I just have to do it.
It's done now, so I can sit back and relax today.

I am trying a new groomer for Coco today.  A local lady who comes recommended by our vet clinic.

She is just up the road near the kid's college, and she is $14 cheaper, so if you factor in not having to drive into Hamilton and the cost at Animates, it's a win/win if she does a good job.

Time will tell.

I've got some housework to do, but apart from that, I'm just going to take it easy today.
It's been a busy few days around here.

 ABOVE:  A bit funny!

ABOVE:  Keera comforting Brylee while she had the injection prior to her CAT scan yesterday.  Keera was so cute, stroking Brylee's hand and telling her it would be alright, to be brave and so on.  She used her 'talking to a baby voice' too, so doubly cute.


Well... I am very happy with the new groomer.  She has done a lovely job of Coco.  I will be using her form now on for grooming.

I a having a lovely, quiet day.  The weather outside is dreadful... masses of rain.  But the temperature has dropped so I'm that much more comfortable.

April is still hanging in there, lots of false hope when she 'seems' to be going into labor.  *sigh*

Winding down for the day.. which has been long and uneventful.
April is doing my head in!  How much longer can she last?????


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    oh so cute miss 4 dam I miss you xx

  2. Oh how sweet! Brylee and Keera both beauties!

  3. Hope the new groomer is good. That is such a cute photo of Brylee and keera.

  4. Beautiful photo of Brylee and Keera

  5. Enjoy the weather. I have read that you are going to get the remnants of Cyclone Debbie. Now thats something to look forward to

    1. WE are indeed getting the tail end of Cyclone Debbie... lots of rain!

  6. Keera is just adorable! Hope the scan goes well for Brylee. Yippee for the new groomer! I've just found a new one for Trix & I think she might be the one!!!

  7. What an awesome photo of sisterly love!

  8. I love the picture of the girls - so cute and caring ❤.

  9. That's such a lovely photo of the girls just beautiful.... We have had buckets and buckets of rain too... You rest ha maybe for a day!

  10. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Enjoy cyclone Debbie. Gave us a good soaking last week in central Queensland

  11. Hope you get some good news from the scan. Wonderful picture.

  12. Awww sweet Keera. I hope the results were ok.

  13. O my- sending love to Brylee - so glad you found a good groomer.


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