Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I must not - Anticipate doom and gloom
I must not - try to micro manage everyone
I must not - presume so much
I must not - look on the negative side so much
I must not - worry so much about things I have no control over!

I am guilty of all of the above.  And I need to stop it.
Life is too short to be so negative.
Things happen for a reason.
And if I can't see that reason right now... I need to relax and know that it will all work out in the end.
I also need to remember that all my kids are grown ups now, and perfectly able to look after themselves... as so many of you lovely readers keep reminding me!

(Brylee and Griffin exempt from that obviously)

I think I need to start up a 'Gratitude Diary' again... so I can list all the things I have to be thankful for.

That might help me see beyond my immediate worries eh?

TODAY:  Hospice Shop.  And I do believe I have a few treasures to pick up today! Fingers crossed it's a busy day too... helps the day go faster.

ABOVE:  remember this baby quilt?  I've put off finishing it for about a year... due to my back giving me such grief when I bend down for even a few minutes.... so Bex suggested I get a professional quilter to do the quilting!  OMG why didn't I think of that?  
I have had one quilt already done by a professional... and she lives across the road from Griffin's Speld Teacher out in the countryside!  
So, tomorrow I will pop in there and see if she is still doing quilting, and give her this one to do for me.


Shopping... work today was very quiet... so the morning was long.  But not boring... I did a bit of shopping:

ABOVE:  I managed to find some little short sweaters for the dogs... $2 each!  In the pet shop they were $28.  SCORE.  Coco looks like a right gimp... I had to yell at her to keep her still to get it on, hence the funny face.  Teddy... well he always looks like that!  lol

ABOVE: Lacy and the dogs...

ABOVE:  my other treasures.. more baby clothes, which we will certainly need as this family is just growing and growing...  two lovely Paris prints for Andrew, as he loves Paris.... and a gorgeous silver set (milk and sugar)... for me I think!  Cos they are really lovely.  
I can 'play ladies' with them!  YEAH RIGHT.

ABOVE:  a better photo of the silver set.  Does not do them justice at all.  

Time for lunch... I'm starving!


  1. Yip I am the same always looking at the negetative, spend so much time worrying about everyone and everything that by the end of the day I am so exhausted but then you have to live in the shoes to understand I guess why we are like we are.......

  2. Great looking quilt Chris! Good luck with the positive thinking - I am trying it as well and it is hard at first - I am hoping it will be easier soon.

  3. really cute quilt! And I adore the giraffe and other animals you are doing. You have good color sense.

  4. Good luck with the positive thinking Chris - hope that helps.

    Can I ask what the story is with your back? In other words, is it worth a doctor visit, physio, massage, etc which might give you some relief? It sounds really painful.

    Penny xo

  5. Have a look at this method of basting a quilt on you tube. It is very popular as you do it sitting down at a table, so no saw back. I have used it with great success and have also got several of my quilting friends using it too. Professional quilting is great but very expensive.

  6. good for you and great thinking, that quilt is just darling, lucky baby whoever gets that!!!!

  7. Good for you thinking positive, and yes I do think the weather has something to do with the increase in pain.... :)

  8. I'm all for positive thinking and know that it helps. Like you mentioned though, you've got to recognise the things you can control and the stuff that you need to just 'release' your thoughts of.

    Putting your energy into the things you can influence, regulate and manage is a good start! Anything else is just a waste of your efforts or using them negatively.

    You deserve a great life:)

  9. You always find the best treasures! I love the doggy sweaters - and the look on pups faces is priceless!

  10. I love the doggie jumpers. Ozzie really loves his, he's quite the fashionista!

    They'll be lovely and warm and although they might complain, they'll be thankful for them!


  11. Love that quilt! Sad that your back is giving you troubles so you can't quilt it yourself.

  12. You find such great bargins - i am going to have to add that hospice shop onto my shopping list. The one in papakura is slowly getting there - I make sure I donate anything to it now instead of the Salvation Army especially after the wonderful service from the ladies at the Hospice in Manurewa with my grandfather and mother

  13. The furbabies look so cute and comfy in their new duds. You did great with your new treasures.

    That one piece of advise you share is one that I keep trying to cling to: Only worry about things that you can change.

    Nice to see that Lacy is doing good.

    LOVE your quilt! The little pup on it made me think of your Cocoa.

  14. I'm guilty too. I think that's why most of kids rather hang out with mommy instead of daddy.

  15. I used to do all my cutting out, basting, etc on the floor but can barely tie my shoe laces, now!! I use a cutting board on the kitchen bench. Perfect height.

  16. Tonya, Istanbul12:38 AM

    Bex's a clever girl.... why didn't we think of that earlier?


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