Sunday, March 10, 2013


I am a very proud Grandma... I love all me grandbabies so much.  
And just to prove it, how about a few photos?  Come on... ya know I can't help myself! ....

 ABOVE:  Darling Sienna, fell asleep having her lunch. I nicked this photo off Facebook. She looks so tanned... lucky she has skin that tans easily, just like most of our family, and Tess's too I think.    

ABOVE: Steve holding the babes... Look how BIG Dante looks compared to Keera!  She is long and slim, while he's 5 months younger and almost as heavy as her!  Of course, because hes shorter than her, he looks chubbier.

ABOVE:  this look from Keera is her to a 'T'... she is the MOST delightful baby girl... So happy and contented.  She's a real joy to have in our lives.  Dante... well he's still just an infant... but when he smiles... OMG ... he melts your heart.

ABOVE: Steve and Bex took Dante outside last night to watch over Brylee and Griffin while they played on their skateboards.  I can't actually SEE them watching the kids!  Oh well... they were OK at the end of the day.  *smiles*

ABOVE: While I was sewing bags last night, Bex had a play on my 'card making' sewing machine.  Explanation of card making machine:  it's a cheap Brother, and I use it to sew fabric onto card.  I will not use my Husqvarna with card, it could clog it!  So anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, Bex.  She made that cute pin cushion, and has almost finished another one too.  Very cute.

Right, next thing... I saw this little video on Facebook yesterday, and wanted to share, this guy can sing...

ABOVE:  his name is Austin Criswell, he writes and sings his own songs, and does 'Covers' of other singer's songs.  He has a Youtube account where you can go and listen to more of his music if you like his singing.  I do.  

Time to go.... I want to suggest to Stew that we take the two kids to a beach or somewhere nice for the day.  

As we had a poor man killed by a Great White Shark and a Bronze Whaler Shark just a week or so ago... I'm just a bit scared of getting in the water, so maybe just splashes in the shallows!

It took me a couple of years to get back in the water after watching 'JAWS' ... so it might just take that long again.  Yes, I'm a scaredy cat!

KAREN :  re your comment last night.  I have dropped my portion sizes, made healthier choices if I wanted a snack (fruit, nuts, cereal bars etc.), made healthier meals using more fresh veges and less fried food and stopped eating chocolate and lollies and cakes etc. 

Personally I think just dropping our portion sizes had made a HUGE difference.

I allow myself ONE meal a week of whatever I desire... like Burger and Chips!  Total abstinence from "yummy food" will only cause you to crave them more, and then you might just fall off the bloody wagon!

I have also tried to add a bit more exercise in my day... making small changes towards a much  healthier life.

It is fairly simple, at the end of the day you have to want to make the changes for yourself before you can succeed at anything.  Your own desire has to be your motivation, and you have to stick to your guns and just do it!  Without that burning desire for change, you will never get where you want to be.

It is not like you can flip a switch, or look to others to give you motivation, it has to come from within you.

Ooops... just lectured you all !  Sorry. 


Stew and I scraped the idea of going to the beach.  We are both really tired ... lack of sleep does that to ya.

I tossed and turned and couldn't get to sleep because my mind was on something  that was really bothering me, so I ended up getting out of bed at 1.30  in the morning and doing a 'Google Search' for information I needed.

Now that I have that information I can tackle the 'problem'.  More on that tomorrow.

So, I finally got into bed to SLEEP at 2 am!
Stew tossed and turned too... he doesn't know why.  Probably just too hot.

We ended up just going to the mall for lunch, then coming home again.
AND now I'm off for a nana nap.

End of Day:  a quiet afternoon and evening... well, as quiet as it can be with two babies in the house.  Keera has been visiting while her Mum is out with friends for dinner.
Watching Master Chef on TV.... we have grown to love this show.  It's on pause right now cos Steve and Bex are bathing Dante.
Time for me to say...
nite nite.


  1. Love the lecture it's 100% true :)

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Austin Criswell is really good!
    That song is amazingly sad that people can turn us against God by their 'religionous' judgments~

    I don't like any water I can't see the bottom of!! PERIOD!!! ♥♥♥

  3. I need all the lecturing I can get *smiles*

  4. Love the lecture...I need it Chris, lecture away please.

  5. Great lecture! I must admit when I saw the "Karen" I had to go back and have a look at my comments I had made yesterday but then found that there were indeed other Karen's commenting :)
    Hope you have a fabulous day out with the kids - a splash at the beach sounds great!

  6. Photos of Dante Keera and Sienna are gorgeous how is Bodhi doing? Austin Criswell has ana amzing voice.

  7. I too am the same with swimming in the ocean... if I cant see the bottom then I wont go in there!
    As for the weight loss! You have done a fantastic job! We all know what we have to do... its just putting it in place and sticking with it!

  8. Beverly Green8:11 PM

    Hey Chris, that Austin geezer looks just like your son in law Andrew! So glad that you have re-united with Amanda and her family.
    Luv, Bev Green, OZ

  9. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I'm thrilled to c your weight loss chick you rock hun


  10. "Your own desire has to be your motivation, and you have to stick to your guns and just do it! Without that burning desire for change, you will never get where you want to be."

    LOVE that. So so true.

    That guy's singing is awesome!


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