Sunday, April 02, 2017


Today, for the first time since we moved here, a member of our FAMILY has invited us to their home for lunch!

Took long enough!  But, THANK YOU Russell and Ange, we can't wait to come over and hang out with you guys for a while.

There's nothing else on our agenda today... so an easy day.

And that's all I have for now!  


I went to bed last night without seeing the live feed come back on of April.  I stressed over it all night... then checked on her at around 3am and the live feed was back.
And thankfully, no baby giraffe yet.  I didn't miss it.  
There was a lot of angst all over the world while the live feed was down, it was even on the news in the USA!  LOL, this giraffe has a HUGE following!

I'm just hoping she has it NOW, before they lose the feed for longer!  (they had snow and an internet/power outage apparently). 

My head is pounding and my back is killing me ... so taking it easy today.

 ABOVE:  I dragged Stew outside this morning... there was a huge flax like plant too close to that little tree, so I got him to dig it out and break it up... so now instead of one big plant, we got 6 !  Arrow pointing at the moved, propagated plant.

 ABOVE:  Everything is growing like crazy.

 ABOVE:  Griffin 'hanging' out in the garden.

 ABOVE: When our friend Martyn was here last, he declared the blue fantail pole was in the wrong place, and 'helped' me find it a better place.  Now it's there, and we have to admit, it does look better there.

ABOVE:  Coco hanging out in the garden too.

Nearly time to head off to Hamilton for lunch.   Catch ya later.
Keep an eye on April for me!

Lunch was just so lovely!  Ange had made mini pizza buns and hot dogs AND blueberry muffins!  A veritable feast, which we all enjoyed.
Lots of happy yakking, and we even played some pool.

ABOVE:  I hadn't played pool in over 40 years!  It was fun.  The kids would LOVE us to get a pool table... but two problems with that.
Room for one, and the cost.   Really can't justify it right now...and once we can, the kids will probably have left home. 

IF. THAT. EVER. HAPPENS.  *smiles*

End of Day:  it's been a nice day ... and evening.  Enjoying Broadchurch, even though it seems to be a bit slow, with lots of 'red herrings'.  Par for the course.  Still watching April, though she's being a REALLY tardy tart now.


  1. Sorry to hear about your head and back. Hope you can enjoy your day a bit!

  2. Well, the pool table is really nifty but if you GOT one, it probably wouldn't be used as much as you think. It's one of those fun things you wouldn't do every day, don't you think?

    1. Yeah totally agree. Think we will just go to Russell and Ange's, and play on their's!

  3. Stu has a pool table at his work and it's great for customer interaction. People love to come for a beer on a Friday afternoon and shoot some pool!! Cheap as too, he got this one:

  4. Sounds like s lovely day had by all how the biking going? The blue fantail move looks good. Gee a visit may be in order to see gardens again.. Before they turn into a jungle lol

  5. I love Broadchurch - yes, so many red herrings! I still have no idea. They do that on purpose of course to keep you guessing.

  6. Glad you had a lovely day with the family! Your garden is really flourishing! Looks fabulous!!!!


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