Saturday, March 22, 2014


First up for the day... pick up Miss Keera.
Then pack the car and head off to Hamilton... for Rena's 6th Birthday.

I can't wait to see what she thinks of her Ballerina Wall Hanging!

As the birthday party is being held at an indoor rock climbing place, it is bound to be fun for the kids.

Maybe not so much for us grown ups!  I have a feeling Brylee and Griffin will be having fun, while Stew, Keera and I slip away for a quiet one on one time with Keera.  Maybe we will go and feed the ducks?

ABOVE:  Dinner time for Dante.  

ABOVE: I'm going to cover that little $2 footstool I got from Hospice Shop, and match it to the fabric on the chair.  The headrest on the chair is done.  

 ABOVE: Dante helping me figure out what fabric to use on the stool.

ABOVE:  self explanatory really. 

Say 'THANK YOU', cos I got some photos of Steve with his underpants pulled up in the extreme... from the back.  Lots of butt showing!  I deemed them just a bit too risque to be put on here!
Sometimes I wonder about our Steve...

Ok... time to go and make a start on the day.
Sadly Steve has to work today, and Bex is staying home with Dante.  I think they are going to Hamilton next weekend.


ABOVE:  Miss Muppet is IN DA HOUSE.  How cute are her boots!

Oh by the way, if I haven't already said it ... I am in love with McDREAMY! He's a dream to use VERY USER FRIENDLY.  

We are now in Hamilton, and about to head over to meet up with Kelly and co.

Well... we  arrived in Hamilton with two kids and one toddler.  We are leaving with just the toddler!   Brylee  and Griffin are staying with Kelly and Gordon.  Yaa, it's gunna be a quiet evening. 

Well... the party and rock climbing event were just lovely.  Brylee and Griffin were having a blast, so they didn't want to leave.  So... we left them there!

I am going going to show you ONE photo for now... of Rena's Ballerina Wall Hanging...  well it was supposed to be a Wall Hanging... but I kinda got carried away and it became:


I'm happy to report Rena wasn't disappointed. I am very happy with how they both came out.  And now you can see why it took so long to get that little Ballerina 'wall hanging' done!

End of Day:  a very pleasant day.  Ate far too much crap ... but really don't care.  I will live to diet another day.  *smiles*
nite nite


  1. The chair looks beautiful in the blue tablecloth. I sure enjoy when you show Steve being Steve!!!

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Steve is hilarious! Happy birthday to rena I'm sure she will love what her grandma has made her.

  3. Rena will love it!! I hope Miss Keera has a fun trip to see her cousin.

  4. That chair was gorgeous before the covering, but it's looking really good now. Hope you're having a great day with the family.

  5. Neat idea about the footstool you are clever ya know, Steve what can ya say!, Hope Rena loves her ballerina have a neat trip friends of mine went to the Hamilton rock climbing thingy THEY all as a large group kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed it had amazing time...

  6. Have a lovely day. I am sure B & G will enjoy their sleepover.

  7. The quilt is beautiful.

  8. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Wow what a great surprise with the quilt. You're a clever sausage aren't ya??? Awesomeness. Glad you had a great day. Kate444

  9. Beautiful "wall hanging" Chris!

  10. The quilt and pillowcase are just gorgeous! You are one very talented lady!! Sounds like you had a great day:-)

  11. Renas quilt and pillow case are beautiful, a quilt is so much more useful than a wall hanging.
    I am just about to hand sew the binding down on my hand pieced top. It's only taken me about 9 years to make the top and I have two more on the go.

  12. Awesome, bet she loved it. You are so clever.

  13. You are so clever. The quilt is gorgeous but of course it is, a very clever lady made it

  14. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Beautiful quilt and pillow case. What a wonderful Grandma you are.

  15. WHOOPS! I deleted a comment by accident, sorry Donna! ... here it is:

    Donna has left a new comment on your post "GRANDKIDS TODAY":

    Wow the quilt and pillow case look amazing. Great job!

  16. Anonymous9:41 AM

    What a magnificent doona and pillowcase, you are in deed a talented Lady, how very special it is, and will be forever treasured I'm sure.


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