Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I got a lovely email last night... from PEPPA'S family, she is doing so well.  Seems to have taken  to her new family like a duck to water:

ABOVE:  there she is in her cute bed... with her new doggy family right beside her.  She looks so happy. 

I am just so happy that all the pups families have been in touch... letting me know that their puppies are doing well and are happy.
Such a nice thing for them to do.

Five families who got a puppy from our first litter took their pups home and we never heard from any of them ever again!  The only one we have some contact with is Chico's family... and she is doing well.

Now for something kinda funny...  We have a lovely couple living next door to us, ... he works during the day and she stays home. 
She spends a lot of time in her kitchen/family room... which faces our kitchen/family room.

Because she can (and did) look directly into our kitchen and family room we put up a shade cloth screen a couple of years ago.  When I got this new computer I had to drop the small blind in the kitchen as the glare was hitting my screen and it was annoying.


ABOVE:  see the little blind?  Well... yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from my neighbour.  First off she asked me when did I get the new blind in my kitchen?  I told her it wasn't new, that is was always there.  So then she asked me why I had it pulled down for two days already? 

I had to laugh!  I explained why I had done it... and she said she was worried that I thought she was being too nosey looking into our house all the time... and that in fact she WASN'T looking into our house... that she was just standing at her kitchen bench ALL DAY watching her TV. 

Ahhh...  whatever you say dear neighbour!  At least I know our 'neighbour hood watch' is alive and kicking.  *smiles*

Now... back to Phantom:  he likes chewing things (show me a puppy who doesn't!)...

 ABOVE:  my sneakers and laces got a hammering ...

 ABOVE:  then my dress....

ABOVE: then my woolen rug... see the fluff hanging off his mouth?  Amazing how his eyes reflected blue!

ABOVE: Coco has totally ignored Teddy ever since her puppies were born.  Now that they are all but gone... she's back to being his best buddy!  Fickle girl. 

Right, that's me for now... off to make the lunches... sip  coffee... YEAH RIGHT!  DIET COKE is me 'coffee' of choice!  Can't start the day without it.  Ahhhhh......


KELLY H:  How do I keep my kitchen clean?  Simple.  When it gets dirty or messed up.. I clean and tidy it up!  I'm fairly fussy about my kitchen...  though right now it's actually a pigsty!  I have to wipe the cupboard fronts down and clean the oven... lucky you can't see inside the oven!

WHY do kids think it's OK to come home and argue and bicker non stop and then wonder why I get mad?  I am so over these two kids.  I wish I could spin the dial forward and they were old enough to leave home.  Seriously.  Motherhood is supposed to be a woman's most fulfilling 'job' in life.   HA! More like a life sentence of being a referee!

So... what else have I been up to today?  Just the usual.  Did housework.  Played with Phantom.  Had a little excursion to Spotlight to find something... but didn't find it so I got a few more artificial flowers. 

Found out that Manukau Spotlight are moving onto Cavendish Drive at the beginning of December.  *sigh*   That kinda sucks as where it is right now is so handy.  Apparently their lease is expiring and they are moving because the building needs lots of maintenence work which either they don't want to do or the landlord won't do.  Can't remember which.

Oh I had a 'nana' nap too... getting up before 6am to a puppy wanting 'out' and breakfast is not condusive to a happy Chris.  So when the kids come home arguing it just takes the cake... and I get crabby again.

WOW... it's very quiet in blog world today... what is everyone doing?  Christmas shopping?  Working? Out doing good deeds?  *sigh* 

End of Day:  well it's been a 'normal' day around here.  Dinner is done and now it's chill out time till bedtime.
nite nite


  1. I am glad you are hearing from the puppies new homes....I'm sure you can't help but wonder about them.
    Funny about your neighbor. It would make me crazy to think someone was watching me all the time.

  2. That can be a good thing neighbours noticing things out of place, Phantom what a devilish look he has!

  3. Peppa does look happy! I'm sure you are sooooo relieved... My, how we love our animals!

    Question - how in the world do you keep your kitchen so clean? Mine always looks like a tornado hit!

    Kelly in Cali

  4. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Boy Phantom's family are in for a treat when he goes home.I love his little "evil eye"as to say what can I do next.Mmmm lets see.


  5. Too funny about the neighbor! When we first moved in I could see my neighbor in her SHOWER. TG only her head though lol. Her trees she planted are huge now so I can't see in her yard at all (glad for that!)

  6. Ok, that neighbour of yours is SO WEIRD. I swear just hearing about this creeps me out.

  7. I have a window in my shower and even with frosted glass and a dark shower liner over the window I am so paranoid about being spotted! I usually only shower when it's light out!
    Precious fur-babies!

  8. Punjab Technical University College6:06 AM

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  9. Today is the day before Thanksgiving here in America! LOADS to do to prepare....maybe that is where everyone is!

    Yeah, right, that your neighbor is looking!!! LOL There are some tints you can put on the window to stop glare too. maybe that would help~

    Yes, that is nice the puppies new owners are letting you know how they are doing. That only makes sense to me. They were your babies first, and you took excellent care of them~!

  10. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Sounds like you're doing we'll on the exercise .. Ie tidying, and running after kids... Might it be time to sort out the eating? I'm not meaning to be hurtful, but it really does sound like you are your own worst enemy with regard to food. Lyn


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