Monday, February 15, 2016



I'm popping out this morning to find some small plastic plinths.

Little 'platforms' to put some of my Britto collection on ... inside my new Display cabinet.  When it arrives that is.

Hopefully I hear from the delivery company in the next day or two.  I'm dying to see my Britto again!

I'm also dropping off some left over pea 'n' ham soup to Steve and Bex's.  Archer loves it.  *smiles*

The other thing I'm doing this morning is enrolling at the Pottery Class again.  I want to make more little houses, and just get out and about ... I'm hoping to get into the day class this time.


DANG!  Just remembered I forgot to show you what I got Stew (and me) for Valentine's Day!

WE got another dog.

 ABOVE:  he's a bit smaller and certainly quieter than the other two!

ABOVE:  We named him Jack.  He's made by an artist from Australia, out of old 44 gallon drums, each animal is unique.  He's rather cute. 

What  a lovely morning I've had.
I went over to Steve's and dropped off the soup for them, then I went to The Storage Box in Mt Wellinton and found a few things to use as plinths:

ABOVE: There were no dedicated 'clear plastic plinths' at the shop, so ... thinking outside the box... the top one is a shelf stacker, the bottom right one is an upside down tissue box holder and the one on the left is a make up box with a mirror under the lid.

All of them will be awesome to put small Britto on I reckon. *smiles*

After that, I went and visited Bex and the boys at Playcentre. Dante was delighted to see me, which was just lovely.

Last night, while watching the tv, we saw a shelving idea on an advert for a new programme:

 ABOVE:  how cool does that look?  Versatile!  I wonder if you can buy it or you have to make it yourself?  Anyone know?

Thanks for the info on the shelving girls.

It was a much better day today weather wise...  there is rain coming and it has cooled everything down.  Yaaaa.


  1. Loving Jack and a Monday blog.

  2. Anonymous2:26 PM

    You can buy them from k.mart and they are already made.

  3. Hope the old dogs do not get too jealous of the new dog :-)

  4. Im sure Steve could whip up a shelving unit of similar Im equally sure you would find something on pintrest however if u are not a pintrest viewer already I warn you it is contagious Ive wasted many hours on it and done a lot of crafty tasks not to mention many more UFO's

  5. Love those shelves…going to look in k-mart myself...

  6. Anonymous7:48 PM

    This NZ company do similar boards - theres are peg boards - here is there website

  7. Well, this pup will not get as many baths as the other two and there was no fights so that was good. lol

  8. Jack is so cool, that shelving unit is an awesome idea ...


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