Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yesterday Bex and I did a very MODEST 20 minute walk... and by last night I felt so, so tired!
PATHETIC.    How the bloody HELL did I let myself get so unfit???
So overweight AGAIN??

I am so angry with myself.  And sad.
SAD that once again I have to lose it all... and get fit again.

5 years WASTED, when I could have been fit and happy with myself. *sigh*


SNACKS:  I am really scared of even having one snack during the day.  Scared that it will be the beginning of over snacking.  I've done it before.  I know my own weaknesses.  Snacking is a HUGE one for me.
So... no snacking I think.  Which makes it a bit hard when one is a diabetic!  I get the shakes REALLY BADLY by late afternoon.

When this happened in the past I'd quickly make myself a peanut butter sandwich, then I'd be OK again.

I don't want to eat peanut butter sandwiches anymore.

I'll leave this problem in the 'too hard' basket for now... any ideas... gimme!

CLEAN EATING:  what the f*#@ is with this 'saying'?  What is 'CLEAN' food ... and if it's not CLEAN... does that make it DIRTY then?   Explain this someone.  (OK, I do get what someone kinda means when they say it, but come on!) 

Say this to a kid and try to explain it eh?  

"Griffin you cannot eat THAT, it's dirty"

Hmmmm... thought provoking me thinks.
Perhaps it would be better to say 'Good' or 'Bad'?

Here is a photo of me sushi from last night (Stew's plateful):

ABOVE: they were all chicken... some with teriyaki sauce, some with cranberry sauce, and differing stuff inside too.  I asked Stew to bring home another bottle of Cranberry Sauce ....

ABOVE:  and that is what he brought home!  I didn't like the Sweet & Sour, the Teriyaki was too strong, but I do like the Plum and Cranberry.  I'm not even going to worry about how much sugar or whatever is in it... it's yum and that's all there is to it!   It's not like I drank a whole bottle full... *SMILES*

Lastly for now, a really cute video of Teddy after the bath Lacy gave him yesterday:

ABOVE:  poor bugger.  He's been in a cone for two months already.


It is a stunning day!  And I'm loving the quiet leisurely mornings once the kids are at school. Some mornings I walk around in me nightie for an hour or more!  Luckily no one has knocked on me door ... me in my nightie ain't a good look!

Going out soon, just for the hell of it!  Spotlight, here we come!

So frustrated, so, so angry right now and the worst thing?  I CANNOT say a word here or anywhere about it.  But ... thanks to seeing a psychologist for the best part of 6 months I am LEARNING to let things go.  At least I can thank 'someone' for that, but then again, I wouldn't have NEEDED to see a health professional to help with depresson if it wasn't for 'someone'.  Grrrrrr.

Retail therapy, here I come!  dum dee doooo....

WOW... who needs a slap then?
My little rant above was NOT anything to do with a person in HAMILTON.  
If I wanted to rant about HER, it would be on my PRIVATE blog.  
Another daughter of mine is driving me nuts right now.... and she knows it.  And OMG she's on the phone right now going on and on at me... maybe I should hang up ... yep. I did.

Oi CRANKY:  yes I think I got all your emails!  I've not updated P.I.Y. in a while cos all is going well!  Shock horror!

Right, now that I'm feeling better (Ha!  I ended up hanging up on a certain pain in the butt 3 times today!)..I will show you what I bought today:
ABOVE:  two gorgeous bath towels (half price), a beach towel (half price), a metre of fabric (20% off) a new card cutting punch, and some metallic paper.  Just love that Spotlight shop!

I am now going down to the garage to sew... yaaaa.

ABOVE: yaaa, another cot sheet done.  I love this one.  The other thing I did was continue working on a UFO, something I started about a year ago ... I should have it finished in a day or two.

It is Bex's turn to cook tonight.  She is doing a beef stir fry.  Should be nice.... even though I'm probably not going to have any!  I had a large salad for lunch, so am not hungry at all yet.

LEIGH: that is a novel idea.  Teddy has the same problem every summer... His skin goes bright pinky/red and he whimpers and cries and can't keep still.... suggests it is an allergy.  

