Thursday, October 16, 2014


*** FORWARD POST: I'm trying something different overnight.  When I first wake up in the morning, I am going to eat some cheese/crackers, like at 5 am.  Have me piddle then go back to bed till my 'normal' rising time.

Let's hope that stops me from having the awful nausea and 'other shit'!

I will be able to tell pretty quick if it works.

I am really hoping it does work, because if not I think I will need to visit the Doctor.   It can't be normal to wake up and feel that ill?

Maybe it's one of my medications?

ANON (yesterday):  I have heard of Phantom Pregnancy symptoms.  But I think I'm a bit long in the tooth to be having them!  And, I had 6 kids and never, ever suffered from morning sickness at any time of the day!

Once I'm up and the kids are off to school, Bex, Dante and I are going to do the grocery shopping... ikkkk.  
Stew and I put it off last weekend as we were fairly busy. 
Now I HAVE to do it, cos we are running outta bread, milk, meat, cheese... etc, etc!

Can't have that.  

TALLULAH:  Omg, she is so clever!  She's learning all sorts of things... like 'bed', 'out', 'no'... and I'm sure it won't be too long before she's got the dog door sussed too.

Having Teddy and Coco using the door right in front of her is going to teach her real quick.
And she's already shown she's a quick learner.

Like... I say "come on Tallulah", and she knows she can run like hell the other way and I'm gunna have a real hard time catching her!  Little shit.  *smiles*

We love the little bugger really!

I mentioned some awesome news I got yesterday.... 

ABOVE:  My gorgeous niece Rowena and her partner David.  They are having their first baby!  AND he/she is due at the same time as Steve and Bex's next baby.  How cool!  I fully expect a tiny little red headed GREAT niece or nephew too... as Rowena is a screaming red head.  lol

So, once I've finished current projects on the go in the sewing room, I shall be making a baby quilt for them.  

Right, catch ya later when I get up!

Well... the verdict is... I'm not feeling quite so wretched this morning!  But, cheese and crackers first thing in the morning, before rising?  IKKK.
Might have to think of something else like yoghurt?  That might go down better. *smiles*

GUESS WHAT?  I GAINED 6 kilos THIS WEEK.  Only I can do that and be sick as well!  I am convinced my body is seriously f*#cked up.

I need to sit down and work out just what the hell is happening... and try and turn it around again.

Grocery shopping:  done and dusted.  It was nice to go with Bex for a change.  We managed perfectly well too.

After lunch my batteries ran down, as they do.  So it's been a quiet afternoon.

The kids are now home, so time to do a few more jobs around the house, before sorting out dinner.

Tonight we are having Tortellini with Bacon and Alfredo sauce.... for a change from Takeaways.

Right, off to get those few jobs done...

Got a good deal done this afternoon and feel good about it too.

Heard from Lacy tonight and am happy with her situation now.  She's moved into a new house with new flatmates and all should be good until she can find a place of her own for her and Keera.

Ya never stop worrying!

End of Day:  off to bed, this time with a protein bar!  And Yogurt in the fridge if need be.
nite nite


  1. Awwww bless Tallulah I told you she is clever. I can see a touch of Lacy in your niece. I hope you start to feel better and yes a trip to the doctor maybe in order.go before shopping so blood pressure isn't too high lol.

  2. glad you are feeling a tiny bit better this morning!.... Have you considered going to a Dietitian or Nutritionalist? Definitely sounds like things aren't right if you've gained 6kgs in a week... maybe get a few professional pointers? xxx

  3. On first look at the picture of your niece I thought it was Lacy. Took a second look to see it wasn't.

  4. try a couple of sweet, dry plain biscuits, like Arnotts Nice, or Malteds or something like that. Good luck xx

  5. Anonymous11:20 AM


    I think you need to go to the sort out what is wrong, then you can work out solutions, you are so busy with everything and need to feel well.


  6. Hope you feel better Chris! That makes two of us with messed up bodies. Congrats on the great news with your niece. Have a great remainder to your week.

  7. I hope you feel better. How about trying some Rolaids or Tums? I got through them by the bottleful!

  8. I managed to lose a couple pounds while i was on vacation and when I came back I gained several more than i lost. So weird!


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