Sunday, October 19, 2014


Soooo.... after getting lots of stuff out of the house yesterday, I decided to move the lounge/family/dining areas around a little:

 ABOVE:  Brylee, Bex and Dante helped moved all the food in the large display unit so we could move it from the lounge to the family room.

 ABOVE:  The dining table is now at the far end of the lounge, and I must say I really like it here.

 ABOVE: This pretty painted pot is so old... it used to be my egg bowl back in the days we lived in Hamilton.  That is at least 15 years ago!  I loved it when I bought it, and I still do.
I'm amazed I still have it considering how often we have moved.

ABOVE: Because I put the large display unit in the family room, I had to move the shell painting into the lounge.  I was worried it would be too big for the wall, but I think it looks just fine there.

The lighting isn't that good in the photo, but you get the gist.

ABOVE:  another progress shot of the wall hanging for Judith.  I spent 4 hours last night sewing the side sashings together and on!  
Now today I shall work on the bottom sashings.

Little Tallulah was quite interested in it.  She's so cute, even from an 'above' shot.

Right, I'm off to make a start on the day... hopefully I'll get a bit of sewing done, and maybe some blog reading too.  
And housework.  Ikkk.


It would appear we are going out after lunch... to buy my Birthday present.   OOOOooo fun!  I know what it is (cos I told him what to get), so I'm quite excited.

Can YOU guess what he's getting me?

Present shopping done... yaaaa.

Here it is:

ABOVE:  Oh!  Guess what, I'm not opening it until my actual Birthday.  ha ha ha!  You have to wait to see what it is.
I'm sure a lot of you will already have guessed.

But no one is saying... cos you are all MIA!  Having a nice day I hope? 

End of Day:  Well... a fairly quiet day in the house.  Steve cooked a lovely Butter Chicken for dinner, which is always nice when ya don't have to cook yourself.
nite nite


  1. Oooh, exciting! I didn't expect such magnificence. I feel quite overwhelmed!

  2. Can't wait to see your Birthday pressie.

  3. ohh even though you know what you are getting…unwrapping a pressie is always exciting :-)

  4. Ohhhh nice patterned border it looks fab. I hope your back withstood all the moving, how the nausea going?

  5. That wall hanging looks so good. Even not finished. Hopefully the nausea has calmed down for you!

  6. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Oh, I thought nz was is Australia. Guess I was wrong then!!

  7. Anonymous4:31 AM

    I'm thinking you got a beautiful new piece of Britto? Whatever it is I'm sure it will be beautiful and fun to unwrap :) honestly you never stop, always on the go moving furniture, sewing, cleaning, taking care of everyone. I hope you get very spoilt with attention well deserved on your special day :)

  8. Heyyy, I'm drooling over YOUR Polish pottery! So, you either got some of that or a Britto. :)

  9. I hope you have a wonderful birthday today (I'm a little behind in reading blogs so don't know if I'll get to your birthday blog today !!!!) Have a great one anyway !


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