He has been on Steroids and Anti Inflammatory medication before, but as they will shorten his life, I only use them when he is really bad.
Actually, now that I think about it, he probably SHOULD have gone on them this summer, but I've been a bit distracted.

Poor bugger.  He has been a bit neglected this summer.  Now I feel bad.

End of Day:'s been an up and down sort of day.  Glad it's over.
nite nite.


  1. I am also diabetic so I understand about the snacks and the shakes. Wierd though once I eating well, my blood sugar is better and I dont get that problem.

    For me, clean food = unprocessed.

    You are doing great :) Keep going one day at a time.

  2. With diabetes it's really important that you keep your blood sugars levelled (ambulance talk) to stop the shakes. This doesn't mean putting actual sugar (or sweet things) into your system (unless youre having a life threatening sugar low) but to put something in your system that is slow releasing so your body can burn it for longer and stay satisfied. This is where clean food comes in, basically like Enz said above it's non processed food. If you imagine what the people ate before factories started making stuff. Veges, brown rice, fruit, meat stuff like that. Fruit get burned up by the body pretty quick so won't last long and you'll be hungry again but good for a 'quick I need something now moment' then follow it up with maybe some cheese or beef jerky, or eggs ... something with protein that lasts longer. Eggs might be a good thing for lunches for you, stays in the system longer. We can do this, we've both in very similar boats right now but with support we can both make it!!!

  3. DO NOT beat yourself up. Relax.

    Did you ever see the movie "Fight Club"? They talk about clean food in that movie.

  4. Righty o. Firstly with the exercise, think of yesterday as the start, a few more walks & you will build up your fitness very quickly. Don't think of it as exercise so much as helping Bex get out of the house & Dante getting some fresh air & change of scenery:-) you are amazing at putting others first so lets work with that.

    With snacks - keep a few healthy portion controlled snacks handy and grab one, move away from the kitchen to eat it. Get Bex to hide them if necessary. Just a few nuts, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber etc.

    Regular healthy snacks are all part of keeping you healthy.

  5. And you are NOT pathetic:-)

  6. That sushi looked divine, the sauces we love all of those, bodybuilders grilled or poach chicken int he mornings for sfternoons maybe chicken fillet? seasoned and with herbs poached ? Clean food to me unprocessed maybe ?

  7. I know we don't agree about low carb eating but I do this to keep my blood sugars even. By not "spiking" my blood sugar during the day with rice or bread, I don't then get a drop in blood sugar which causes the shakes. Maybe stop thinking of lowcarb as a diet and think of it as I do - a way to stabalise blood sugar.

    If you go to this website, there is more info than you could ever need. Excellent site!!

  8. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Chris - do not be so hard on yourself. You will get back to where you were. It is going to take some time, but it is very doable and you can do it!!

    One thing I do, when I go and buy my veggies for the week, is, once I am home with the veggies, I wash them and slice them as soon as I come in. I then put them in separate containers. This way I can do 1 of 2 things...1) I can snack on a celery stick, or a red pepper stick, or carrot sticks, or broccoli, or cauliflower, whenever I need to. 2) Since I already have my veggies washed and cut up they are ready for a salad or a stir-fry. My motto is: Wash once, cut once, eat many times.

    Also, keep apples on hand. I also wash these as soon as I come in and put them in a bowl on the counter, I can grab and go.

    Good luck, and remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. ; )

    Ky Girl

  9. I don't think labeling food "good' or "bad" is much of an idea. If you eat the good food, you are good and if you eat the bad food, you are then bad?

    That's one great way to beat yourself up and lower self-esteem for sure.

    Re: snacks. They are not all bad. Fruit, nuts, vege sticks and dip, low-fat yoghurt, rice crackers.... that's what I snack on.

    it's better than waiting hours until the next meal then *really* overdoing it because you are so, so hungry !!!


