Monday, November 10, 2014


Right, let's have a massive photo post!...

ABOVE: I have NEVER seen a slide IN the water like this before.  There was a hardy family in the water, but I heard the Dad say it was bloody cold!

ABOVE: Karioitahi Beach, on the west coast out from Waiuku.  

ABOVE:  The hills above the beach at Karioitahi Beach, weathered by the winds and erosion.  Quite neat!

ABOVE:  another nice photo of Karioitahi Beach, taken from up the road a bit.

On our way to Glenbrook Beach, we stopped at the Lookout by the Glenbrook Steel Mill... where we saw these:

ABOVE:  There were quite a few chooks, this mother was very protective of her chicks, and kept calling them to her.

ABOVE:  These one's didn't listen too well and got fairly close to me.  Cute little buggers.

ABOVE:  The Steel Mill taken from Glenbrook Beach.  A grim, colourless, dark and foreboding looking place.

ABOVE: Glenbrook boat ramp.  That little 'pier' is for tying up ya boat we think.

Also at Glenbrook boat ramp:

ABOVE: I found the planks that were missing... and got Griffin to put them back.

ABOVE: That little 'pier' is only one plank wide...

ABOVE: One plank wide, but it didn't stop me walking along it.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I love this photo.  

ABOVE:  And these.  I like the nail and lichen.  The kids too... sometimes!  lol 

ABOVE:  More happy snaps.

Well... that's it for the day trip photos!

TODAY?  Housework this morning, then Hospice Shop this afternoon.

Catch ya later...


At the shop. It's fairly quiet... found a few things!
OMG... I had to buy him!

The rest of today's Treasure:

 ABOVE:  a cute little tablecloth for the small square table outside ... to be used in summer for BBQ's etc.

ABOVE: another truck for the toy box.

 ABOVE: a nice jacket/top for Brylee... it has a removable hood and nice detailing front and back.  And some awesome tassles.  Don't ask me what I want them for ... they were cute!

ABOVE:  I also got a woolen blanket for the dogs, some wool and a bread load cutter guide thingee.  I'm sure it will be helpful when cutting fresh loaves.

Sitting here, smelling dinner cooking.... Bex is cooking spag bog I think.

End of Day:  dinner was lovely, watched some tv and now am actually going to bed EARLY for a change.  If you call 10.20 pm early.
I do.
nite nite


  1. How did Teddy night go, what nice photos. Loved the pier, and the steel works funnily enough. Have a nice day today.

  2. Great pics of the scenery and the kids. That bench looks like it might be a little were nice to get it put back together.

  3. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Great photos Chris, I have never been to those parts before, beautiful scenery. Cheers Lois

  4. Great photos ! Good on Griffin for putting the planks back.

  5. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Omg that rhino is very bright hehe. Hope your day is going well.

  6. Love your photos....the steel works looks out of place in the beautiful country side...any flowers on the pohutukawa yet?? Well done for fixing the Mum used to have a table cloth just like the one you got!! Was the afternoon tea cloth for many years, probably is still in the cupboard! Mmmmmm spag boll sounds great!!

  7. There has been a slide in the water at Sandspit beach for years (sure it's not the same one!!!). We used to go there on Sunday School trips and have a great time. Now I can walk to it. When I drive home from work the steel mill has all the lights on and there is often a red glow from the chimneys so quite a different look.

  8. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Brylees jacket looks like a witches coat from afar.....creepy!

  9. Beautiful, looks like a great day!


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