Thursday, March 01, 2012


It amazes me how fast the months fly by... the older you get, the faster they go!

So, today is Griffin's day to go to his Speld lesson.  

Before picking him up... I'm going down to the mall to check out what I can spend that $70 Voucher on at Strandbags.   I must do it by the end of the week or I will lose it.

And guess what?  That's all for now!

Oh no... hold on!  Someone asked me yesterday about Griffin attending the school 'Bootcamp'.
It was open to anyone who wanted to join ... but invites were only given (I think) to the children who would most benefit from it.
Griffin WANTED to join, we would NEVER have forced him to go.
He is well aware he is not that fit... and he wants to get fitter.  

We have been working on his food intake here at home ... I have been trying to make his portions smaller.... without him knowing why.  He eats far too much, always has. 

But ... I am guilty of allowing him to eat too much.
AND that is because it was a joy to see a kid eat well after struggling day in, day out to get Brylee to eat enough!
She was, and still is sometimes; a horror to get to eat enough. (super fussy eater)
Though now days her appetite has increased twofold.... probably hormones!

'Cos my God she is moody, temperamental and bitchy!  HORMONES have a lot to answer for!
I'm not that keen on pre-teen hormones and massive ATTITUDE storming around my house !

I'm crabby enough without her winding me up even more!


I went to Strandbags... and had a good look around, and would you believe I could not see A SINGLE THING I really wanted to buy!
So, Stew and I will go in tonight and he can have a look around... maybe he can see something?

Off to make myself some lunch to eat while Griffin is at his Speld lesson.  

Lacy asked me to send her a photo of what I had bought for her 'Muppet'... so she could decide if she liked 'it' or not!
It?  It would appear she thinks I've bought ONE item?

ABOVE:  ahhh NO, there is almost 3 dozen items on me bed!
And I have a lovely little pink baby blanket on hold at the shop too... which is brand new.
I am sure I will find heaps more she can use before 'Muppet' is born!

Since getting home from Griffin's lesson, I've been doing lots of washing... trying to get as much done as possible before we are hit with some expected 'atroucious' weather, which is due to arrive by the weekend.  OH Yaaaa.

I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, first time in MONTHS... and now?
Massive blood sugar drop, got the shakes something rotten and feel drained.
Sucks.  Obviously I can't eat peanut butter sandwiches anymore. 

End of Day:  another so-so day.... one good thing though.. Stew and I found something to use the Strandbags voucher on.   Will show you tomorrow.
ON TRACK:  nope!  I had an ice cream at the mall!
nite nite.


  1. Trevor is like a human garbage disposal. I'm constantly telling him no more food. The other day he had 2 cupcakes before I realized it. I told him no more and he snuck another and then ate 3 pieces of chicken.

  2. Samuel has the appetite of 3 teenagers and he burns it off with Karate Kapa Haka and TALKING I'm sure now throw in RUGBY and well he will eat even more now!!!

  3. Brylee is about the same age as Siobhan (about a year younger I think) & i know EXACTLY what you mean - one minute she is the sweetest wee ting then all hell breaks loose and she is a stroppy bitchy angry little madam.

    Good on Griffin for wanting to do the Bootcamp.

  4. You could use the vouchers to get someone Christmas pressies. Wallets or bags :-)

  5. Bummer baout not finding anything to buy - I hate that!
    Fingers crossed Stew sees something YOU need!
    Hope you are feeling better and good luck with the kids.

  6. O Chris,
    I LOVE calling her "muppet"! That is soooo cooollll! LOL
    But then I have always loved "nicknames". When I was about 6 Mama had a friend who called me Whopperjacket!

  7. Oh, look at all that baby stuff! Gorgeous!

    I'm so lucky that my 13 year old doesn't get grumpy from her hormones. She tried to slam the door once but it didn't suit her and we ended up laughing! I get enough hormonal outbursts for us both.

  8. Sounds like you are having the same "summer" as us. So sick of the rain... xxxx

  9. All my life, the first half of the year passes much faster than the second half..

  10. sounds like awesomeness all around ...well minus h]the hormonal stuff! love ya!

  11. Anonymous5:29 AM

    I think it's great Griffen wanted to join the bootcame. My joining the fitness center is MY Bootcamp.
    Having a teenager is not always a pleasent experience - but luckily they grow out of it by 22 the bedfull of baby stuff! Your worse than me!! ...debbie


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