Thursday, September 26, 2013


Yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from a couple of gorgeous girls over in Australia!
Anne has a blog, and she reads mine, as does her daughter Toni-Maree.

Anyway, they saw some bracelets on EBay, and wanted to show me, asking if I would like them to get some for me, Bex, Lacy, Kelly, Brylee etc?

I took one look and was like "Hell yeah!"


ABOVE: ahhh... Anne... Darling girl... we would like one of each of the above!    And I'm only too happy to send ya some $$$'s for them.  

Anyone else interested, I suggest you follow this link:

Check them out... they are so cute.

Bex started a watercolour painting last night, I wish I was half as good as she is at it!  This is what she did, it's not finished yet...

ABOVE:  beautiful eh?  I think she can give me lessons in watercolour!

Today?  I've got Hospice Duty this morning, then this afternoon I WILL mask out that darn wall, ready for painting. 

I am going to buy the paint on me way home from Hospice.  So no excuses not to get it done.


Home... remembered to buy the paint for the spare bedroom... and I only spent $4 at the Hospice shop!
I got a black top for me and a couple of tupperware containers.  Not worth showing ya really.

I've just caught up on Home and Away while having lunch, and now I'm going downstairs to finish a few more placemats for my Mum.  

School holidays start after tomorrow, so I might sit down and give some thought to how I will 'entertain' the kids for two weeks.

We have a visitor next week for 7-8 days, and a friend of Bex's arrives towards the end of that week too.  So we shall have a full house. 

Right, off to do a few things down in the garage, like make me bed!  Yep, not that often I leave the house and don't make me bed.

So much for my plans.  I ended up having to go out for Lacy.  Another hour gone.  Home again and now I just want to do NOTHING.  

Stew, takeaways tonight.
I don't feel like cooking.

LEE-ANNE: no it's not awful to want alone time with ya man.  The only way I get that is when we go grocery shopping together!
I know that our time will come... in about 10 years? *smiles*

ANNE & TONI-MAREE:  THANK YOU ya TARTS!  Lovely talking with ya both just now.

The smallest little 'H' baby (in the house) is now crawling from room to room, NOTHING is safe anymore.  NOTHING.  Not even my sneakers laces.

ABOVE:  there is NOTHING more adorable than a freshly bathed baby.  

End of Day:  a lovely day really.  Even though I was freezing for half of it. (in the shop)
nite nite


  1. I love those bracelets they are so neat !!! Lucky girls, love the painting too, GO TEAM NZ.

  2. I like the watercolor very much!

  3. Oh my, those bracelets are just absolutely adorable, I would love....the Purple one Xo pretty please with a massive cheery on top :)

  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Loving those bracelets, my girls will also! I bet the purple is going to by Laceys! Bex, what a beautiful painting, so talented.

  5. I love the way Bex is finding her artistic side...that girl has some talent.

  6. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Haha the Anonymous was from me sorry I realised I didn't so who. I just read Lacy's comment above and I knew she would love the purple!!!

  7. All ordered :) and NO money thank you missy lol hehehe my "secretary" (Toni) & I had a blast looking through and placing your order, will take a little while to arrive but will let you know when they do, the bracelets are gorgeous, love the ones Toni & I have.

    Lacy, I already knew which one you would choose, you and Toni are purple obsessed lol


  8. The bracelets are awesome, you're right about too many choices. The watercolor is beautiful.

  9. Those nautical bracelets are definitely you - lovely.

    Our kid is away for the first week of the holidays. We will be home alone since I don't know when. Wonder what I will do with myself. Is it awful to say I can't wait.

    1. Have a wonderful time and def NOT awful wanting time alone :)

  10. I love those bracelets, they are stunning. Dante looks so cuuuute all clean & cuddly, post bathtime was always my favourite time when the kids were little.

  11. OMG more school holidays, good luck with that. Fresh bathed babies are the best.


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