Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Right, here's a few photos from yesterday first:

ABOVE:  Enjoying Keera's Birthday Dinner last night.

Now.  The final episode in the Attic Ladder Saga.
Stew got a phone call yesterday from the Manager at Bunnings.  They didn't have the ladder in yesterday, BUT... it will be in today.

And as an apology for the dismal service we received from their store, they are giving us a refund of $100 off the ladder.  

While it does not really make up for the bullshit we had to go through, it's nice that they acknowledge their crappy 'service'.

I'm just happy we are FINALLY getting the damn ladder!  And as there is a lovely BIG Mitre 10 store here, I don't have to step foot in that Bunnings store ever again.

Today Lacy and Keera leave for their home(s), and I will get the house all tidy again.  I will be happy to have a few hours to myself.  Or not... the kids are home on school holidays.  

I might just give them a few jobs to do ... why do it all when I have two perfectly healthy teenagers to help me?

Ops, forgot.  Brylee is a one armed 'helper' right now, her arm is in a sling for the next few weeks.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  That's the wind sculpture we got on Sunday from ... Mitre 10.  *smiles*

I got the fence paint yesterday (from Mitre 10), and as it's supposed to be a fine day I shall paint the new fence today.  I'd get Griffin to do it, but seriously... I want the paint ON the fence... not all over him, the grass, the garden, the dogs... lol!

I know I should let him do it really.  But I know that kid.  Maybe I WILL let him give it a go?  See if he can do it?  Hmmm.... I shouldn't be so sceptical. 


GRRRRRRrrrrrr.... that is all.  Just grrrrrrrr.

Griffin IS painting the fence!

I have hung out a humongous amount of washing, then tidied up the garage and house, painted a white line on the garage floor as a backing in STOP line and so on.  
The things I get up to!

I ran outta pegs for the washing, can't find the other container full of them... means I have to buy more.  

I'm taking the brand new laundry trolley back ... it fell to bits when I put a load of washing in it and tried to push it!

The new solar lights don't work properly, have to take them back too.  *sigh*

Waiting to hear if the attic ladder is in yet.

I was/am such a FOOL for thinking I could have a family like The Waltons.  TV sitcom families are totally fake.  Here it's like war and peace.  Ya just never know what day will be war, and what day will be peace.

Maybe, just maybe one day it will be peace every day.  But I doubt it.


****There is a very short PEPSI UPDATE ... it's an ANNOUNCEMENT.... from Steve.****

And NO, they ain't made another baby yet.  lol

'DING DONG'.... my doorbell chimes.  I go to the door to see Lacy driving off... and this on my doorstep:

ABOVE:  Awwwww... how sweet. It's nice to know our wild child appreciates us. 

 ABOVE:  Griffin did an awesome job of the fence.

 ABOVE:  All finished!  Now to remove the old clothesline and temporary dog fence...

ABOVE:  Once Stew takes down the temporary fence, he can attach the chicken wire to the new fence, then the dogs area is done.

The posts from the old clothesline will be used in the gardens for my pig weather vane and the wind sculpture.

 ABOVE: the dogs now have such a long run!  The two little garden sheds hardly make any difference to them, and they are not eye sores for the neighbours.

Just ONE job left now.  The Attic Ladder installed.
It DID NOT arrive today!  NOW it's coming tomorrow.  Hmmm, heard that one before!

Have you ever been hit with the feeling that your batteries just died?
Hit the wall tired?
Yeah.   That's me right now.  I just feel exhausted and tired and want to go to bed right now.

So. I will have a quick dinner then do just that.
BED.  Really, really early.  I hope it helps.


  1. You home is looking lovely and lived in and the gardens well they speck for themselves. . You can tell that lots of hard work have gone into them well done team...

  2. You and Griffin should paint the fence together. Side by side. THats how we always got our kiddo to help. Or whoever is taller can paint high and the other low. Or better yet - you choose YOUR ideal area and make him do above/below so you do not have to crouch. Keera is just a darling and it's good to see a house full of family!

  3. Maybe you can do it together :) Hugs xx

  4. Lovely to see all the birthday party celebrants in one room, and not crowded! How nice.

  5. Looks like a good night. The Waltons are overrated anyway.

    Lovely gesture from Lacy :-).

  6. Steve, Bex and the little boys are moving to live closer to you?

    1. Yes in a couple of years, all going well.

    2. That's great news!

  7. I think all of us kid's appreciate you we just all have our own different ways of showing it.

    1. As you well know, Lacy is one minute sunshine and roses, the next ... well NOT. So for her to show she is thankful to us for enabling her to spend time with Keera was nice. It was not a slight on anyone else in the family.

  8. I'm sure all your kids appreciate you, they are just so different and show their love and appreciation different as well. You sure are an awesome mum from what I have been reading, not 1 of your children are excluded from your life nor are any of your grandchildren. I think you are awesome Chris and your husband as well.

  9. very pretty flowers and card. :) Also, wow, and amazing painting job from Griffin xxx

  10. Looks like a great party! and a nice new home!

  11. Looks like a fun time. Belated Happy Birthday.


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