Friday, May 22, 2015


Today I have decided to stay home.  Lugging my sewing machine and paraphernalia in and out of me car/patchwork class just ain't gunna happen.  My back is still sore, and gets worse as the day progresses.  So, better to just stay home and try not to overdo it.

Plus I'm really tired.  Probably from being in pain?  And sitting on me bum too long!  That is hard on me back too weirdly enough.

So I'm not too sure what I shall do with myself today.
Maybe just sew at home for a little while ... or do a few odd jobs... maybe wash that rug in hot water.  

Ha ha!  Forgot the 'ONWARD'!

But anyway... I've been slowly mucking around all morning, doing a little bit of housework, and just now I got that rug in the tub:

ABOVE:  This rug is about 8 years old and I've never washed it before.  It's bloody FILTHY!  Are you even supposed to wash rugs?  Whatever, It's in a hot bath with various cleaners added (Napisan, Laundry power and Fabric Softener).  Let's see how it comes out.

I doubt I will be strong enough to haul it out of there actually, it's really heavy on it's own, without being sopping wet.

I think the guys will have to do it when they get home.

It's now lunchtime, so I'm going to stir that rug a bit more, then have some lunch.

Lunch done.  Stirred the rug some more,then decided to drain the dirty water and re-fill and rinse the rug.

ABOVE:  the water coming from the rug.  GROSS!  Makes me want to NEVER lie on a fluffy wool rug again!
Wonder how many rinses it will take before the water runs clear?

Grrrr. Phone call from the kid's school Deputy Principal. There was an 'incident' of bullying at school today... and my immediate thought was that it was Brylee again. BUT NO!

It involved Griffin.

He was bullied twice today. Once in PE where he was pushed over and got grazes on his arm and knee, then again at lunchtime where he was grabbed around the neck!

Upshot is the boy involved and his parents will be meeting with the school on Monday to discuss the incident and any repercussions.

There were a couple of other boys indirectly involved too... so I am sure I've not heard the last of this.

No point thinking it's just the school he's at that is the problem. No matter where you go you are going to encounter bullies. Hell... we have one in our own house! lol

Though, SHE has behaved all year so far. Fingers crossed she has changed for the better and stays a nice girl.

PETA: don't worry about my back Chick. I have no intention of trying to pick that rug up myself. Stew can do it once it's drained of as much water as I can get out of it.

End of Day:  well a quiet evening.  Stew downstairs watching sport.  Me in the lounge watching Coro Street etc.  Other family in the Family room playing XBox etc.  All good then!
nite nite


  1. How about you do nothing and maybe have a hot spa later & give your back time to get better :-)

  2. Where is the 'like' tick? :)

  3. I have often though you need a like button, maybe because I just joined fb ?

    When you said Rug I thought you meant blanket-rug not mat-rug !!!!

    1. Dee what is your Facebook name? email me if you want to share.

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM


    I have this little carpet and rug works really well...that is why I hate carpets and rugs, hidden dirt etc..I have floorboards through the house, only carpet in the TV room...and just some rugs on the floor boards..the rug does look careful of your back...I have a sore back myself today....



  5. I just hate the thought of bullies!! Some things never change, I can remember terrible bullies back in my time too. I'm glad that Brylee is doing better this year though - now that's something to be happy about!!

  6. Hope Griffin is ok. That sounds really awful for him. Trust the school will deal with it appropriately.

  7. Wow that is a dirty rug, hope it comes out way cleaner! Poor Griffin kids can be so mean at times, have a nice weekend.

  8. Ick on the rug! I hope you can get it clean! I've cleaned rugs with a carpet cleaner before. Having that in the bath tub reminds me of one time I washed a lawn swing cushion in the tub and then couldn't hardly pick it up to lug it back outside lol

  9. I hope things are ok with Griffin. Please do update next week?


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