Friday, February 28, 2014


Today I am doing something I have NEVER DONE BEFORE.

I won't be telling you what until POSSIBLY Sunday.   It's got to happen first!

I might even make it a guessing game... you guess... and if someone guesses RIGHT... I will give them a mug rug.  ***anyone who actually DOES know for sure cos I told them, cannot guess.

Fun?  Maybe.  It started with me doing 'stuff' last night in preparation.

Steve and Bex went to the mall last night, and they came home with these for me..

When they said they had a little present for me, I immediately thought it was Peanut M & M's!  Ahhh nope... they informed me they were NOT getting me any chocolate.  And gave me the earrings ... which I love.  
It's nice to get unexpected gifts!

Right, I am getting some housework done, and hopefully some sewing too.

 ABOVE:  Saw it... loved it.  Want it.  Probably won't ever see it, to get it.  Bugger.

ABOVE:  Ain't THAT the truth!!!

Ha ha!....  

A couple of photos to share:  Bex and I popped into the Hospice Shop again.

Right, on with the day...
What,no guesses?

Drink water? HELL NO!

A colonoscopy... ahh... another HELL NO!

Ahh... lunch time. ..stinking hot so happy to sit in front of the fan for a while. Bex and Dante are home from playcentre. .. time to watch Home and Away!

I wish I was getting a tattoo, but no... I'm not.

When I do it's gunna be words.: NEVER STOP DREAMING. ♥ ;-) 

Well I have managed to get some sewing done this afternoon PLUS the something secret!  

No one has guessed yet... may tell you tomorrow. 

Ha ha. I am having fun keeping you guessing. 

End of Day... it's been a totally different sort of day for me.  I will tell you all about it tomorrow afternoon. .. I promise.
Nite nite


  1. If it's something you've never done before and you have to plan it out I'd say a trip away for the night with Stew? Whatever it is, it sounds exciting.

    PS LOVE the earrings! Unexpected gifts are the best ones, even if they're not peanut M&Ms!

  2. I think you are going to have a massage and maybe a facial and foot massage!! A girl's fun day!!

  3. Love the treasures. Have an awesome weekend :-)

  4. My guess is ... you're having a colonoscopy? That takes some prep the night before ...

  5. Are you ahead of us in Home and Away??? Tonight we had the explosion. I know 2 people die but have no idea who.
    I have watched almost every single episode over the 27yrs and I am proud of it. It's well acted and doesn't get enough credit in UK.

  6. Getting your tattoo??? Last night you were searching the web for the right one !!! Lol

  7. Lorraine H4:34 PM

    Getting an Anchor or Seahorse Tattoo.What ever you have got planned enjoy it.

    Southgirl x

  8. mmmmm the mind boggles…hope whatever it is, you enjoy :-)

  9. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Spray tan?

  10. How cute ballerinas Rena is so going to love those, Chris if you are crafty enough print out that boat sign use fonts you want and get it printed onto a canvas block? See how clever am I....LOVE LOVE that red bowl.

  11. Making earrings.

  12. Write a letter with a pen and paper. or write a book.????????????

  13. Have fun with what ever it is you are doing as long as you enjoy yourself while doing it that is the main point ;-) love you

  14. Hi, re sea advice - log into ETSY and search for Cordova Beach Signs - you will love it!! Xx

  15. Sorry should have read Carova Beach Signs!! Doh!!

  16. Did u do the walk around the sky tower

  17. Did u do the walk around the sky tower

  18. My guess is something fun... Something that took awhile. Like a craft class of some sort....

  19. Are you doing a "fast" of some sort. ???? xxx


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