Monday, July 15, 2013


So, I've not done much sewing in the last week or so... therefore I'm happy to report I got three things finished last night!

First up... Stew had some summer shorts that needed the crotch sewn up.  He gave them to me in DECEMBER.  I've avoided them like the plague ever since!

I mean, there's no fun in bloody MENDING is there?
BUT... I felt sorry for him (and a bit guilty) so I finally stitched the crotch up... it took me about ... oh... 2 minutes.  WELL... that's one job done!
Not that he is gunna wear them right now, it's freezing outside.

♪la ♪ la ♪ la ♪ ... right.  The next thing that got done:

I've wanted to make a loo roll holder for our bathroom for AGES... and now it's done too!
I'm on a roll people...

Lastly, last night I made one of these:

Bex and I bought a bunch of cheap hand towels, intending to titivate them so they can hang on a hook or rail in the kitchen/bathrooms etc.
This is the first one... I want to make about 7 more.

Now ... what else?
Oh yes:  last night Steve and Bex made a fish soup with shrimp dumplings.  I'd not planned on having any, but succumbed to a small bowl full...

Take my word for it, it was rather yum!  And that's saying something, cos I've had hardly any sense of smell or taste for a week with this bloody cold I've got!

I just have to show you this too!  On Saturday night while the girls were all here, I let them all wear one of my rings... something I do now and then.
Kelly got the pink sapphire, Bex the diamond cluster and Lacy got the blue sapphire and diamonds.

All seemed great, until Bex put the diamond cluster on her ring finger:

Can you see the 'problem'?
Her finger swelled up and started turning Beetroot/BLUE !  Luckily she got it off before any damage was done.  Then she wore it on her little pinky instead.

It's fun letting them wear my rings, as I don't ever intend on taking them to me grave!
Each one has a name assigned to it... along with my diamond bangle and other bits 'n' bobs.

Sick of photos yet?  lol
Here's the last few from Saturday night...

Ok.. time to bugger off and do something useful... like go back to bed cos it's still bloody COLD!
And the kids don't have school... so I don't have to make lunches first thing in the morning.  Yaaa.
There are some good points to school holidays I suppose.


WOW, I can't believe I've not updated at all today!
What can I say?  Been busy?  Housework mostly.
And lunchtime, fed everyone sausages on bread.  Then I sort of drifted off to sleep for a few minutes.

Bex is making muffins again.  For Steve's lunch mostly.
I've got chicken thighs out for dinner tonight, just a simple casserole I think.

Now I'm going to hang out the 4th load of washing, even though it won't get dry today, at least it will be out of the machine.

The kids have been marvelous today.  I didn't even ask them to do ANYTHING... while I was doing the washing Brylee swept the floors and Griffin vacuumed the lounge!

That was lovely.

I have done MASSES of housework today! Tidied up the linen cupboard, a couple of wardrobes, all the toys and folded all the fitted sheets that I had just thrown in the cupboard.
Gee it feels so good to get the house tidied up after a weekend of having visitors.

Talking of visitors, I'm expecting my Mum and Ron in a few days.  I've changed the linen in the spare bedroom, all ready for them.  I don't even know if they are actually staying here or not.  I know that they have plans to visit a few people while over here, so we don't expect them to be here for any more than a night or two.

Doesn't matter, it will be lovely to see them again.

Mum will get to meet her latest great-grandchildren too!  I am dying to show her Keera and Dante!

He just fell asleep on me.  So darling.  Me:  no makeup, hair a bloody mess and double chin from hell.  OH well... who cares?
Not me.

End of Day:  I'm going to do some sewing tonight... as long as there's nothing much on the telly worth watching.
nite nite.


  1. What is the schedule for a typical school year? It seems they are always getting off. Quite different from here in the USA.

  2. Awww. Poor Stew. They'll be done for next summer though!! :)

    Cute towels! Only thing I hate about those is that the buttons tend to get all scraped up in the dryer.

  3. Go B & G for helping out - especially without being asked :-).

    Siobhan wanted to stay home today so I left her with a list of stuff to be done & she phoned about 11.30 to say she had done it all plus she had been for a walk to the mall & back, I love school holidays.

  4. Well that's a productive sewing lot then, we as young girls used to wear our gran's jewellery around if and when she let us! great fun I love holidays too hopefully I get a few lie in days this week.

  5. Mending is the last thing that gets finished around here too. I have a pair of brown pants that I never wore because I never got them hemmed's only been 2 years. Love the towel and the tissue roll holder, very cute. Is it on a wooden frame?

  6. My Uncle had a Tigers Eye ring stuck on his finger that he couldn't get off. It didn't make his finger turn blue or anything though.

    regyme 228

  7. I found you through Leigh (Poonapalooza). You have a neat blog!

    Love blue sapphires too! That is amazing sewing too!


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