Sunday, October 07, 2012


Yesterday I had Sienna on me blog, today:  it's Bodhi:

ABOVE:  there is no doubting this little babe is a boy!  He is gorgeous... and almost 12 weeks old.  He looks way bigger than Keera.... but then he is a bonny boy!  AND he looks like Russell in some ways, particularly in the first photo!

 ABOVE:  I made Lemon Chicken last night for the first time.  Brylee and Griffin didn't like it... which surprised me.  Next time I make it I will put it over noodles.  I did not eat the rice at all... being MINDFUL of my diabetes an' all.  *sigh*

ABOVE: this was the sauce mix I used.  I suppose I could have tried making my own, but there was enough to do already!  It took quite a while to get the chicken egged, floured and cooked as it was.

TODAY:  probably a bit of a repeat of yesterday.   I might try doing some sewing ... if the mood takes me.  


Wow, where has today gone?   I've been busy ... sewing!  Just finished a UFO (UnFinished Object).  It was started quite some time ago for a friend's child... and has been bothering me for some time.  I love it when I finally get something finished!

Stew has been busy too, mowing the lawns, washing the cars and also cooking dinner.
I'm sure he's been doing other stuff too... I just don't know what.  I've been in the garage all day!

End of Day: I took a few cute videos of the puppies tonight, so I shall post a couple tomorrow.  Now... I'm going back to the garage to get on with something else... provided I don't get engrossed in some soppy movie on the telly.
nite nite.


  1. You have the most beautiful babies in your family:) Puppies included!

  2. I love that Lemon Chicken. I don't faff about coating & frying the chicken, I just stirfry the chicken & veges then add the sachet for flavour.

  3. You have babies EVERYWHERE! Gorgeous happy ones and four-legged ones too. (You must be exhausted!)

    The kids are adorable and growing fast. Gosh,they all have sweet faces.

    And the pups feeding a few posts back-- How sweet it that.

    happy weekend, jj

  4. Your grands are so darn cute!! Bodhi looks a lot like his big sister to me.
    I recieved a very nice package today from New Zealand!!! I was so excited, I just stared at the package for awhile, before opening it. What a wonderful gift, Chris!!! Thank you so much!! I will always cherish each thing you sent. I love it all!!!

    God Bless~

  5. Bodhi has the most beautiful skin tone! He is a handsome boy.

    I've had that lemon chicken sauce before. I don't coat the chicken but just use lots of veggies and bean shoots instead of noodles. Yum.

  6. Really? How could they not LOVE it? It looks sooo good, Chris.

  7. Bodhi is bloody cute as ain't he?

  8. Bodhi is blardy gorgeous those cheeks just squeezable, Sienna and him are definately beautiful and handsome. I don't like packet lemon sauces I prefer to make my own, looked nice though.

  9. It's 6:10am here and I am suddenly STARVING for lemon chicken! That looks SO good!

    Oh my goodness, Bodhi is such a BEAUTIFUL big boy! I love his peach-fuzz hair! What a doll.

  10. Ohhh, I love lemon chicken! You did a fantastic job it seems because the picture looks great! :D Can you tell I'm on a diet? I'm drooling all over the place.

  11. He is a gorgeous little boy!

    Ummm lemon chicken!! Haven't had chinese food in FOREVER.


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