Friday, May 11, 2012


FINALLY... we are going to have our mini break away.

Before we head out of town though, we are going to AA (Automobile Association) to switch our Insurance to them.  We can get the same cover at AA for about $1,300 LESS per year!  Worth doing.

Once we have done that we are outta here!  
A nice leisurely drive up to Matakana... picking up some fresh fruit on the way, maybe some bacon and eggs... aaahhhh... 'tis going to be a lovely weekend.

AND all going well ... I can still blog while I'm away as the cottage has internet, which is awesome.
So.. you can see what we get up to!  Well... some of what we get up to... lol.

DEBBIE:  your comment yesterday was brilliant!  Now why in hell have I not thought of that before?  It would be the perfect way to take them out in the car without the lead/tWeangle drama!  Thanks!!!!  I have one really good dog crate, so I'll buy a second one now.

Right, time to pack...

We left Auckland after doing our Insurance change over...and stopped at Warkworth for a look around... then on to Matakana for lunch at the pub:

ABOVE: lunch at the pub!  Amazing burgers there.

ABOVE:  a couple of nice photos of the steam flowing through Warkworth.

ABOVE: the cottage and the view from the living room.  It's gorgeous here!
There is only one way to eat those burgers!  With a knife and fork... lol!

End of Day:  cheese and crackers for dinner.... and early to bed... we are both looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.
ON TRACK:  hell no!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM



  2. Have a awesome weekend chris and stew ... And relax

  3. Have a great time - relax and enjoy the peace and quiet - you both deserve it!

  4. Enjoy the weekend. Aaah. Peach and quiet! xxx

  5. Have a wonderful weekend...just you and your man...enjoy

  6. Enjoy yourselves. I'm so glad you two have this time to be alone!

  7. Have a super duper fantastic fun filled weekend away with Stew!!! You sure as well both deserve this well and truely!!!! Make sure you chill out and relax xxx

  8. Enjoy your much deserved break away. You've definitely earned it:)

  9. O chris!
    I hope you and Stew have the most wonderful break! You two deserve it.

  10. Enjoy yourself:) You sure deserve it!

  11. Oh my... Those burgers look like a fabulous way to start a vacation! YUM.

    Have a great time!

    xo jj

  12. OMG those burgers looked so delicious, I am waiting to go out for dinner nad IM drooling at JUST a picture of a burger!!! Have a lovely weekend..

  13. Cottage looks bliss.

  14. Leigh5:59 PM

    Now forget about blogging while you are there I'm sure you can find other things to do ;-)

  15. Enjoy your well deserved kid free break. Those burgers are awesome.

  16. One question Chris, how on earth does one eat those burgers? Clearly not in that large stack like that?

    I hope you both have a wonderful weekend. You deserve more like a month away but I guess you take what you can get.

    Penny xo

  17. ON track nah and who cares!!!!!The pressure of eating well spoils the occasion. I'm off to Spain for a week next week to visit my daughter and family and no way will I say no to any food they have provided for me. My Son-in-Law is an amazing cook and the food he cooks us is cooked with love, I may choose smaller portions and no bread but I will eat prawns and steak a plenty!!!! It looks so beautiful where you are, 1 day I will come and see your amazing country

  18. Have an awesome time away, I think you should turn your phones off and leave the computer off & just enjoy this time together. I am pretty sure we will survive without you for a day or so - providing we get to hear all about it when you get back.

  19. Those are big burgers! Have a great time away. Enjoy your well deserved break.

  20. OMG ... that cottage looks gorgeous - I want to go there now! Shame its so far from Christchurch!

    Those burgers look amazing - I have never seen such large burgers in my life.

    Enjoy your weekend away :)

  21. Umm that looks so good!!

  22. Looks like a nice place for a vacation. I sure could use a mini-break.


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