Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Remember our gorgeous 50 inch Panasonic TV that crapped out on us in January?  It has a thick black line running right down the middle of it?

Well we rang Harvey Norman's where we bought it from and they said it was out of warranty and there was nothing they could or WOULD do for us... even though it cost us $2,795  in August 2008!!!

Well... I decided to ring them back yesterday to find out where I could take it to be fixed (at our cost) and the person said why didn't I just ring Panasonic myself to find out?  (BITCH)

Anyway, I did ... and it turns out that they may give us a new TV ... as long as the service man from Tisco finds that it's crapped out through no fault of our own!  And I don't see what we could have done to bugger it !  So I am hopeful we will get some satisfaction from Panasonic!

This is what I think of Harvey Norman's:

Fingers crossed the Tisco man can come out soon... we are heartily sick of watching this TV!

Today:   going to chase up the Spa Pool man... have not heard from him about when our Spa is being delivered.  *sigh*... I so thought this would happen too.

MISS GETTING COMMENTS FROM ME LATELY? Could be due to a glitch with Blogger/Google... the only way to get my comment : Natalie, Cottonreel, Tania and many more is to go to your Settings - Comments and allow 'Name/URL' as an option OR set your comment box as a SEPERATE box... that will then mean I am not redirected over and over again to Google sign in... which is darn annoying!

SHONA:  my boots might not be Minx boots... they are made in Portugal... and the shoes are made by rieker.  Both in the 'fairly' expensive category, but nowhere near as expensive as some I saw in other shops! 


Steve and I just had a very good morning... we went for a walk, then we went to the mall and found some beads to do some 'adjustments' to a new necklace I got the other day:

ABOVE:  Steve at work...

ABOVE: The new necklace before 'adjustments'...

ABOVE:  and after... with some purple added to match me new boots and shoes!

ABOVE:  Steve then made me some earrings too!  Quite crafty is our Steve.

ABOVE: remember this necklace I bought ages ago?  We also found the PERFECT green glass heart to hang off the bottom of it too!  It's so cool... I'm chuffed with it.

Our spa pool is arriving next tuesday!  I can't wait... just need Steve or Stew to make some steps for it now....

Lose2live:  thanks for the comment about comment problems... anyone else having problems leaving comments check out her suggestions.

End of Day: clearly a quieter day on me blog!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment yesterday! 
nite nite.


  1. Sorry to be anal and I know you don't mean me but could you explain what you mean again... you said go to Settings then comments (did that) and then allow "name/url. For the life of me I can't find that option on blogger and it's annoying me! Can you explain more/better?

  2. Gawd between the TV spa pool garage door you will be fraught and sick of complaining to the powers that be!!!!

  3. I can't log into various blogs either, without continualy being redirected to the log on page. So i just comment on thier facebook page lol
    What is it with you guys and people not getting back to you? I'd stalk thier asses!
    Hope you do get a new TV. That'd be awesome!

  4. Yay Steve! Any news on the job front for him? Hope all is well. :)

  5. O Jeepers, I Really hope you can get a new tv! It only seems fair since it is not that old. All of ours have always lasted about 10 years , at least! Surely they do not want their reputation to show up with products that are no good?????

    That Steve is quiet talented. Maybe he should make a few and see if they sell on Ebay or Etsy???? Or even where your cards are??? Love the earrings too! I bet he could make you a purple one even better! :)

  6. Hi, hopefully this might help explain :)

    Blogger is having issues with people being able to leave comments on various blogs and they are looking into fixing this, but till they do, here are some steps to help.

    If it's your blog that people can't leave comment on, go to your Dashboard, Settings, Comments and scroll down to the "Comment Form Placement"

    Here choose the "Full page"

    This will allow people to be able to leave comments on your blog.


    If you are trying to leave a comment on someelse's blog here are some tricks to do it if it keeps taking you back to the login page.

    1. If a blog's comment form takes you to the log in page, UNCHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS "REMEMBER ME" and log in. It will take you back to complete your comment.

    2. You might need to clear your internet browser's cache though if you still unable to login

    BUT hopefully if people who own blogs change the comments to full page, this will help you all to be able to login and leave comments.

    Please note, all information given above is not to be held against me if it doesn't work LOL :)

    Good luck

  7. love the new bling steve has come in handy latley lol
    thanks for the comment chris its not easy lol
    and love the boots you wear them well :)

  8. I can picture you watching TV in the hot tub wearing all sorts of fancy jewelry!

  9. cleared my catch...tried uncjecking.. still have comment issues on certian blogs have sent emails tothe people with those settings ... will see how it works out...
    love steves craftiness :)
    hope the tv problem is fixed ... :)
    love n hugs

  10. Yes......I have been having trouble with leaving comments......seriously....what's up with that????? LOVE your necklace and YES Steve is pretty crafty.......you are going to look pretty bomb diggity if I do say so my self......I LOVE YOUR BOOTS!!!!

  11. Hope you get that new TV! Customer service these days is just terrible. Good thing you called back. Lets keep fingers crossed everything goes smoothly with the SPA delivery and installation.

  12. Hi Chris: I've made comments on some of your earlier posts and they haven't shown up. Let's see if this one does! (Love the boots and especially the shoes.)

  13. I'm SO glad to read that I'm not the only one have problems trying to leave comments on certain blogs.

    Thank goodness yours isn't one of them Chris!

  14. Thanks for the tip about the brand of boots. I do like well made coloured footwear. Hope my credit card does as well

  15. Good luck on getting a new TV! And don't buy from that store again. Jerks!


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