Saturday, June 11, 2011


ABOVE:  Steve ever so sneakily put this ringtone on my phone, so now when I get a text is sings the darn Telly Tubby's song!  I suppose it will keep me focused on NOT being a Telly Tubby I suppose.  *sigh*
I must say though, I am feeling more motivated now than I have in a very long time.  There is hope for this fat Tart yet!

Today is weigh in day... which I shall do at lunchtime... which gives me lazy kidneys time to get rid of me 'water'!  I don't pee unless I take medication in the morning ya see.

TMI?   Am I bothered?  Nah.

Amanda and Emily are leaving at lunchtime.  Once they have gone I think we are heading out to do some shopping, groceries.... bla bla bla.


I lost .300 grams this week.  Not impressed.  Thought I would have lost more after all the bloody walking I did.  *sniff*

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boots, but OMG they hurt the soles of me feet after walking around in them for hours shopping!   Tomorrow I'm going to go buy me some comfy walking shoes! 

Today we got some rubber matting for the concrete by the spa pool... well once we get the spa pool!  Waiting for a date from the shop for delivery... hope it's not too long.

End of Day:  we have had a really nice day/evening... right now I'm watching a tv movie about a man who sued God.  It stars Billy Connolly, it's quite interesting.
nite nite.


  1. The things that end up on our phones!!!!

    While down south my DIL's best friend put a very rude one on hers. We wondered what was going on when she grabbed her ph in a panic and turned it off before we could hear it. They weren't too impressed because she could have been with a client. I thought it was hilarious but wondered what kind of friend this really is.

    Re... being motivated ... I seem to have picked up the ball again too. Why in winter when all I want is something warm and comforting, days are shorter and rain and cold get in the way of outdoor walks.

    Better now than not at all.


  2. Telly Tubbies!! I love it! I remember those days fondly!!! I'm sure this generation still loves them!

    Have a good day!

  3. Hope you got your pee out.

  4. Honey .... 300 grams is better than nothing and its over half a block of butter you DONT have to lose next week. Give your body some time to catch up to what is happening.. Good luck for the coming week.

  5. Penny, NZ3:32 PM

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry about the small loss, but at least it is a loss! I seem to be losing slowly too, but my motivation seems to be coming back, so hopefully it will pick up.

    Steve is a sneaky one! Reminds me of my sister...

    Have a good day!

  6. The things our kids do for us. LOL

  7. It's still a loss:-)

  8. Yellow teletubbie is cute bright warm and brings a smile to your dial so there's nothing wrong with being yellow.

  9. Teletubbies! LOL oh my... At least 300grm loss is not a gain... maybe next week will be a bigger lose... I know what you mean about the water thing on weigh in day...especially if you have a night off and just have takeaways... happens to me ever time. It takes me days to get rid of the fluid retention... so frustrating when on a weight loss journey.
    Im 34kg down.. I have 8 to go... The fact that you have lost the 61kgs before has been an inspiration to me that it can be done.. the journey does have bumps in the road along the say eh?
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  10. your son cracks me up! a loss is a loss!!! xxx

  11. Gees ... if anyone put the Telly Tubbies theme tune on my cellphone it would be "game on" ... all out war (and revenge!). :))

  12. When I use to babysit our first grandson....he was infatuated with teletubbies........that is hilarious it is on your phone phone sings Lady Antebellum's song...♫♪♫I'm a little bit drunk and I need you now♫♪♫ hahahaha

  13. LMAO Steve is so funny! I just had to explain to my husband why you had that on your phone :)

  14. When I call my wife, her phone yells out "Mr Macho is calling!"


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