Sunday, October 21, 2012


Yep, it's me Birthday.  Another year older, no wiser, just more Crabby!

I blame the crabbiness on the hot flushes.  It can't have ANYTHING to do with my PERSONALITY eh?  *smiles*

So... last night I finished a huge tidy up of me sewing area:

 ABOVE:  I pulled everything out and down and sorted it all out... it's the best feeling getting it all tidy... 

ABOVE: now I can start a new project without the mess and muddle driving me nuts.

 ABOVE:  here is Steve and Bex's baby Cot Quilt all finished.  They are very happy with it.

ABOVE:  this is the back of the quilt.  Simple, but pretty.

We are expecting a few family for lunch today... I am going to make a big batch of scones... better get Stew to go and get some cream for me to whip up.  And he can pick up Lacy and Keera too....


I invited Amanda, Andrew, Kelly, Rena, Lacy and baby to lunch today.
I had hoped that everything would go well.
I even got some nice photos of everyone getting along well....

ABOVE: Lunchtime, scones ... made by Andrew and Kelly with my 'supervision'.

Everyone was just starting to eat lunch when the shit hit the fan.

My Birthday has been ruined.   

I don't know quite how many people ended up in tears... but I was one of them.


Right this minute, we are back to just the four of us.
Amanda and Andrew left mid-lunch... can't and won't comment on that here.
Kelly and Rena got picked up by Gordon, who drove up from Hamilton to get them.
Steve, Bex and Lacy have gone to Sylvia Park ... not sure why.

After today there will be NO MORE family gatherings like today.  It is just not worth it, as I always end up feeling hurt and upset.

I now know that this family is fractured and will probably never be the same again.  And by 'the same' I mean how we were a couple of years ago, before things got nasty.

I think the thing that has hurt so much today is that some people didn't care that it was MY BIRTHDAY they were ruining.  

A girlfriend in America just told me I should hire a BOUNCER for our parties!   NOT BAD!  Made me smile anyway.

LEE ANNE:  yes I am self taught... there is so much you can learn just by going on the 'net and reading, watching videos etc.  I did go to a Patchwork Class for a while, but it was really just an informal group who met once a week and had a yak session with the 'Tutor'.  I learnt most from the net, and using my own ideas too.

DEBBIE:  my scones:

4 cups white flour
6 teaspoons baking powder
2 big cups grated tasty cheese
1 cup grated butter
milk to mix

Put flour and baking powder in a bowl.  Add the cheese... stir in with a knife, then add the butter and stir it in with a knife too.  Then slowly add milk, stirring with said knife again.  Once you have it to a 'doughy' consistency tip it onto a floured bench and PAT AND SHAPE it into a tidy rectangle, not too thin!  


Then cut it into shapes, and place on a baking tray.
Chuck it into a hot oven (220 degrees Celcius) for about 15 minutes.

I add cheese to EVERY scone mix.... it just makes them so BLOODY YUM!  So, if I am making sultana scones or date scones I still add the CHEESE. 

I have taken a couple of photos of my gifts today:

 ABOVE:  this lot is from Steve and Bex... they went shopping for my present after lunch.... apparently it took AGES for them to find a Birthday card that didn't say "Have a Lovely Birthday" !  Bearing in mind how the day has panned out they didn't think it was appropriate!  

ABOVE: the large blue pail is from Steve and Bex too.   Amanda and Andrew got me a pamper session at a clinic... massage, exfoliation etc... it sounds divine! Kelly got me a lovely bamboo plant and some gift vouchers from Spotlight.  Lacy gave me a cute little pill container for my handbag.  Stew and the kids got me the funky little dinner plate... it's a small dinner plate, so I can limit my portions.  LOVE IT.

ABOVE:  I have already found a place for the cute little thermometer. 

We are having sausages and hot chips for dinner... my choice as I don't feel like cooking.

