Monday, September 17, 2012


Stew went down to Christchurch to see his (Birth) Mother. She is not a well woman, and is not expected to be with us much longer.

Heart failure/kidney failure/lung disease/diabetes... all compounding and making her a very unwell woman.  
She is 68 years old... but due to her ill health, she has sadly aged over the last few months.

I will post some photos... captions underneath...

ABOVE:  Stew's Mum... she has had her teeth taken away... so not too flattering a photo, sorry Janette!

ABOVE:  Stew's sisters, (L) Roanne and (R) Donna.  Roanne lives is Christchurch and Donna lives in their 'home town' of Hanmer Springs.

ABOVE: Stew and 'the girls'. 

ABOVE:  Stew and his Mother.

ABOVE:  Roanne and her family... Matt and their girls, (L) Breana and (R) Tayla.

Stew took some photos of earthquake damage,  which I will post tomorrow.

I better make the most of it, cos tomorrow is going to be HECTIC! (more on that tomorrow)

Today I've got to assemble all the 'stuff' I will need for  Coco's labour.
Vanilla Ice Cream is top of the list!

Bet you can't understand that eh?

While Coco is in labour she will need a calcium boost... it will help Coco's uterus to contract and facilitate birthing the puppies.  So, ice cream is going to help her get calcium naturally, and hey... Coco loves ice cream!  

I think I've got everything else we are likely to need!  

Once I've got that done, I'm gunna sew some more.  I want this Cot Bumper Set DONE.
Tomorrow night I hope to find out what Amanda and Andrew are having... DOH, that sounds weird! 

They are having a BABY of course... but we hope to find out tomorrow night if baby is a girl or boy. *smiles*
Once we know, I can start work on their Cot Quilt... which will have to be done 'on the sly' so no one can guess what they are having.  It's gunna be a secret till their baby is born.


1.  Guess the NUMBER of Puppies.
If you get the number right, you move onto the next step.

2. How many boys and girls?
If you get this number right, you move onto the next step.

3. What time of day/night will the first puppy be born?  

The person who gets the most guess's correct will win the 'MYSTERY' prize.

In the event that two or more people guess everything right... I will put the names in a hat and draw out ONE winner.

*** The competition will be open from Monday 6.30am to Wednesday 11pm (NZ time) *** and ANYONE can enter.


It's been a quiet morning.  Coco has stuck by me all day!  I'm sure she's close to having her pups.  She keeps hiding food under beds/cushions etc... and checking out her whelping pen.  Getting exciting!

Been a bit stressed out today, trying to juggle things for tomorrow.  There is a lot on!
Why do you have days where you have NOTHING on, and other days where it seems like it's going to be 'go go go' all day?
At least I have managed to wriggle out of one commitment... so tomorrow will not be quite so busy.

COCO ... is acting restless... and dry retching... I don't remember her throwing up last time?  Maybe she is just getting nervous like me! 

End of Day:  well Coco is not quite ready yet obviously!  She's been her normal self tonight, starving hungry still... growing her babies !
nite nite.


  1. My guess is 6 puppies, 4 boys 2 girls with the 1 st born at 11 pm. I hope it all goes well for her.

  2. So glad that Stew got time to spend with his birth mum and some precious photos of the family too!

    My guess for the Coco Competition is:
    1) 5 puppies
    2) 2 boys & 3 girls
    3) 3.30am

  3. 5

    2 boys 3 girls

    6 am

    Stew's birth mum does not look sick so these are great photos. (I know she IS sick, but she looks really good for BEING sick doncha know.) Continued prayers for Stew's extended family and for everyone to enjoy this last time they have with Mum.

  4. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I love the photo's of Stew and his family.

    Coco Puppies

    1) 5 Puppies

    2)3 Boys 2 Girls



  5. 1) 5
    2) 2 boys & 3 girls
    3) Wednesday 6.30am

  6. Glad to see Stew home safely, and I'm very sorry to hear about his birth mother. I agree with Happy Elf Mom - she doesn't look as sick as I thought she would but then we have nothing to compare it to do we?

    Guessing: I am bad at this but let's try:

    1) 6 puppies (because your house doesn't do things the easy way!)
    2) 3 boys and 3 girls
    3) 12pm lunchtime, just as you are settling in to watch Home and Away!

    Love to you all, Penny xo

  7. Sorry to hear about Stew's birth mother. It sounds like things might be a little on the hectic side with you at the moment. Good luck with the puppies. Things here are a bit crazy at the moment as well. I just launched my website and have been working non-stop to get it up. There is still work to do but it's coming. You can check it out at

  8. I hope Coco is ok! I worry about little dogs having puppies it's a wonder I ever did nursing.
    I'm sorry about Stew's b-mother. I know you miss him.
    I don't go anywhere with nothing on because where I come from, "nothing on," means nekkid!!!
    just a little haha for your day

  9. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Okay - my guess is 5 puppies.... 3 boys and two girls... and I predict 11.30am.


  10. I guess 6 puppies 4 girls 2 boys
    4pm start of birthing.

    I hope Coco is feeling better soon, I hope she is alright.

  11. 1. 4 puppies
    2. 1 girl 3 boys
    3. 9.40pm

  12. Anonymous1:52 AM

    6 puppies,

    4 girls,
    2 boys,.

    Tuesday morning 6 am.

    Hugs for darling Coco. Xxxx


  13. Oh my puppies already! Sorry to hear about Stew's mom. See you are on busy been.

  14. Wow only 68? It's amazing how differently people age. So sad for all of her family and her too of course :(

    1. 6 puppies

    2. How many boys and girls?
    4 boys 2 girls

    3. 2:03 am :)


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