Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Lets have a guessing game.

Steve has a new job.  This is his 3rd week on the job.

Here is a photo he took yesterday while on the job:

GUESS what he's doing???

No prizes if you are right either!  ha ha!

Today?  I am going to look for a new camera.  I got to use my Mum's new Canon while she was here... and OMG!  The difference in picture quality and clarity was gob smacking.

I'm now looking for my own Canon.  While I am bamboozled by which one to choose, I think functions and price will determine what one I eventually get.

THIS time I want to make the RIGHT choice.  I don't think I have made such good choices in the past somehow.  This time I am doing my homework thoroughly before I commit to any one.

What do YOU use, if you have a Canon?  What influenced YOUR choice? Does anyone have any helpful advice?

I'm a bit more than a 'Beginner', but not a 'Professional'.  So in 'CANON LAND' I'm an 'Enthusiast' Photographer!   Sums me up fairly well that does.  I'm very enthusiastic about me photography and would like to learn more about how to take A-MAZING photos. 

At the moment I'm looking at the ESO 60D or the ESO 7D.  Both are similar in price... but I'm not sure about how they stack up in functionality.  I think I need to talk to an expert!

The 60D has a pose able viewer... which I'm not too keen on having again.  My Panasonic has that and it's not stood up to constant use.
But I am aware that I don't actually have to use it, so the 60D is still in the 'running'.

My Mum has a Canon ESO 600D, which is classed as good for Beginner Digital Camera users.  She has not had a Digital Camera before, so she has lots to learn.

NOW... something else...  Stew is taking Thursday and Friday off work this week.  He needs a break.  His job/workplace has been very HECTIC in the past couple of weeks and he just wants to spend some time winding down.

Lacy is having one of the kids on Thursday and the other on Friday, so Stew and I are going to take a little trip down to the Waikato on Thursday. 

I've managed to find a fire guard that will fit our fireplace in Te Awamutu... so we shall go and pick it up on Thursday.

We lived in Te Awamutu for a couple of years.  It is where we lived when we had Steve in fact. He was the 2nd biggest baby born in the Nursing Home.  (he was 10 pound 12 ounces)  *OUCH* ! 

OK... time to get moving.  Back to bed I think!  It's cold.  And if the kids get up they know how to feed themselves!  I'm sure I can sleep in a bit longer.


Awesome news about the new baby boy in the Royal Family. Now I can stop checking the news every 5 minutes!  lol
Any guesses for his name?  I'm picking George.

I got to sleep in until about 9am, that was nice.

I'm feeling .... sad.  lol
I'm guessing everyone has better things to do than leave me a comment?  

So, I'm going to bugger off.  Got Hospice this afternoon... but before that I have to go down to the City Council and pay the yearly fee for the pleasure of having two dogs.
Bye bye $117.00.  Rip off if ya ask me.

So... Hospice was fairly quiet today.  I managed to bring home half the shop... lol!
I can't show you it all right now cos I'm totally freaking out here.

I got an email from the Fireplace company asking for my payment of $825 for the repair job!

I PAID IT ON THE 15TH OF JULY ... a bank transfer done on the Internet.  I. AM. FREAKING. OUT. ... did they not get it?  Did it go somewhere else?  

See... totally panicking here!

Frig.  I hope it is cleared up by tomorrow.  I'm not going to get much sleep until it's sorted out.  I simply cannot afford to pay that much AGAIN!

I shall NOW go read me other emails/comments.... TAKING DEEP BREATHS...

I am in fits of laughter!  NO.  Steve is not a 'Secret Spy' and nor is he a 'Sniper' !  You Anons are so funny!!!
Thanks for the laughs.

I will let you all in on his new job description TOMORROW.  nah na na na.  *evil snigger*

Stew just told me DIET COKE is 31 years old TODAY!  Wow I didn't know that.  
I've only been drinking it for maybe 15 years.  Which means I've missed out on 16 years of drinking it.  Booo hooo!