SERIOUSLY... I am weird!  Every time I have felt upset and sad about today, I scroll up to the photo of my nice tidy sewing 'area' and I feel better.  Is that sad or what? Don't quite understand why it makes me happy again!

End of Day:  I will be extremely happy to go to bed tonight and end this shit day.
nite nite


  1. Have a very happy birthday chris! Hope you get spoilt!

  2. Happy, happy, happy Birthday to you Chris. I hope your day is filled with much laughter and tons of love. Birthday Hugs...

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Happy Birthday Love! Great quilt.... they should be happy with it..... looks like you put alot of effort into it!!

  4. Very happy birthday Chris, hope you get spoilt rotten and enjoy your day :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!!

  6. I fortot you share with my hubby. Happy Birthday Chris :-) You've got it wrong tho.....they should be making the cakes/scones for you. Its your birthday!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Chris. Have a great day and yes the others should be making YOU the scones.

  8. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Have a great stress free birthday and sit back and get pampered! They can whip up the scones and run around after you.

    Wish the weather was better for you!!

    Have a great day.


  9. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Happy Birthday Chick have an awesome day and hope your spoilt rotten....Luv the quilt...

    donna @ work

  10. Happy birthday have a fab day :)

  11. Have a lovely day full of love and laughter!! Happy Birthday!!

  12. The cot quilt is amazing....I'm sure they are very happy with it.
    Happy birthday to you....make it a good one.

  13. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Have a great day for your Birthday.Yes put your feet up and enjoy YOUR DAY.


  14. Happy Birthday Chris - I hope yu have a fabulous day and are spoilt rotten! - Just as you should be on your birthday!
    Love the quilts.
    Don't forget to tell us all the wonderful pressies you get!

  15. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a great day with your family. Have a scone or two for me, I love them! Krissy (Singapore)

  16. Happy birthday to a very special ahem "lady" :)


  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love from us all in Sydney! xxx

  18. Happy Birthday. I love the baby quilt. I bet Bex and Steve are absolutely thrilled. Clever you.


  19. Your quilt is very impressive - I wish I had half your talent Chris!

    Happy Birthday - have an awesome day!

  20. Happy Birthday Chris! I hope your family lunch goes well and you manage to relax a bit - much deserved. The quilt is fantastic!

    We must meet up again soon, Penny xo

  21. Happy Birthday Chris, hope you have an awesome day. xx

  22. Happy Birthday ...hope you have a wonderful day!

  23. A very happy birthday to you.

  24. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Happy Birthday Chris, have a wonderful day you deserve it!!!!

  25. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Ooops the above Anonymous from from

  26. Happy Birthday Dear Chris. I hope it's a wonderful day, Lord knows you deserve it! xoxo

  27. Oh Chris - I am so sorry to read your birthday hasnt't gone as planned! ONE DAY!! is all you wanted! HUGS!

  28. So sorry your day was ruined.

    By the way, my original note has disappeared again - I think your computer hates me!!!!

  29. Happy Birthday Chris! And I am so so sorry to hear that your special day has turned to custard!!! *big hugs* to you!
    Oh I LOVE that quilt!! It is beautiful!

  30. I am so sorry to hear that it all turned to custard. It would be nice if people could just go for a few hours without airing their grudges. Happy birthday anyway, Chris.

  31. PS: Love the quilt!

  32. Anonymous1:30 PM

    thinkin of ya ...chin up chick

    donna @ work

  33. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Happy Birthday - shame the "big" kids ruined your day.

    It's out of your control so don't let it bring you down - next year you will have to string your birthday out over a whole month - a separate weekend for each child to come spoil you.

    Love the quilt - very cute! You're very clever!!

  34. Happy Birthday! I hope the rest of your day gets better! The quilt is absolutely are so talented. Did you teach yourself to quilt or did you attend classes?

  35. your quilts look fantastic.

