Monday, March 04, 2013


The builders are supposed to arrive around lunchtime today.  I really hope they can do the repairs fast... because if they can't get it all done today, they will have to come back on the 12th, which will just drag it out for another week.

I hate distruptions in my house.  This is doing me head in... but at least I am managing to hold my frustrations in.

I am one of the most impatient people I KNOW! I want it done YESTERDAY!

When I know I have to wait, it just makes me anxious... because I don't know exactly what the builders have to do, and if I have to take everything out of the kitchen cupboards?  Cover everything from dust?  Bla bla bla.  See... already doing me head in.

I think I have a touch of OCD sometimes.  

Sheesh, I don't even have a photo to start the day with!  Outrageous!

So instead I give you the number 25.  25 Days of following our OFL plan.  25 days of being spot on with everything.  25 days of feeling bloody proud of myself

Yes, I got bored hence all the colours. I will come back later with some photos of hunky builders... I hope!  There has to be some positives eh?   *smiles*


TRACY:  as the builders will be here today, I will find out all the finer details today I suppose.
My biggest concern is how much dust there might be when they do the back garage wall... because we have a lot of stuff/equipment in the garage.

So far, today has not gone to plan for me.  I felt really ill when I was making the lunches so had to go back to bed for a while.  I've got a cracking headache and my tummy is doing flip flops.  

You know when you put on a top that is just that wee bit too tight and it pulls across your back?  Well today I put on a top that was way too tight last time I tried to wear it.... and today?  IT FITS again!   Shit that's such a neat feeling!!!

I brought Lacy and Keera over for the day... Lacy has done some housework for me, and so has Bex.  Now we just have to wait for the builder to arrive....

Anti climax ... the builder arrived, mucked around with kick boards in the kitchen... then left!  Seems it's only the kick boards that need to be replaced.  And he has to get them ordered and made... so who knows how long that will take!
I cannot BELIEVE the building company didn't order the new kick boards WEEKS AGO,  when they knew they would have to be replaced!   Freaking useless.

I didn't even bother to take a photo... it wasn't worth it!

Now I am like... CRABBY.  Annoyed.  Frustrated.  

The flooring man is calling in shortly to drop off materials and 'scope' the job.  *sigh*  Don't tell me they don't know what the hell they are doing either.  Surely not?

Well I can't say a bad word about the flooring guys!  They dropped off all the new flooring and will come back either tomorrow or Wednesday to do the job.  It is expected to take 2 days.  And not too much dust involved, the guy said he didn't want to piss me off!  lol

ABOVE: some cute photos of the two bubs today.
That's all for now, going to lie on the couch and do nothing for a little while... feeling ikky.


Griffin came home with his writing book from school.  He wanted to show me what his teacher had made him do today.
Apparently after assembly, Griffin and another boy sat outside to do their 20 spelling words.  Griffin only managed to get 15 done in the allocated time, and when he went inside he told the teacher that he had not finished because the sun was in his eyes.

The teacher said he did not believe that, and he also did not believe Griffin had Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or Dysgraphia, and he told Griffin he was JUST LAZY !!!

OMG I saw red, and immediately rang the Principal to talk to her and ask for Griffin to be moved into another class, and he would NOT be coming back to school until that was arranged.

The Principal (bless her heart) said Griffin would be moved IMMEDIATELY, and she was going to talk to Griffin's teacher right away.

Fuming... shaking... totally stunned that a teacher could go against all the reports on Griffin and tell my son he was 'JUST LAZY'.  

I am so happy with our Principal!  She has organised a new class for Griffin, she will get all Griffin's belongings out of his classroom and take Griffin and I to his new class and new teacher tomorrow morning!  How awesome is she?  
I am now looking forward to tomorrow.  So is Griffin.

End of Day:  just spent a while filling out our Census papers, what a job.  *sigh*
Now before we go to bed we need to move all the furniture from the kitchen/family room into the lounge, so that IF the flooring guys come back tomorrow morning, it is ready for them to get working on the floor.
nite nite.


  1. I'm glad you found a positive in having the builders come. I hope they meet your hunkiness expectations.

  2. I bet they're all old, chubby, sweaty and showing their builder's cracks.

    No no no... they will all be bronze, muscles and hunky I'm sure... ;)

    Have a happy day!


  3. Either ring the assessor & ask her to email the scope of works which should detail exactly what needs to be done, or ring the building firm & ask what you need to have dine to prepare for them. Really they should have told you if cupboards need to be emptied etc.

  4. Im like you chris want things done yesterday. Dont stress go with the flow, Try to enjoy the day ewww hope theres not too many builders cracks as kittie said lmao

  5. OOOOpppps forgot to say Yahoo!!!! on day 25....well done

  6. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too well today - it sounds like it could very well be a combination of stress and anxiety. Hopefully you are feeling better once the builders are there and you know what is going to happen, time frames, etc. Well done on the top fitting and the 25 days of excellent - woo hoo! I wish I had your resolve right now - but hopefully my resolve will return soon. Heck, I have a wedding to attend in October in Oz - so two incentives there - a) I don't want to have to ask for a seatbelt extender and b) I'd like to wear something that doesn't make me look like I'm a sack.