End of Day:  well it's been a really good day in all.  Lots of treasure to show you tomorrow!
And the evening has been so nice too.
nite nite


  1. Someone mentioned Spencer for Lady Diana Spencer - that's quite nice. Dunno.

    We are having a cruisy week at home so not up to too much... might head to the shops this arvo or tomorrow... probably go to the movies at some stage.

    Be good... would love to visit your hospice shop one day! Sounds groovy.


  2. Steve is roofing? External cladding? Painting a really big building?

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Steve is a Snipper.....

  4. I am crappy at guessing games even though I do love them. I am guessing Steve is a tall building window washer? If so, I hope he likes heights - that is a dangerous job!

    On the camera, I have a Canon but it is one of the cheaper but still good digital ones - Powershot A1000IS - really old but works well. Good for a non-photog like myself.

  5. Hope he's not afraid of heights!

    Its so hard to know but there is a lot of scaffolding so maybe he is working for a signage or billboard company?

  6. I am also thinking George is his name. But then again, I thought she was having a girl, so I am probably wrong on the name also...LOL.
    I heard there was a earth quake in New Zealand today. Are yall ok and was it near you? I sure hope you are doing ok.
    All I know is I would not want to be Steve up on that tall building. Gives me the shakes looking at the pic!!!

    God Bless~

  7. Oh and it costs me 20.00 a piece each year to license my dogs (40.00 total). 117.00 is rediculous!!!

  8. Ha! I was privately thinking it was George for the new royal bub as well... I guess time will tell xxx

  9. Nicole12:40 PM

    Window Cleaner!

  10. And while the whole world waited a baby was born, I like Spencer but the Queen has to ok it and parliament WHY? who knows I'm thinking either way he will be loved a plenty. Te Awamutu hmmmmm I went to Split Enz farewell concert hitch hiked there was only 14-15!!! from Taupo ye gads.

  11. I don't know where he took the picture from, but I would be freaked out working up that high.

  12. He's on a building site, up on scaffolding - I'd say building or aluminium joinery, lol.

  13. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Steve is working as a secret spy

  14. Scaffolding?

    I have a canon 700D. My son worked at a camera store and said it would be the best for me (as a beginner). The lower the number the better the camera so I would go the 7D. He's out at the moment or I'd ask him but that's what I remember from what he told me when I bought mine.

  15. Is steve doing windows? looks like something involving scaffolding. Constuction?

  16. Well, here I am commenting. In my lunch break. At work. I always read your blog in my lunch break at work. I just don't often comment :-D

    Have a great time on Thursday xx

  17. Steve's job - I was going to say window cleaner or painter but that building isn't finished so I'm thinking maybe something to do with construction.

  18. Stop panicking about the fireplace payment!!!! It has probably not been processed at their end properly or they put it to the wrong client.

    I am sure it will be just fine :-)

  19. Anonymous6:51 PM

    OH OH Got it he is a high rise stripper Can even see the pole
    Mary H

  20. Hey, with regard to that payment, check your bank statement for a few days after the payment. The receipt should tell you the bank account details of where it went, so no worries there. Just check for a similar transaction say two days later, where it bounced back. That will mean that it was unsuccessful. Have them double check their payments. It could just be that they didn't realise the payment was yours.

    Good luck xx

  21. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Scaffolder!Nice view from his office anyway! WOMBAT

  22. Oooo! I think Steve is dressed as Spiderman and cleaning windows! :D

    The recipe for the biscuits is here:


    It uses a LOT of butter but the result is worth it. I have tried several variations of flavourings. The image I posted is cinnamon and ginger. Orange zest and white chocolate bits work well, as does subbing brown sugar for caster and using caramel bits.


  23. Hopefully he likes his new job and he's not getting ready to jump!

    I seem to recall that we both got new cameras around the same time, if you're getting a new one, maybe I should too....

    4775 olurld

  24. Does it show up on your bank records that you paid them?

  25. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Chris, you were bang on the money for the royal baby name! Great guess.


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