Wednesday, November 05, 2014


This morning I am babysitting Dante while Bex goes for her next midwife appointment.
Hopefully Dante doesn't crack a wobbly and cry himself silly while she's gone.

He's going through a very clingy stage right now.  I might have to get my thinking cap on with ways to distract him.  I'm sure it won't be hard for this 'seasoned' Grandma to entertain him.  *smiles*

ABOVE: kids and dogs playing yesterday.  I've had to 'fence' off the lounge.  Tallulah just WILL NOT stop pooping in there!

ABOVE:  His most favourite toy right now. This Nerf gun.  He's only got one bullet, so we are constantly finding it and re-loading it for him.  It is a suction bullet, so he fires it onto the ceilings, walls, tv's and us.  

So, once Bex is back from her appointment, I will be doing the washing.  There is a veritable mountain of it to be folded and put away.  That's one job I loathe.


Well... an excellent morning so far.
Bex snuck out without Dante noticing.
When he finally did notice she wasn't here, I told him she had gone out in the car and would be back later, and he said "Oh, OK" and was perfectly happy playing... and following me around the house while I did some jobs.

I tried to fold the washing...

ABOVE:  I was doing really well too... until he decided he wanted to play in the sheets.  *sigh*
I've still not done them.  

Bex is now home, and Dante is off to bed.
She just booked her 20 week scan... early December!  OOOOhhh, we will get to see what baby is then all going well.  Excited.

I'm now going out to drop off a Cancel Insurance form to the Storage facility.  We don't need to pay separate insurance there cos we are covered with our Home Contents cover.  Excellent.

Form in.  Lunch done.  Mini nap done.
Next job done ... by Bex.

ABOVE:  The outdoor furniture squab box is now the toy box!  Much tidier in the family room now.  

Very quiet out there today?  What's the haps?  No one reading today?  Too boring?  *sigh*... life here is quiet for a change and I'm thankful.
All is going well.  The kid has settled down after our talk, and there is no looming drama.  Thank god.

I'm hoping Lacy and Keera will be visiting us in the next few weeks, I miss Miss Muppet heaps!

I forgot to mention, it's Guy Fawkes night!  Steve got a few for us to see, I'm only going to show one photo tonight:

ABOVE:  I found the 'correct' setting on my camera for fireworks!  I'm thrilled to bits with how some of my photos have come out!

End of Day:  a slow day, didn't get much done, but everything that was on my list on Monday morning is done, so that's good.
Tomorrow I can leave housework for a while.
nite nite


  1. Gnarly tough Grandma VS little kid, who will win? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Oh what a neat photo of the kids and puppies
    L & K

  3. I've just had a break away with the family and back to reality now. Always great to spend time with the grandbabies. I got home in time to be at the birth of my friends first grandbaby. What an awesome experience and I didn't hold back the tears. It was beautiful.

  4. Rhonda4:21 PM

    Glad Brylee has settled. She looks very happy in the photo today. Long may it last lol

  5. Just home from work and one job to be done after eating is to get washing in and fold up sheets and towels…sighhhhhh

    Gorgeous pic of Dante in the sheets.

  6. Ha kids and washing what's that about ha! Great idea with the squab, gosh 20 weeks by December that's flying by already.

  7. Love the pic of him wrapped in the sheets!


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