Sunday, February 02, 2014


Today I am going to our Grandson Liam's first birthday.
In Hamilton.   So it will be another day out and about.

Yesterday's party was lovely, and I'll just share a few photos :

ABOVE:  an amazing water feature Khady got off Trademe, it is gorgeous.

 ABOVE:  some gorgeous flowers...

ABOVE:  back in the days when I was a 'potter', I made that bowl.  I was surprised to see Khady still had it!  It did bring back very happy memories.

 ABOVE:  The Birthday Girl.  She had a wonderful birthday party.  
There was an awesome turn out of people at the party, but I will refrain for posting any more as I could get carried away!   *smiles* 

ABOVE:  I took a photo of Stew as a littlie from Khady's 'family wall of photos' and did a quick collage of him and Dante.  I can see a family resemblance, can you? (not around the eyes though)

Right, that's me for now, we have to get sorted to leave for Hamilton.

Catch ya later... have a nice day.


Back in Auckland again, after a really lovely day in Hamilton.
Little Liam is gorgeous, and I loved spending time with him and his brothers and sister.  

When I got home I jumped straight into our spa pool, which is set at 31 degrees C.  Just perfect to relax and refresh in.  Everyone is loving it this summer.

End of Day:  well a really hot, humid summer's day.  A nice day.
nite nite


  1. They have the same cheeks, nose, mouth and chin. Both are good looking guys!!!!

  2. Love the water feature and flowers Dante and Grandad kindred spirits!!!! gorgeous....... How did Brylee first day go at school?

    Samuel on 4 day camp from Monday !!! 2nd camp (YR 13 leadership OPC camp January only 20 selected students went) in 2 weeks $360 later BEFORE school has started ugggghhhhhhh stationary $120 textbooks workbooks guidebooks $196 Subject fees $240 PE camp $120 Study Camp $130 Physics camp $120 Chemistry Camp $110!!!! I have forked out $900 (start up costs and 2 camps) with a balance of still to go $370!!!! When I come back I am coming back as a SCHOOL BANK ACCOUNT!!! ohhh and then the BALL after BALL and the FLASH GEARS didn't get any change out of $550 last year for that so $1850!!!! for a final year of school OH JOY of JOYS!!

  3. wow that pic of Dante and Stew does show a big resemblance, no not around the eyes but everywhere else.
    Love the sunflowers…great pic.

  4. AllyS Melb has left a new comment on your post "ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER PARTY!":

    Love that bowl... You have many talents!!

  5. I thought Steve wasn't Stew's boy (biologically of course)? What a pretty bowl that is! Love all the flowers. I need to plant some stuff in my yard a lot of it died off.


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