Friday, March 01, 2013


Didn't sleep very well... kept remembering things from yesterday.  Like, the damn bus's motor was still running when I jumped on it... and I didn't give it a second thought.
But I do remember when it shuddered and stopped!  Weird that... 

I never, ever want to hold some poor kid's broken bones together again.  I kept 'feeling' them crunching and grating in my hands... it makes me cringe over and over again.

I hope that memory buggers off soon.  Sorry if that was too much information for you, but I tell it like it is/was.  I have never been in such a horrible situation like that before.  I hope the bus driver and the two kids who were injured are on the mend and back to work and school soon.

Because Brylee and Griffin heard a bit too much information about the children in the crash when I was talking to Bex, Steve and Stew, I have decided to keep them home from school today.

There is no way I want them talking about 'details' to other kids in the school ground.  
The school principal said that was a good idea.

Thanks Lorraine (my sister) for suggesting it... I would not have thought of it... I'm still in a bit of a tizz over it all.

ABOVE: the front of the bus after it was pulled away from the tree.  It's a bloody miracle  ANYONE survived!  So very sad that an 86 year old man died in such a tragic way.

Griffin has vowed to never go on a bus again!  I will have to talk to him about how, just because this happened, it does not mean going on a bus is any more dangerous than going by car or train.  Hmmm, actually, he said he didn't want to go on a train ever again too.  *sigh*   We will work through it.

So.... today?  I should start sewing two bags that have been ordered.  But I think the kids and I might just go out and have a nice day shopping or something?  Just have a lovely day and think about nice things.  

Sounds like a good idea...


The day has started off very slow, which is nice.
I just heard from the School Principal who said both children on the bus will be having surgery today ... but they are doing well.

The school is accepting donations to go into gift baskets for both children, so I will  look for a few suitable things to give as our contribution.

MARYH:  swimming in the sea?  Yep, I think we will ALL be just a little bit scared after that poor man got killed by a shark at Muriwai.  Actually, I  doubt I could get in the water right now!

Been talking this morning about seatbelts.  Why the HELL don't buses have bloody seatbelts?  How many people have to suffer horrific injuries and/or DIE before something is done about safety on buses???  

We took the kids out to the mall, gave them a nice lunch, visited Spotlight (as ya do) and bought a few more fabrics for bags and what-have-you then came home.
Now the kids are enjoying their games and Bex and I are going to sit down and watch 'Home and Away' that is always taped, that way we can watch it while having our lunch usually.

I tried to have a 'Granny' nap this afternoon.  Didn't work.  *sigh*  Why do people decide to ring me when I'm trying to have a nap???
Yeah, I know.... maybe I shouldn't even try.

I am looking forward to dinner tonight.  It is 'Takeaways' night.  And I do believe I am going to have something rather evil.  I'm in the mood and it's my ONE free evil meal a week that I have allowed us.  
I hope Stew isn't too late home, I just read on the news that there has been a 5 car pile up on the motorway he comes home on. Luckily, only one person has been injured. 

End of Day:  after feeling a bit shaky in the morning... I came right by the end of the day.  Dinner was lovely too... and I enjoyed every bit of it.
nite nite


  1. What a tragic accident to witness/participate in. I too hope you never have any similar experiences.

  2. I hope you are past the shock today and able to realize what a good thing you did. You have for sure gotten people all over the world hoping for a quick and full recovery for that little girl. If you can get the address for the hospital I'm sure lots of people would want to send her a card.

  3. Wow that is so tragic. Sounds like a good thing to maybe go have a nice relaxing day at the beach or something.

  4. Enjoy your day and do something out of the ordinary with the children . What are your botanical gardens like this time of year? Go for a walk and a bit of lunch maybe. Today I hope you get good news after the little girls surgery, I know you will feel better knowing she is doing well and not in such pain. Have a good day whatever you decide to doxx

  5. Have a great, fun day, enjoy life!!!

  6. Do whatever it takes to distract and entertain yourselves. Hope you all have some fun.

    Things like this take a bit of recovery time so take it easy on yourself fr a bit. Thank-goodness it's the weekend so you will have lots of family time.

    This was a horrible accident. My worst fear has always been dealing with the immediate results of an accident. You did well. Be proud that you responded and helped someone's little girl.


  7. It might help you to go see that little girl in hospital he next few days... Poor Chris!

  8. Good job Chris - gives you a new appreciation for ambulance officers huh?

    I love the new label too "Onward for life plan". Much more positive!!

  9. Lorraine H.9:44 AM

    Chris,I whole heartedly agree with your sister about not sending the children to school today.

    Take care of yourself and remember you are only human.

    Southgirl xx

  10. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Guess that makes going for a swim out of the question also.
    Me thinks it is about time buses had some sort of seatbelt or restraint set up as mandatory. Doesn't bear thinking about mums with babes in arms when this happens. Just saying

  11. I think you did fantastically!! And yeah the visions will fade, the first is always the worst. As a paramedic we learn to shut off the emotions and block out the feelings, which has it's down sides too (makes us a hard-hearted bunch sometimes). That little girl will be so appreciative of the angel who came to save her!!

  12. Anonymous1:30 PM

    In Aussie the have seat belts on some buses my children have them for there bus.

  13. Was sorry to hear about the bus accident yesterday. Despite the shock & having to work through all the feelings, thoughts & sounds that are flooding back, console yourself with the fact that you were there for that little girl & without you being brave enough to assist, she may have been all alone & done worse damage to herself. It will take some time, but you will move past it. Good luck with Griffin & getting him back onto transport. ((((HUGS))))

  14. I hope poor Stew didn't get too stuck in the traffic. It was a shocker tonight, Gary had to take Samyson into town & it took so long that he was too late to go to the filming he was going to & Gary was still so stuck in traffic Samyson walked to find him, got in the car & they came home again.

    I hope you get a decent nights sleep tonight. Enjoy your dinner.

  15. Just read about the accident for the first time. What an angel you are to jump right in and help. I'm sure the parents of the children appreciated your being there! Hope your day made all of you forget about the tragedy for awhile. Praying that time will heal all memories and that your lives return to normal very soon! Liz

  16. Thank you. Busses NEED seat belts. Just a shame they don't have them. :(

  17. That little girl was very lucky to have you and I bet her parents appreciated a kind loving soul near their daughter to keep her calm......

  18. Anonymous9:23 PM

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