Tuesday, March 04, 2014


And THIS time I don't have to lie about where I am!

I catch the bus at 11.30 am, and should get into Auckland at 8.55 pm.
BUT... I really don't expect the bus to keep to those times.  It will probably arrive late, and get into Auckland 2 hours late.

Hopefully not... but I'm prepared for a long trip, so it doesn't really matter to me.

I have my lovely new memory foam pillow to sleep on, rest my head during the journey etc, so I'm happy.

I forgot to show you the Pottery piece I bought yesterday:

ABOVE: I didn't want to unwrap it, so you get a picture of it in the shop.  I love it... so, so pretty. 
It's a bloody shame it's so darn expensive... cos I would have bought several pieces if I could.  (*sniff*).
Oh well... I suppose it makes it that much more special, cos I can only get a new piece here and there.

OK... time for me to get moving, pack me bag bla bla bla....  I will try to update during the day on the bus... it will depend on how long my phone lasts before it's battery dies.  It does NOT last that long... probably 18 hours or so.  I suppose it's because I'm always using it!  I love my new phone so much!


Waiting for the bus. .. I'm coming home family.  What's for dinner?  *smiles*

Wow our bus driver is bossy!  He gors around telling everyone to put their seat belt on... and we have been warned to be back on the bus on time at rest stops or  he will leave you behind@ I like him!

I have changed my mind.   The bus driver is a right prick.

We were supposed to stop in Taihape... where I was looking forward to looking in a gift shop for polish pottery, but hes stopped at Flat Hill, where there is nothing but a coffee shop.  

I asked him why we were not having the lunch break in Taihape and he said it was so he knew where we all were!  I'm bloody pissed off now. 

Well.... while I was pissed that the bus driver didn't stop in Taihape, he was a really good driver.
I never felt unsafe, and he was bang on time!
We arrived and left every stop on time, unlike the driver last Friday, who was abysmal.

Anyway... I arrived home safe and sound, and had a lovely dinner that Bex had kept warm for me.

End of Day: I plan on going to bed early, then tomorrow unpack and get myself sorted out again.
I will add a few photos tomorrow of me travels.
nite nite


  1. Have a good trip home ...luv the pottery

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Enjoy your trip home, as our stink weather here in Auckland is crappy, raining and cold. I bet your household is missing you around the house :)

  3. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Ok this weather is making me out to be a liar lol, it not raining now and the sun is out haha.

  4. glad you had a wonderful trip. Love the pottery!!! So pretty! Glad you have a pillow, time goes by fast if you can fall asleep part of the time!!...debbie

  5. Enjoy the journey CAUSE TAUPO is stunning today try 2 degrees stunning!!!!! Imagine if our shop has your pottery THEN a trip to TPO is closer than PNTH lol

  6. Hope the bus turns up, be a shame if you had to stay another couple of nights because you missed the bus - not your fault if course. Safe trip.

  7. What a dick bus driver - I wonder what the Taihape shop did to piss him off - possibly he gets an "incentive" to stop at Flat Hill.

  8. Anonymous4:12 PM

    is that the same bus co Lacy used? Hope you get home safely.


  9. Gawd hope you are home in one piece and had no more unscheduled stop offs.....

  10. Glad you are home safe. Bet the family missed you like crazy.

  11. Wow how nice you got away. Sounds like you had fun glad to hear you made it home safe and sound.

  12. I love your pottery! So pretty!


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