  7. Well done Chris, it is a great feeling when clothes arent so tight. Good luck with the builders, it is going to be a bit difficult for a while. Martine x

  8. congrats on the 25 days!! Awesome job chick!!! So proud of you :)

  9. I hope you are feeling better :) Don't you just love it when clothes get looser instead of tighter? The hardest part is getting started sometimes - great too that you are not driven by the scales this time as I think that can be quite off-putting.

  10. Woo hoo on the top!!! Great work with a great result! - Good luck with the builders and fingers crossed not too much dust.
    Hope all else is going well and not causing too much upset.

  11. I expected the kickers had to be replaced, but nothing in the garage ??

    Congrats on days 25. I have lost some but know that my weight can go up and down dramatically so have decided to stop weighing myself so often. I think I will just weigh myself when you do. Those looser clothes feel good don't they ?

  12. You sound like your going through what we're going through right now. It's been two months since we were left with no basement! To get the guys doing the construction to do anything is like pulling teeth. Every time they show up they never complete what they're suppose to do. I've tired of going down into my basement and seeing a huge hole in the basement floor and no walls!!! Pour the frickin floor and build me a basement already!!! Sorry for the rant hope your doing well other than the construction.

  13. The awesome thing about day 25 is that it is such a no-brainer to keep going to first weigh in and not bugger up all your hard work at this point. Once you get to that first weigh in it will confirm that you are doing a great job and motivate you to continue. This is what so many of us seem to struggle with - making it to the first one so we can then be motivated by seeing the results. The fact that you have done this over a 30 day period as opposed to a shorter one when just recently you were feeling very lost is a fantastic outcome. You deserve to feel very proud of yourself, and your family for supporting the plan. Well done to all of you, but especially all those efforts to make good meals and also only bring the good food into the house in the first place (mainly you and Stew, with some help from Steve and Bex). Penny xo

  14. Anonymous3:00 PM

    They are going to be great mates those two! hehe Bee - Gold Coast -

  15. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Well i guess griffin is just like his grandmother than fat and lazy

  16. I am in shock!!! What the hell plant did that teacher fall off what a disgrace !!!! Grrrrrrr !!! Poor Griffin that wee man had just got going and finally things were working for him!! What the hell happened to all that .. One set of words can cripple a kid for life and any teacher worth their weight knows this. This man as far as I am concerned has breached the teaching standards that we as teachers adhere to. Make a complaint to the teachers council !!!!! I am mad, and I live in my bubble god knows how furious you are.

  17. You tell Griffin that some of the smartest people in the world are Dyslexic!!! The guy who figured out the link between dinosaurs and birds credits his dyslexia for helping him because he looked at information differently!!! Even Theo Paphitis who is a multi millionaire businessman is dyslexic and he is far from being lazy. gggrrrr

  18. Am I reading that anonymous comment correctly??? Some weak nasty person that can't put their name up. Fuck off anonymous and get a life! You obviously have nothing better to do than be a CUNT!!!!

  19. So when did this teacher get his medical degree? Yeah, I thought so.

    Good for you, Mama Bear!

  20. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Yikes nasty anon.
    Griffin will be a talented gentle and caring young man you will be proud off
    Mary H

  21. OMG Chris...hope you are going to take this matter to the school council, he needs more than a talking to!!!

  22. WTH!?! I guess he thinks everyone is making it up? I hope he has a new teacher pronto that is ridiculous!

  23. Ok, that teacher is completely out of line! I am glad the Principal is going to take immediate action. Also, good on Griffin for getting 15 out of 20.

    As for Anonymous - oh, just Fuck Off.

  24. stick to your guns with Griffin and his education. One teacher thinks he knows more than the experts isn't worth setting him back for. You did the right thing getting him moved. xx

    PS on my blog you mentioned I should put up a pic of the boot - I have one one FaceBook if you wanted to see it :-)

  25. Formal complaint time against the teacher. End of.

  26. That's fantastic news for u both. By the way those babies are super cute

  27. Woohoo on the top and its looseness, woohoo on the flooring, woohoo on Griffin being moved and please ask for an apology from said TEACHER he is a bully FULLSTOP! a verbal apology a sincere apology to Griffin so he can see that there is some accountability ...... oh and make it clear to said Teacher to stay away from YOU and Griffin! .....

  28. Excellent job by the Principal.

  29. Did you not do your census online? We did ours two weeks ago - easy as online!! Perhaps you did? Just guessing by the way you said it :)

  30. Hopefully Griffin will have a better experience in his next class.... PS; that picture of Keera trying to bite that little toy is the CUTENESS.

    AAArrrr... want to cuddle them both!

  31. Anonymous1:12 AM

    So glad Griffin will have a new teacher - feel so bad about what happened. Good for you to get it straightened out!

  32. Good luck with the builders.
    The problem between Griffin and his teacher may lay somewhere in the middle.
    The problem I see with the the baby pictures are that you got the big baby in the little chair, and the little baby in the big chair. Obviously the bigger baby realizes this problem and is trying to make the adjustment.

  33. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Hey... don't forget the Billy Bob teeth!


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