  10. Have you heard much about Low GI foods? They keep you fuller for longer.I have some books here, let me know if you want some recommendations. I am also doing the Gabriel Method, love it. No dieting, just making sure your body has the right foods.
    As for snacks, I have a set time for snacks and I put them on a plate, sit down and enjoy. I usually have fruit (including fresh dates) with Greek Yoghurt and honey and Goat's cheese with Low GI crackers.

  11. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I can't snack based on feeling like it either, otherwise I'll eat all day. So I have my meals planned and part of the plan is the same snack every afternoon. Fruit salad. I put in strawberries, blueberries, mango, apple, pineapple, grapes, kiwifruit. I make it once a week and put it in an airtight container in the fridge and it lasts for a week. I also weigh out an even portion so that I don't overeat on it.

  12. Instead of "snacks" have several small meals. Much better for you.

    Clean just means not processed in my book. I see people post clean meals with stuff that is processed so obviously everyone thinks of it differently.

  13. I live in Hamilton!!!!


  14. Good lord, why are you beating yourself up? You wouldn't put up with someone ELSE saying those things to you...would you?

    We do the best we can each day...and if today is not so good, well, the good news is, you get to start again tomorrow!

    I think, as it happens, that snacking, done well, is a good thing. Too long without food = crashing headache, craving, and grumpy, for me, anyway. Ok, downright raging bitch, if I'm honest. And I TRY and do it healthily, as the others above have suggested, by keeping something reasonably healthy and delicious to hand.

    It's funny to hear about hot and steamy weather...we are skiing each day after school, and freezing our rears off! SO lucky to live ten minutes from the hill. I won't be laughing so hard in July, when it's hotter than hell and steamy to match!

  15. Enjoy your sewing time today. The cot sheets with the patterns looked cute.

  16. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I have always found the key to snacking is to snack on something that is filling but not that delicious. Helps you stop going back for seconds. Also I find having the same thing every day works for me - I don't even have to think about it so the temptation is also lessened.

    I quite like a plain smoothie made from 200ml almond milk (no carbs) some protein powder and 1/2 a cup of frozen berries. The key is to keep it plain, don't keep adding stuff. And don't stop to think 'hmm what I really feel like is a...' Just have it then allow your self to think :)


  17. Anonymous5:07 PM

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  18. Anonymous5:07 PM

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  19. LeighRe Teddy and his biting himself , my cat was doing similar and the vet said it was emotional as we had changed a few things at home and the cat was stressed. The vet gave me happy pills for the cat (just a weeks worth ) and told me to give the cat more attention if he started doing it again. It worked. Maybe Teddy is stressed with puppies and then babies etc and feels left out.5:35 PM

    Re Teddy and his biting himself , my cat was doing similar and the vet said it was emotional as we had changed a few things at home and the cat was stressed. The vet gave me happy pills for the cat (just a weeks worth ) and told me to give the cat more attention if he started doing it again. It worked. Maybe Teddy is stressed with puppies and then babies etc and feels left out.

  20. Anonymous6:36 PM

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  21. Could it maybe be diet with Teddy? I have taken my dogs off all grains, corn etc and buy a holistic dog food, grain and corn free and my maltese is better, actually much better. She was having terrible ear infections and they have cleared up since no grain is given. We also make our own treats for them and use rice flour for them, no wheat flour, etc. Just thought I would give a suggeation, if that hasn't been used.
    Do not beat yourself up Chris. Snack on celery, with a little peanut butter, or a few nuts. I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was a teenager. I wear a insulin pump. None of us are perfect, but if you get your blood sugars in control, you won't have those lows everyday. If your sugars have been high for a while, then even getting to normal, your body will feel like it's low and it's not. Try taking your blood sugar at that time, to see what the number really is. It's OK to snack, just use low carb foods and proteins. Hope this helps...LOL..My hubby is type 2, and he will feel a low, and I have him take his sugars and it is actually normal, sometimes low.

    God Bless~

  22. Wow, had to delete a few comments today! But, one is going to pop up on tomorrow's post. I couldn't leave it without sharing.

  23. oooooh keeping us in suspense huh? Can't wait.

    Kate (444)

  24. Wow! That was an essay! You are doing amazing now! Don't worry about the past!

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