Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Well... the Archgola man said today he would be back to install the side curtains.

So... I await his arrival.  I so want this process over with.  It's dragged on for so much longer than I was lead to believe.  

But I am super excited to see it finished so I can titivate the 'room', and get it set up how I want, without having to worry about rain getting in.

The other thing I'm looking forward to is trying that basting spray on my next wall hanging.
The little lilac dragon.   It's going to look sooooo cute once I've done the stitching, I just know it.

I shall probably not want to give it away.  Maybe I better make two!

Last night I put shells in the new bowl, and took a little video of it:

...and a photo if the video is too small :

ABOVE:  I am thrilled with how gorgeous it looks!
I used about 3/4's of the shells we bought at Matakana, so will need to get a few more to fill the jug!  

I'm going to wait a couple of weeks until the shell people get their next shipment in, then give them a call and go get some more.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later with some positive news on those freakin' side curtains HOPEFULLY!


Well!  The guys turned up and are in the process of installing the side curtains.  I'm feeling... worried.  It looks like it WON'T be watertight at all... and that is what I asked for.
So... I've had a brief word with the installer and said I want it waterproof.  Now I wait and see what happens.

I went out to the supermarket and bought a new mop and bucket... today's job will be washing the floors.

I also took the first wall hanging (Alec's) down to Bernadette at the Hospice Shop.
She saw it and promptly dissolved into tears!
So cute.  She loved it.  And cried some more.

Now I can't wait to finish Sarah's and give it to her too.  She's gunna cry again for sure.  *smiles*

Lunchtime.  I'm starving.  

ABOVE:  Well they are up.  And there's heaps of places where water can come in by the look of it.  Not that impressed.
*sigh*  I suppose I shall just have to wait and see how much, and where... once it rains.

I havn't got the energy to place the furniture etc right now.  I've had the worst headache all day.  

Sort of almost end of day.... the guys got home, I fed them beef spare ribs, potato wedges and veges, then they got moving furniture around in the 'dining room' for me.

But before that: ...

Steve and Stew had a good look at the Side curtains... and unfortunately found two holes... so I will have to bring that to the installers attention for repair/replace.

I've taken some photos of the new 'room' for tomorrow's post.  

One thing I can show you though... I brought a big old rug down from the attic and put it in the lounge:

ABOVE:  It looks really good at this end of the lounge.  So does my life preserver!  *smiles*

End of Day:  another up 'n' down day, having a headache all day is the pits.
Luckily I'm feeling a bit better now... thanks to lots of Panadol.
nite nite


  1. I hope the blinds turn up. I am home and in bed sick so am hoping you will entertain me today :)

  2. The shells look fantastic!
    Good luck with your curtains and waterproofing.

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Hi, I thought I would just let You know that brylee has a boyfriend. I have proof if you don't believe me

    1. Get a life you sad bitch.

    2. Love your response Chris

  4. Oh lovely shells, just gorgeous. Bugger about the curtains, hmmmm I do hope some thing good comes of all the waiting.

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    The curtains do look good though. You are so crafty, maybe you can work something out.

  6. Is it supposed to be waterproof?

    1. I've seen photos of a few on the net, and in most they LOOK like they are waterproof, and when talking to the installer he never said they weren't when I said I wanted the area to be waterproof. I PRESUMED it would be waterproof. He KNEW I wanted it to be waterproof right up front.

  7. I love the shell bowl..those shells are gorgeous!! The blinds look really good too bet your glad they are finally up! Hope your headache gets better xx

  8. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I've seen the side curtains before and didn't really think they were to be completely water proof. Good luck - Anne - Palmy

  9. I can see on the Archgola website that they put a little bit of plastic above that gap - that will make it more watertight for sure. Stu's dad's is waterproof.

    I hope they sort it for you!

  10. You're always so busy! You should take a day to rest once in a while!

  11. What a bummer it's not like it was supposed to be :( So bummed for you.


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