Monday, May 12, 2014


I got no sleep whatsoever last night.  There's been some trouble with a family member and it's kept me up all night.  I knew the lack of 'drama' was too good to last.

Griffin found a lump on Coco's tummy on Saturday.  I was immediately alarmed, as it is quite large and hard.
I thought it was a hernia, but Steve took a look at it, and he reckons it's not a hernia, more a cyst or some such thing.  

Either way, I hope to get her into the Vet's this morning, or if not, maybe Bex can take her this afternoon.   I hope they can see her today, because it's going to worry me until we know what's what.

The only other thing on me agenda today is some housework before going to do my shift at the Hospice Shop.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Dante had a horror day yesterday.  He was so grumpy and off his food, off everything actually!  This was him lying on Granddad, then the next second...

ABOVE: out to it!  But it didn't last ... and he ended up being mega grumpy for the entire day, until 11 pm.  Then he thought it would be an excellent time to chirp up and be happy! Little bugger.

ABOVE:  Rena has the 'gappy' look going on real good!  She will look a scream when that other top tooth comes out.

Right, I better go.  I want to ring the Vet as soon as they open and try to get my Coco in there asap.


Things happen in 3's right?  I totally agree with that.

1.  Family trouble.

2. Kelly and Rena had a car accident on the way to school this morning.  I THINK they are both OK.... but will have to wait and see.  They were on their way to the hospital to be checked out when Kelly rang me.

3. ........ COCO?


3. COCO:  has a mammary gland tumour.  So, she is getting it removed on Thursday, along with being spayed.  That decision was taken out of my hands (thankfully).  She needs to be spayed so this sort of tumour is less likely to happen again. 

That's HER sorted.


ABOVE:  T-boned on the left side, then shunted into the pole, damaging the right front.   Kelly and Rena are both OK.  Shaken, but OK.

1. Worrisome.

I went out for a little while.  I needed to just do something 'normal' and try and get stuff off me mind.

LYNDA: yes they do have insurance.

JEN: Thanks for the email, much appreciated.

Almost time for me to skid the wheels and get off to the Hospice Shop... just having a quick lunch first. 

MAGPIE: TOO LATE. I'm already at the shop. I'll be ok. Thanks though for caring. 

What a difference a few hours make.  

Hospice was incredibly quiet this morning apparently.  Not so this afternoon.  I was BUSY as!  And that's just as well because my head was all over the place.

Some relief though, things have settled down with 'Family Trouble', so I can relax a little.


I am looking forward to having a decent sleep tonight!  So is Steve.  Dante's unsettled nights are starting to take a toll.
I hope Steve can get a good night's sleep too.

Time for dinner.  The family had Butter Chicken.  I am having some veges and rice.  I don't really like home made butter chicken.

End of Day:  Well... today has been ... stressful to say the least. But, that's just how it goes sometimes.
I'm off to bed early tonight.
nite nite


  1. It will be interesting to see if it is a Lipoma, as Chico has a little one on her tummy, vet picked it up about 3 months ago, she is a little young to have them, but all should be good he hopes. He thinks they may be hereditary.

  2. Oh no, what a stressful start to your day! I hope it improves quickly!

  3. Wow....too much stress that you certainly don't need. I am glad to hear that Kelly and Rena are okay and that Coco will be. Sorry you still have another worry to deal with.

  4. How scary... I'm glad Rena and Kelly are OK. Crossing everything for less drama this week xxxxx

  5. I'm so glad they are OK... and I hope they are insured. Was it the other car's fault?

  6. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Wow you are having a stressful time, I'm so please Kelly and Rena are ok, that would have been so scary for them, hope your afternoon is better, take care Richie, Lucinda, mikayla and Sophie

  7. Chris, you have had no sleep as you said, do yo think you should stay home and rest.

  8. Oh gosh glad to hear Kelly and Rena are ok what a fright for them and you. Dante looks so comfortable there hope he is better today. Might be a glass of wine kind of evening for you tonight!

  9. Oh fear, what s rotten start to your day. I am glad Kelly & Rena are ok. Poor Coco, does the operation mean she will be fine afterwards?

  10. Oh wow. I'm sorry there will be no more puppies and about the car wreck and also your family member drama! It never stops!! Rena and Dante are growing so big in these pics.

  11. Thank goodness everyone is ok. Sorry to hear you are stressed. Take care.

  12. Wow what a day! I'm glad everything is sorting itself out without too much damage


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