    Happy birthday mate. Sorry the kids had to ruin it. Dry your eyes and add something to that diet

  36. That quilt is so precious. Great work!! You are quite a talented lady!!

    The scones look good too. Hubby wants a good recipe for scones, so I can learn to make them. Mind sharing?

    Happy Birthday Chris! I am so sorry the kids messed things up for you. You are such a helpful Mom, seems they would have tried for your sake. Now dry your eyes and know it's not your fault, they are adults, acting like children.

    God Bless~

  37. Happy birthday, take it easy for the rest of the day, you deserve it Chris. Maybe one of the kids can give you a nice foot rub later and I agree add something to the diet coke!

  38. Happy Birthday Chris. Such a pity your lunch turned to s**t.

  39. I am ata loss for words I am truly shocked that your day has been HIJACKED and treated like a war zone, I like the idea of seperate days for seperate warring factions I would think you and Stew will digest discuss and I hope THAT whatever decision is decided that you once and for all stand by your convictions of my house my rule you may be my children but as adults YOU SUCK THE BIG FAT KUMARA!!!!

    I would like to think tomorrow is a better day for you I wish for you today an inner strength too say enough I am over the emotional BS!

  40. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Happy Birthday Chris! I'm sorry it was a sad one but sending love from the states. Cheers!

  41. Not so happy birthday:( never mind, what can you do! Have a nice night and relax. xxx love you.

  42. Family... enough said. Sorry your day was so bad but happy birthday anyway.

  43. nite nite mate sweet dreams

  44. good grief chris! i still want to wish you a happy birthday. i've had a few birthdays ruined myself and there are only 4 in my family! yesterday it was just me at home in the evening and with all the peace and quiet i went and tidied up the storeroom! what's wrong with me?

  45. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Dear Chris , I am so sorry that your birthday went so pear shaped, No matter who was right or wrong , to create a battle royal on your. Birthday . Is so so cruel to you and they should come to see you and apologise . Of course you want to see all your children , but at what cost , you must feel like a worn out rag. Just because your children don.t get on, doesn't,t mean they cannot behave themselves for you , or just keep away, and say we will see you another day.

    You should name and shame , if you don.t mind me saying you are there for all of them, BUT , that does.nt mean you should lay down and let them whoopsie all over you....

    We have the hugest rift in our family, and when it was mothers birthday, my sister either came another day, or when I was,nt there , and that suited us fine.. But in our family hate spreads like wildfire so affects everyone.

    Anyway today is another day and remember you are loved by your family, I just hope who ever caused it can apologise to you

    Sending you hugs from our little bit of the UK.
    And enjoy your day.

  46. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Forgot to say
    Love Joan UK

  47. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Happy Bday Aunty! Shelley and Co xxx

  48. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birrrthday to Yooouuu!
    Happy Birrrrrrthdaaaay dear Chriis,
    Happy Birthday tooo youuuuuu!!

    Your baby quilt is Beautiful!! So bright and cheery!! The baby will love the big colorful animals!! the back is cute too!! Like the diaginal look!

    (((Hugs to you on your Birthday!!)))

  49. Your sewing room looks great. It would make me happy, too. No you are not weird. Sometimes it helps to feel better by looking at something that went RIGHT in your life. I can relate.

  50. Well, I think you should have a birthday "DO OVER". Starting with that gift card for the massage. Man on man :(

  51. Happy birthday , !11 sorry it wasn't
    beautiful quilt
    Great job on the sewing room

    Shame about everything else

  52. Oh and I forgot, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt you did such an awesome job!

  53. Happy Birthday to you Chris! I'm so sorry that your day didn't turn out so well.
    Take comfort in the small things, even if it is just a tidy room, a quiet diet coke or a moment alone. You deserve it xx

  54. Sorry it turned out so badly BUT I love your sewing room - the change is fantastic !!! Gotta love that feeling when you tackle a project like that and can look at it and see the difference you have made !
    Have a great day today !


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